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    • I also work on an "support" to help me making such big projects. It includes many fonctionnalities like -> an easy way to manage materials, etc. -> a quick way to generate and manage sounds and much more... So don't get worried if the Skin Designer takes maybe a bit longer to develop : I want it to be as good as possible.   I am also looking on how I could make possible to draw on meshes/materials. First, I thought about raycasting on weapon and detect the "point". Somehow manage to resitualize this point on the UV texture. And draw a point upon the brush size, color, or even shape.   If anybody have any idea about how to do that, private messages are welcome. Thanks again to OneManArmy for allowing me this task and for you readers to have read me since here.
    • Also, I will add an option to generate automatically a BumpMap/Normally and all light map stuff without forgetting an option to set the map by ourselves. Like this seems like a really big feature => I probably will pass my day on it on DON'T DO ANYTHING ELSE.
    • I love the idea of this game at least somewhat competitve and the idea of in depth practice maps and maps which can cover every part of mechanics in sw with simple maps is really intriguing.
    • Fifth build : success -> Now there is a weapon instead of a prototyping cube (doc1) -> Option to disable or enable the different windows of the skin designer (doc2) -> Added the option to modify the smoothness and the metallic of the weapon material (doc3)     Current build FPS : constent 60FPS Current inspector FPS : 49FPS
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