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  4. Also (as OMA was saying) swear words are already not allowed, so if someone stealth-joins lobby and tells you to change tag then maybe they are an admin. And just to be clear, if you were more polite (i.e. just asked like a normal person whether I'm an admin/staff) then I would have been more polite and not temp banned. ๐Ÿ‘ I mean, you asked me what I was gonna do about it........
  5. Ok first of all, why even appeal a 1 hour ban? Second, screenshots tell the whole story here:
  6. Swear words and not allowed ANYWHERE! You know many games where you are ALLOWED to use swear words? "if swear words are not allowed in clan tags, then you shouldn't be able to put them in there in the first place" by your logic... if technically is possible to cheat in game, you play with cheats? in this case you also blame game for that? Purpose of Bad Word Filter is to detect toxic players. You already have around 60 records... if you will continue use swear words, you will get ban in chat.
  7. So, I put F*ck in my clan tag as a joke, I assumed it wouldn't be a problem, because the game let me put it in, but then I was playing and somebody told me to change it and I asked why, then I got banned. I am happy to change it, but I should be banned for something the game fully allowed me to do, if swear words are not allowed in clan tags, then you shouldn't be able to put them in there in the first place, the way it is in chat. Thanks for your time and consideration.
  8. This Should Go In Ideas And Suggestions bruhhh But Sure the Idea is Seems Good about medals n all
  9. Medals like Double Kill, Triple Kill, Ruthless, Berserk. That can be showcased. It would be a great addition!
  10. Right, sorry, now I see the problem. But still, I meant something different, not achivements only, but achivements with in-game rewards such as new skins or more XP. As far as I know, steam achivements do not affect the game progress.
  11. Allow players to set a loadout with the guns and perks and tactical equipment of their choice which can be accessed from a hot key instead of going in class then type of class then selecting everything
  12. Forum has categories. We have ideas and suggestions in General and in Map Editor. You posted in Map Editor section. Next time spend few seconds and read forum category. Exert already answered on your question. Steam has built-in achievement system.
  13. Sorry, I didn't understand, how is this a map editor suggestion? I am talking about general game achievements, not achievements that apply to one map only.
  14. I'm not sure, but those probably will be added before steam release... (and this is map editor suggestions btw)
  15. Hey, I would love to see some achivements and rewards for completing them in game, such as: "Kill 100 players with rifles" and for that you can get a skin maybe, or XP.
  16. Earlier
  17. Yeah, I definitively did not think about players weapon locking system ๐Ÿ˜• I'll try to think about a "fancier" idea ๐Ÿ˜„
  18. Iโ€™d like to see this when we have 1000 players online, not now tho. Besides whatโ€™s the point of unlocking guns if people will lock out of lobby guns they donโ€™t like? All the time you hear complaints about balance etc
  19. this would be a good idea in the future but as it stand the most practical choice would to narrow the things we already have into something more predictable for something that can be consistent for the few consistent players we already have and to keep new ones coming. if you dont at least have that level on consistency in gameplay it can lead to players leaving because they cant find a match they want to play. I can tell you this from my perspective because i know there are certain maps i dont wanna play and i'll just leave the match if they get picked so i wouldnt be surprised if the same th
  20. We already have so many game preset variations. Adding by weapon will multiply these variations. And since some weapons are locked (progression), then players will not be able to join such rooms.
  21. Hey, I had the idea for an advanced weapon selecting system. You'd can choose any weapon you want and turn it ON or OFF when you make a new game. That'd be really great for making games width no K10 or m107/m110 if you don't like it. I know that is a huuuuuuuge work so I just suggest it. Also, I really know that some weapons could be "banned" (they'd be never activated :\) but that seems to me a good idea to can select weapons you want. That'd looks like a "custom" parameter in the "weapon preset" tab. I made a little image to illustrate it :
  22. This is my second map for skillwarz! hope you will enjoi,and any ideas for the map will be welcome! this is some screenshots of the map! https://imgur.com/a/3giym3y skw_labro.rar
  23. anything else is ok but knife only you need to make in its own lobby otherwise it's boosting
  24. "cause we also did knife only round" Yes, it is illegal.
  25. Nahh, That isn't a illegal thing so chilll
  26. wait, I played with some other dudes not gonna mention them but on every new round we typed in chat what we all gonna pick like "let's do recon only" or "let's deag" and we just played and nobody had problems, was that illegal? cause we also did knife only round.
  27. I actually didnt rotate it
  28. Let's call it limitation. I plan to replace character controller with something better and then this problem will go away. check rotation of container. Rotation is only on one axis, or on all?
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