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@ impossybull « Thu 10:48 am »
@notatroll, if you have the volume VERY high then you will feel a difference, but other than that it is mostly a placebo effect.
@ nani « Thu 4:24 am »
hi i lost my account password is there any way so i can bring i back
@ notatroll « Thu 1:24 am »
oh idk then maybe the gun sound is just rough but i guess it is just in my head
@ impossybull « Wed 11:41 pm »
@OneManArmy, @notatroll, here is results: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=915#p4464
@ arn « Wed 9:09 pm »
Johnny Sin
@ impossybull « Wed 9:05 pm »
@notatroll, @OneManArmy, I’ll do a quick decibel test and post the results
@ notatroll « Wed 8:47 pm »
idk, the other guns are fine for me its just snipers m107 and l96 that i have the problems with. maybe just my broken ears
@ OneManArmy « Wed 7:37 pm »
yeah, to hear better footsteps he turns volume on max and then writes "too loud shooting sounds". This problem persists in all games :D
@ impossybull « Wed 7:12 pm »
@notatroll, They are fine to me. They seems the same as other guns without suppressor, in my opinion. M107 used to be way louder too 😬😩. Not that I care if they are a bit quieter though. Easier to hear footsteps that way 😁
@ notatroll « Wed 7:08 pm »
@ OneManArmy « Wed 6:49 pm »
@notatroll,  ok
@ notatroll « Wed 6:24 pm »
withou suppressor that is
@ notatroll « Wed 6:24 pm »
pls lower volume for l96 and m107 when shooting, i almost go deaf. lol
@ Seizawa « Wed 10:47 am »
@ OneManArmy « Wed 10:46 am »
Map must be made with latest version of Map Editor. Dont forget to add spawn points.
@ Seizawa « Wed 10:38 am »
@OneManArmy, How do i play the maps i have created in map editor?
@ impossybull « Tue 11:55 pm »
PSA: THE DEAGLE IS GOOD AGAIN! Thanks OMA! I’ll do some damage testing later, y’all :)
@ impossybull « Tue 9:00 pm »
@arn, is AK12 different in Gun Game only? I used in in regular games and it seemed the same.
@ arn « Tue 6:31 pm »
@OneManArmy, what Radlax is saying isn’t a bug.. in gun game you even used it yourself and a heard it.. in this update the Ak-12 is different from the aug, m4a1, k10 and ak47 why? because you made the ak-12 a 6 shot gun
@ impossybull « Tue 6:05 pm »
@OneManArmy, What/where is the setting option to toggle "Local legs/body will not be hidden, when you set FOV higher than 85. You still can disable/hide from settings."?
@ impossybull « Tue 5:57 pm »
@Radlax, The option to switch fire modes was disabled in update 0.40.
@ OneManArmy « Tue 5:46 pm »
if something is not working as expected = report BUG. Chat is NOT for bug reports.
@ Radlax « Tue 5:07 pm »
Why i cant changed the fire mod in gun game in the ak12?
@ arn « Tue 3:36 pm »
knock knock
@ snipernubz « Tue 2:29 pm »
@ iTerQ « Tue 2:28 pm »
@snipernubz,  Could u stop using random colors?
@ snipernubz « Tue 2:21 pm »
@OneManArmy, let me know what u think plz \|/
@ snipernubz « Tue 2:08 pm »
but eh heres the link
@ snipernubz « Tue 2:07 pm »
because i wanted to make a more visual representation of the leaderbord but i dont know if the google sheets formula will update with the leaderboard with this sites leader board
@ snipernubz « Tue 1:59 pm »
oh well shit thats puts a damper on my idea
@ OneManArmy « Tue 1:58 pm »
No. there is no such thing like "how often it updates". When you open leaderboard/refresh page = you see latest stats.
@ snipernubz « Tue 1:56 pm »
no i just mean in general but with that logic i assume it updates when ever someone closes their game
@ OneManArmy « Tue 1:50 pm »
@snipernubz,  I assume you want to know when YOUR stats are saved. Answer is - when you close the game.
@ snipernubz « Tue 1:39 pm »
@OnemanArmy how often does the leader board update?
@ OneManArmy « Tue 12:33 pm »
if your map was made with Map Editor 1.2.7 (or older) then it will not show up in map list
@ OneManArmy « Tue 12:31 pm »
min Map Editor version is 1.2.8
@ impossybull « Tue 12:11 pm »
@laugh, make sure they are in the correct folder and are named legally. Remember to use the swm file, not another file. I can check it out in about 10 hours
@ laugh « Tue 12:03 pm »
My maps doesn’t show up into "Editor maps" menu ingame.
@ OneManArmy « Tue 9:05 am »
@mynameis,  create topic in forum... such changes i will make only if you will get support from other players
@ OneManArmy « Tue 8:55 am »
yes, in last 2 days i fixed many bugs... also Editor maps enabled.
@ arn « Tue 8:47 am »
was there another update?
@ mynameis « Tue 8:06 am »
@ oneManArmy please add low gravity much lower in the ranking, cant play without it and in current system will only have it for 18 of 50 ranks :-( , thanks for amazing game.
@ Dice « Tue 7:22 am »
"prestige mode will make u happy" shhhhhhhhhh
@ laugh « Mon 7:13 pm »
Ok thanks ;)
@ iTerQ « Mon 7:09 pm »
@laugh,  because of problems it has been disabled in version .45
@ laugh « Mon 7:08 pm »
I don’t have access to "Editor map" ...
@ SeekerS « Mon 6:08 pm »
many players are not entering the prestige. just click the button.
@ blasterant « Mon 6:00 pm »
And i have no question about it
@ blasterant « Mon 6:00 pm »
Lol i cant go into prestige mode yet
@ impossybull « Mon 5:56 pm »
@Flopper, @blasterant, @arn, @rmn, Whoever has questions about how Prestige mode and the current ranks were decided upon, or other ideas we had for it, please see this topic: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=831&start=70
@ arn « Mon 4:46 pm »
prestige mode will make you happy so go ahead and click that button
@ blasterant « Mon 4:31 pm »
Its the purpose of it, if you reach level 50, it means you know how the game works, and you should have some level/skill in this game, enough skills to do it again from level 0 to 50 with less stuff but more skills
@ Flopper « Mon 2:52 pm »
Wow.. ok
@ Flopper « Mon 2:32 pm »
Will you lose any weapons when activating prestige mode?
@ OneManArmy « Mon 2:24 pm »
Otherwise it’s kinda unfair... new players must go through progression systems and earn every weapons and attachments, but you skipped everything.
@ OneManArmy « Mon 2:21 pm »
Prestige mode is not "what you will get". It’s next step in progression/rank and it’s challenge for you. And as i wrote, i expect that all players who are already at rank 50 will activate Prestige mode.
@ OneManArmy « Mon 2:15 pm »
It’s fourth class and it differs from other classes. You can select any primary weapon as primary and any secondary weapon as secondary.

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