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  3. I'll get one to u asap although its 50htz/s
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  5. How dare they say something like that to my two bros Yoda and ninja I hope they get banned cause I thought sw is a friendly game lol
  6. YodaGames


    my birthday😇
  7. 2 players named HeatSeekers and Multiyigit where swaering the whole time and saying nigger, very annoying and they wouldn't stop
  8. Oh ok. Can you send a screenshot of how you got configured the PlayClaw's settings?
  9. Itsvevery time I rec its laggy but I'm god when not rec BC there's no lag so it looks bad
  10. Well thats pretty laggy 😁 I see you play on 1366x768, try lowering your resolution. Also, try lowering your graphic settings, bc i see they are not low enough. If this doesn't help you, try using a different screen recorder or close some stuff in the background. Can you screenshot and send what settings you have PlayClaw? Did you play smoothly ingame?
  11. No, It was the first time. And yes, I'll report if it will happen again
  12. now i think of it, ik it would take a bit of time but what if someone made a replica off all the prototype maps into medieval and when u go into create game there would be an option to pick "medieval maps" or "prototype maps"
  13. Ya that was just an example. It's kinda hard to troubleshoot just from what we've got at the moment though. Has it happened before? Like I said, let us know if it happens again and if you see some pattern.
  14. Last week
  15. I disable malwarebites when I play...
  16. Hmm i was just asking because if your comp was struggling w/ the game and let's say your AV started a scan; they could have used too many resources and locked your comp. Let us know if it happens again and try to see if you notice a pattern
  17. not needed yes... but pretty helpfull, and u can disable it in settings if u dont like it?
  18. If I’m remembering correctly, someone has already asked about this and the answer is that it can’t be done with the current chat system. If you want to, you can use the search bar to search for other peoples’ questions.
  19. Yeah, in black ops 1 they give you absolute potato guns for the starter weapons, but then you unlock the best gun in the game at rank 14 😂
  20. They changed map 2 or 3 minutes After, and the loading of the new map made my game crash. That day i played about ten minutes a gun game and when i changed room It happened this bug. No, mine Is a crappy PC and i can't play with anything in background
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