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@ Johnliew97 « Wed 11:25 am »
Ay I play six siege too. Just keep testing the Sens until you’re used to it.
@ litenite « Wed 3:57 am »
@lucashaefner360, you ring up shroud and be like "yo homie, what sens is this???" lmao I doubt there’s a calculator that has SW sens in it, so you’ll prob have to do some tinkering to find what you like. OMA may be able to give you a better answer, but he’s pretty busy rn. You could try posting in general on the discord (https://discord.gg/vXeFFwR) to get a more immediate answer from the community :)
@ lucashaefner360 « Tue 11:54 pm »
How do I convert skillwarz sensitivity to rainbow six? This sens I found is just sooo good!
@ litenite « Mon 9:18 pm »
@whquestionmark, lol im lazy, so I’m litenite in game as well :D
@ whquestionmark « Mon 6:16 pm »
What are your ingame names?
@ whquestionmark « Mon 6:15 pm »
Just registered
@ whquestionmark « Mon 6:14 pm »
hey guys
@ litenite « Mon 2:53 am »
@stephen30, yo :D
@ stephen30 « Sun 11:27 pm »
@ impossybull « Sun 1:14 am »
@Caboose2468, when you launch the application, the first window that come up, you should be able to change keybinds there. In “Inputs” tab? Also be sure to run as administrator.
@ bearboy907 « Fri 6:54 pm »
heyy guys
@ DRX81 « Thu 7:40 am »
Hey everyone! :D
@ fraus « Thu 12:26 am »
@GMaster, nice
@ bearboy907 « Wed 5:31 pm »
whats up guys :)
@ GMaster « Wed 3:56 pm »
Emmett Till.... search him on google
@ Radlax « Wed 7:06 am »
lol nothin i founded
@ Radlax « Wed 6:45 am »
In the forum can i create a clan? Or only in the game?
@ fraus « Wed 12:56 am »
yeah pretty much what lite said. i havent tried it but there is a input tab on the same window that you can change your graphics at. You can maybe try that but im not sure if it’ll work.
@ litenite « Tue 11:34 pm »
oof settings* menu
@ litenite « Tue 11:34 pm »
sry had to run to the store. Ya scroll is typ mid mouse btn. like i said i’ve never used it, but maybe there’s a settgs menu? if not then it’s just hard coded to look for those buttons and you won’t be able to re-bind probably.
@ Caboose2468 « Tue 10:53 pm »
where do I rebind the keys?
@ Caboose2468 « Tue 10:48 pm »
click on the middle mouse button?
@ Caboose2468 « Tue 10:48 pm »
so what is scroll click?
@ litenite « Tue 10:47 pm »
fraus or impossybull would be good to dm as well as they use it quite frequently
@ litenite « Tue 10:46 pm »
I’ve never used it (linux system lol), but try re-binding the mouse buttons to see if maybe there was just an issue there. if that doesn’t work, resort to iTerQ like i said :D
@ Caboose2468 « Tue 10:43 pm »
@ Caboose2468 « Tue 10:43 pm »
I did check that
@ litenite « Tue 10:42 pm »
@Caboose2468, check out viewtopic.php?f=14&t=22 at the bottom is a list of the current commands. If that doesn’t work; i’d send iTerQ a dm
@ Caboose2468 « Tue 9:22 pm »
Hey does anybody know what button to press to place a building in the editor?
@ bearboy907 « Mon 8:05 pm »
@ fraus « Sun 6:05 pm »
yeah, thats more or less the idea
@ blasterant « Sun 2:47 pm »
The changelog doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to be read so time is not an excuse, but a video can highlight the big changes that can occur in some updates.
@ impossybull « Sun 9:41 am »
there we go
@ impossybull « Sun 9:41 am »
that wasn’t supposed to be purple but ok
@ impossybull « Sun 9:40 am »
@fraus, yeah i’d dual comm with you. I have a bunch of stats saved about the game that I haven’t had time to make into videos yet. I also have tons of gameplay footage going back to last October, Patch 0.33
@ litenite « Sat 11:50 pm »
@fraus, ya dude that’d be awesome. lmk if you want a co-anchor lmao :D btw you never got back w/ me :(
@ fraus « Sat 11:41 pm »
BTW would anyone like to see a series which covers SW updates and such? I’d still have to set all the technical stuff up but i think it would be nice for those who dont really feel like taking to time to read through the forums and stuff to just see new updates. it would be similar to that of esportstalk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiJrne ... u6qPybMidw
@ supra « Sat 7:13 pm »
well i got my new pc so yay, ima be playing again
@ supra « Sat 7:13 pm »
its been so long since i last played this game
@ WaveyT « Sat 3:37 pm »
@ litenite « Sat 6:21 am »
1 2 . test test microphone check 1 2 1 2... oh wait thought i was on stage for a sec myb :D
@ impossybull « Sat 4:25 am »
@ impossybull « Sat 4:24 am »
@ ThatGuy « Thu 8:44 pm »
@bearboy907, hi
@ bearboy907 « Thu 6:16 pm »
@ stephen30 « Thu 6:06 pm »
@ stephen30 « Thu 6:05 pm »
hey guys
@ ThatGuy « Thu 3:18 pm »
@OneManArmy, I really like that idea
@ litenite « Thu 2:27 pm »
that sounds cool. then it could be marketed as a military groups training simulations.
@ OneManArmy « Thu 1:30 am »
Actually instead of disabling blood effects, we can simply change color to green, or random and it will look like paintball game.
@ OneManArmy « Thu 1:01 am »
By disabling blood effect game doesn’t become less violent (you are still shooting "humans"). I personally don’t think that "blood" effects has any negative imapct. Unless you can shoot off body parts, or game is very close to realism (some VR game). But here important is age. If someone is 12 (and below), he shouldn’t play shooter games (with or without blood).
@ ThatGuy « Thu 12:44 am »
@OneManArmy I would like this setting because I have met some parents that let their kids play FPS games as long as there’s little to no blood. I believe that adding this setting could cause more parents to let their kids play the game which in turn make this game more popular.
@ ThatGuy « Thu 12:41 am »
I would like this setting because I have met some parents that let their kids play FPS games as long as there’s little to no blood. I believe that adding this setting could cause more parents to let their kids play the game which in turn make this game more popular.
@ ThatGuy « Thu 12:37 am »
both particle effect and blood texture.
@ OneManArmy « Wed 11:54 pm »
and why do you need such setting?
@ OneManArmy « Wed 11:52 pm »
Hi, only particle effect when bullet hits? or also blood texture from camera?
@ ThatGuy « Wed 11:10 pm »
Hay devs. Any chance to have a setting to turn off blood? or at least turn the amount down?
@ OneManArmy « Wed 9:43 pm »
Tell friends about game and play with them.
@ ThatGuy « Wed 9:11 pm »
The US servers barely have anyone on it.
@ GMaster « Tue 3:26 pm »

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