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  2. I'll be active from now on
  3. Im all about speed and power, yes xd. Altough I would use them with a single fire mode.
  4. we don't need inactive admins
  5. Bruhhh !!!πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ ....
  6. 😐 You need to be active on forums...
  7. hey, impossybull i have sent youΒ clan request please accept my request i'd like to be in your clan

    i m MohdAhmad ever seen in game


  8. Name: Mohab (yes very weird) Age: 14 Username: BlueMustache I have no experience as admin in other games, But I have been in a large discord server? I've been playing this game since the begining of 2020 or something, I get carried away playing sometimes so around 2 to 3 hours. I am from turkey. My native language is arabic. (IT'S COMPLICATED OK?!) I know the following languages: Arabic Turkish English Esperanto You should hire me because; 1- I know multiple languages 2- I can deal with people kindly And 3, I'm cool pro gamer 😎
  9. Yesterday
  10. Dang @triplebusted you really do not like the 3 round burst guns πŸ˜‚
  11. It's been suggested since years ago for people to drop their weapons/ammo when they die, not sure if it's planned to be added.
  12. Admins has tools to balance teams. If they are not balancing teams, then remind them. If they ignore you, then record video of whole match (constantly show us scoreboard, so we can see player ranks and what is going on) and post here in forum.
  13. A voting option sounds really great, it's just that usually the lower levels and newbies are pretty much being farmed and may not see the voting. The same goes for "the 4 good players" on one team, if they're there that means they acknowledge that. IMO, as there are a lot of active admins, they should be more active moving players from team to team to balance. It's not that much of a work and should be fine. But I'm supporting the idea of a vote option as it sounds pretty good, if possible to create.
  14. If you don't wanna use a sniper, I personally recommend using the MG4 machinegun, easy to control, fire bursts and you will hit very consistently even long range. Simply choose the scope that fits you.
  15. This is my personal opinion, don't come for me. I rated them by fun/competitiveness. (and my personal usage)
  16. Sounds like you want to add "scavenger" perk where when enabled, enemies drop some ammo that you can pick up.
  17. I still don't see what the problem is; way more people use AK47 for instance and M107 is good only at long range.
  18. Yes but the point is not to make the M107 less used by long-time players but less used by new players... In effect loads of new players use to spam the weapon and so grow level very quickly which, at my opinion, destroy a bit the level up system: - There is the ones who just use the M107 all the time. - And who don't use it and so level up less quickly than others. I find this a little bit OP... Second solution wpuld be to nerf the M107 a bit? Like a little bit less damages or a little bit less BPM?
  19. Hmm, Maybe the perk should give you ammos for some kills. And that would fit well with another one that'd give health for kill?
  20. I was playing the game, and I collected the flag near the start of the match. It disappeared like usual but a bit later it appeared again and it was bugged. (it didn't give points but it was just there for everyone) 477198179_Skillwarz20210409160416728-1(online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  21. I think it's fine how it is. Looking at this a lot of long-time players don't even think M107 is one of the best guns, and worse than L96A1.
  22. In FPS games dropoff is always based on map style. In COD most guns drop off after 20-30m because of small/tight map style, even though IRL AR's are good to 400m and shotguns 100m. SW is similar, if AR's did not have much damage drop until out to 100's of meters then there would not be much use for snipers.
  23. Perks are supposed to help you in-game but this only helps you level up. I think challenges/contracts system would be better overall b/c this could easily be a crutch perk. The only way I see it being not-broken is if it's unlocked at Rank 50 but it still wouldn't fit well IMO.
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