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@ aixan « Thu 2:59 pm »
@ aixan « Thu 2:59 pm »
its boring if anyone watns to watch
@ Kurtzy « Tue 8:00 pm »
Sup Bro
@ Jimpier « Tue 3:48 pm »
hey everyone!
@ Jimpier « Sat 8:52 pm »
@ SIGNORKILLER « Thu 6:45 pm »
como faço para joga?
@ KimimaroOTAKU « Wed 2:46 pm »
o jogo n aparece o lugar de jogar velho aff jogo ta ruim d+
@ maxwell « Tue 10:02 am »
found it, sorry that im so dumb :/
@ maxwell « Tue 10:01 am »
hello, is there a way to add own maps to this game?
@ blasterant « Mon 9:13 pm »
Con un ordenador
@ rafael4700 « Mon 1:39 am »
como que joga ?
@ supra « Sun 6:24 pm »
that spam though..
@ litenite « Sun 3:03 pm »
maybe try not to cheat next time lol :D ppl play game w/ high ping all the time and aren’t marked as speed-hacking or w/e, so I’m pretty sure the systems at least fairly accurate. :P
@ djape03 « Sun 3:03 pm »
@ OneManArmy It would be coll to add zombie mode into game . I m making map for zombie escape.
@ alonedark52 « Sun 1:07 pm »
game has sucks
@ alonedark52 « Sun 1:06 pm »
ı fuck this game
@ alonedark52 « Sat 3:38 pm »
not worked
@ alonedark52 « Sat 3:38 pm »
and clear temp
@ alonedark52 « Sat 3:38 pm »
ı delete game and re install
@ alonedark52 « Sat 3:38 pm »
what ı do?
@ alonedark52 « Sat 3:38 pm »
ım banned from game
@ alonedark52 « Sat 3:37 pm »
@ djape03 « Sat 1:02 pm »
Why there isnt serbian flag ?
@ Maikgameplay « Sat 3:00 am »
como faço pra baixar esse jogo
@ OneManArmy « Fri 4:46 am »
@ PISTOLEIROTN « Fri 4:23 am »
Hey =D
@ Iubed « Tue 10:23 pm »
I dont know why my ping was 700+ today
@ KaveraXs « Mon 10:50 pm »
estilo br na gringa
@ KaveraXs « Mon 10:49 pm »
I know, I’ll wait for my internet return to normal, thank you
@ OneManArmy « Mon 10:47 pm »
and you want to play with ping 900? you will ruin game for everyone. Even 500 is crazy high ping.
@ KaveraXs « Mon 10:46 pm »
and all rooms have a limit of 500
@ KaveraXs « Mon 10:45 pm »
varies between 200 and 300, but today there are 900
@ OneManArmy « Mon 10:44 pm »
What is your ping on Default EU server?
@ KaveraXs « Mon 10:32 pm »
and the server br has no one
@ KaveraXs « Mon 10:32 pm »
I can not play because the ping limit do not let
@ litenite « Mon 9:45 pm »
@Dark ya, lvl 20. Until then, you can always go to a low population server and use the match creation options to limit the possibility that somone will join. Like lowering max player count, max ping, etc
@ XxDarkreaperxX « Mon 2:38 pm »
level 20 is when you can make private games correct?
@ Iubed « Mon 5:01 am »
@ OneManArmy « Sat 3:00 pm »
and don’t ask me questions about anti-cheat/ban system
@ OneManArmy « Sat 2:56 pm »
I am not banning IP (only in rare cases i can manually add IP ban) as it is waste of time.
@ OneManArmy « Sat 2:56 pm »
banned players can’t create new accounts (why should i allow spam database?)
@ Johnliew97 « Sat 11:13 am »
IP ban is kinda unfair
@ Johnliew97 « Sat 11:12 am »
If they create new account, simple just ban again. Like in most games.
@ fraus « Fri 2:56 am »
so then i wouldn’t be able to create a new account on the same pc?
@ OneManArmy « Thu 10:28 pm »
what’s the point of ban system, where banned player can simply create new account and continue play?
@ fraus « Thu 10:06 pm »
how does this games anti cheat work? is there Hardware ID bans or can i just make another account if i get banned?
@ OneManArmy « Thu 6:18 pm »
register in game and play
@ ParkerCotton « Thu 6:13 pm »
how does one enter the actual game ?
@ Johnliew97 « Wed 2:03 pm »
@ fraus « Wed 2:30 am »
i know this has been asked 1000000 times but im genuinely curious about bots and why the have not been added yet. youve shown that having them walk around properly is possible so what i want to know is what is stopping OMA from adding a bit of touch up to them to make them shoot. they dont need to be amazing bots just ones that work becuz i think having offline support at the least would be very attractive. but thats my opinion.
@ fraus « Mon 3:33 am »
i know this is very random but is there any plans for mod support down the road at any point?
@ OneManArmy « Sun 3:58 pm »
I am doing optimization, to prepare game for browser. 70% of UI must be redone, input system must be replaced and i have to switch from PUN Classic to PUN 2. It will take around a month, but after every step i will release update to see if everything is working correctly.
@ OneManArmy « Sun 3:52 pm »
And i am not a "team"... i already explained situation, so why are you pushing on me? I can’t do everything at the same time. Is it so hard to understand? We made tools for you. If you want new maps - then create and play on them.
@ Hevils « Sun 3:40 pm »
We are players, not developers and administrators. Why do we need to make cards or conduct tests if we just want new cards in the game ?! The game becomes boring, and you do not add diversity in gameplay. If new cards are not in priorities, then what? Tell us what are you working on? No updates for more than a month.
@ OneManArmy « Sun 2:07 am »
Then why don’t you use forum to make some event? something like "community maps day"? Prepare archive with "best maps" and tell players that at specific day/time you will play on them. And invite players who are playing skillwarz daily. Then you and other players will see which maps are good...
@ fraus « Sun 1:50 am »
i mean it not that people dont like them its just that its not that accessible. the most downloads a single community map has is 50+ which is dust 2. ive tried to do exactly what you say and guess what? nobody joined. the most popular map and nobody joined. see the problem there? nobody is gonna play the community maps unless its organized before hand which shouldn’t have to be the case anyway. it wont kill you to add some ALREADY maps. i know its alot of work with porting it or whatever but it will take a lot less time than making maps from scratch and you can upload the maps along with other updates. im not saying release 10000 maps all at once im just saying to put a map or 2 into an update occasionally. im saying this because its only a good thing to have more options available to the player to give everybody what they want. its only complicated if you make it complicated.
@ OneManArmy « Sun 1:50 am »
and tell me, where are these "best community maps"? I don’t see them. All i see is maps which doesn’t fit this game, or counter strike map remakes.
@ OneManArmy « Sun 1:38 am »
But you can play on community maps. If i don’t see that players play on community maps = they don’t like them. So why should i waste my time? Adding map is not "1, 2 and done"...

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