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@ blasterant « Sun 4:37 pm »
You download and you play, like 99,9% of the games nowadays
@ ninja234541 « Sun 4:14 pm »
how do we start playing comeeeeee onnnnnn
@ ninja234541 « Sun 4:11 pm »
how do we start playing guys
@ Justiyaya « Sun 8:38 am »
Can omg or some one make a grid of all the weapons and their damage and shooting speed and magazine size
@ EthemEfe1 « Sat 7:30 pm »
admin pls unban
@ P3KK « Sat 4:45 pm »
What do you need help with?
@ EthemEfe1 « Sat 12:53 pm »
admin pls help me
@ EthemEfe1 « Sat 12:48 pm »
@ litenite « Sat 3:11 am »
lol ninjazk
@ karalho123 « Fri 11:30 pm »
@ supra « Fri 5:24 pm »
oh :(
@ blasterant « Fri 5:18 pm »
It was a prank
@ OneManArmy « Fri 2:38 pm »
it’s just a glitch in the matrix
@ supra « Fri 2:06 pm »
i see were growing :D
@ supra « Fri 2:05 pm »
nicee yesterday we had 39
@ Justiyaya « Fri 1:53 pm »
@ Justiyaya « Fri 1:53 pm »
there is 50 people on server
@ Hevils « Thu 6:59 am »
Please fix a bug with the time on deathmatch (0:01)
@ Johnliew97 « Thu 6:41 am »
Oh dam. I accidentally deleted my map in progress
@ fraus « Wed 10:11 pm »
what? did yall hear something?
@ aZestyBoi « Wed 9:13 am »
can someone pls unmute me i didnt knwo i just got the game and i want to talk to people
@ supra « Tue 3:01 pm »
ohh thanks
@ OneManArmy « Tue 1:26 pm »
@ supra « Tue 10:12 am »
How much XP does it take to reach rank 100? 25M I assume..? Or more
@ supra « Tue 8:14 am »
got disconnected from my game :'( guess i'll be back later then
@ supra « Tue 8:13 am »
hmm.. servers are down?
@ Hevils « Tue 3:57 am »
Good question. I would also like to know.
@ fraus « Tue 3:28 am »
Im not gonna make a full on post of this because for some reason there is some people who find it necessary to constantly cry about my making a post as opposed to putting it here. Nevertheless, i just wanted to ask OMA this: what do you plan to achieve with this game?
@ Johnliew97 « Mon 1:45 pm »
Wait don’t nerf it
@ Johnliew97 « Mon 1:45 pm »
Yeah it’s OP but you respawn in 3 seconds. And also yes it’s OP. Please Nerf.
@ Justiyaya « Mon 1:17 pm »
it’s op
@ Justiyaya « Mon 1:17 pm »
i want to tell him to nerf the drone
@ Justiyaya « Mon 1:15 pm »
how do you send emails to one man army
@ fraus « Mon 4:13 am »
btw anyone know what SEGI is?
@ fraus « Mon 3:53 am »
yo diggity dogs whats up
@ OneManArmy « Sun 4:46 pm »
Converstaion on this topic is closed.
@ OneManArmy « Sun 4:45 pm »
When admin removes post, there is reason behind this action. You can ask me to tell you reason and in some cases i can return your post. But, if i agreed with decision to remove your post, then STOP argue with me. And when someone argues for completely stupid reason (like in this case), then he will get ban. I don’t want to waste my time on troublemakers.
@ Hevils « Sun 4:42 pm »
Totally agree with you. Posts that do not carry any information or are in the wrong topic should be deleted or moved.
@ supra « Sun 4:13 pm »
It wasn’t just "lol" that bothered me, it’s because it was in "insult complaint" where hevils is talking about people insulting him and would like to stop that from happening. Why would I keep "lol" in a serious topic?? If you’re going to write three letters that indicate that you find something funny, do it in a fun topic. I don’t see why I would keep that post there.
@ OneManArmy « Sun 4:00 pm »
I must be thankful for spam in forum? Did you read from beginning? Do you understand why he started arguing? Sometimes BAN is necessary measure, to give member time to think about what he is doing. And it’s ban on 1 day, not on month or permanent.
@ Flopper « Sun 3:33 pm »
You should be thankful for every member in this small community, instead someone is getting banned for such a stupid reason
@ Flopper « Sun 3:30 pm »
That’s ridiculous..
@ blasterant « Sun 1:24 pm »
Thats why I tell him to chat here instead of create a whole topic for nothing
@ OneManArmy « Sun 1:22 pm »
I am not against any topics/posts. Even if topic is kinda useless, it can be moved to offtopic, but... in this case post was "LOL" and administrator removed this post with reasoning "useless post unrelated to topic". Is "LOL" useless post? YES! Is "LOL" unrelated to ANY topic? YES! Forum is NOT chat.
@ blasterant « Sun 1:06 pm »
Every topics he makes are useless, just in General Discussion; "Lets discuss my maps" is just "I make maps" so its useless to say it, do it and let people see, "OP spot on prototype 10" its just using the tower thing and snipe from up there.. yeah op, sometimes I get killed by people who have a lower rank than me, I think it op too, they should honor me and give me gifts instead of killing me, so op.
@ Johnliew97 « Sun 4:17 am »
I hope he doesn’t leave the game permanently
@ OneManArmy « Sun 2:26 am »
Bonus... banned for 1 day.
@ Johnliew97 « Sun 2:17 am »
I also got a warning lol
@ Johnliew97 « Sun 2:16 am »
Dude Fraus relax. Just putting "lol" Is basically pointless.
@ fraus « Sun 2:13 am »
jesus, thats really how this is gonna go? would’ve thought someone smart enough to have made this game would be smart enough to use some basic logic and reasoning. Whatever Ig, i really dont care.
@ OneManArmy « Sun 1:51 am »
And if you will not relax, then you will get second bonus.
@ OneManArmy « Sun 1:50 am »
It wasn’t me, but i support decision... You know what? You are right. It’s not enough to remove posts. We should also warn spammers. Congrats with your first warning.
@ Johnliew97 « Sun 1:48 am »
*Deletes Fraus*
@ fraus « Sun 1:30 am »
and do you plan to do that for all people that post stuff that you deem as useless?
@ OneManArmy « Sun 1:29 am »
It was useless and unrelated to topic "post" and i completely support his decision to remove your "spam".
@ fraus « Sun 1:20 am »
yeah, its useless info but deleting it does nothing more than what me posting "lol" does
@ fraus « Sun 1:19 am »
and how does that dictate to delete the post? does it somehow ruin or get int the way of user experience?
@ OneManArmy « Sun 1:12 am »
Reason: useless post unrelated to topic
@ fraus « Sun 1:10 am »
yeah, there is no a reason to write it just as there is not a reason to delete them. this is really just an abuse of power.
@ OneManArmy « Sun 1:02 am »
"lol" is not really a post. If you have nothing to say then do not write at all.

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