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  2. i tried it's same as others, and if you have a 1.44 Ghz i5 and i have 3ghz pentium 4 doesn't mean mine is better 😐 , btw i use FRAPS to record it very light weight try it.
  3. Pentium 4 3.00Ghz 4 gigs of RAM ATI RADEON HD 5450 (just got it some days ago) Intel 82945G Express Chipset (integrated on board graphics) 500gig HDD Win 7 SP1 Ultimate
  4. Don't mind the sys req, I use this program almost without lag in a 1.44 GHz Intel cpu (that's what I call low end)
  5. Pentium 4? Indeed, that's really low end. What are your other specs? (RAM, GPU, OS) I'm really curious. I still have my first pc, maybe if I would hook it up with some more RAM, I could try n launch this game.
  6. btw the kill throught smoke thing would be like . forgot to mention it lol
  7. its case by case. i personally like to use smokes more than most people in this game and with the tight corridors and the fact that you can see tracers its not that hard to do and can be done easily. i think its less of a case of how often does it happen and if people can make it happen. its not very common but it could be useful for spectators or even for seeing if someone is cheating. for this to work though the entire player must be concealed by smoke as to where their legs feet or anything else ISNT showing.
  8. Minimum i series cpu hmmm..... IT'S NOT FKIN LOW-END...i have PENTIUM 4 and THAT'S what CALLED LOW-END.. 😐
  9. Well It's really good experience, I also have motion sickness but i don't have much problem other than VR games X( , it looks weird that only gun is moving..
  10. ok Ill make something this or next week
  11. Hmm, how often would that happen tho... I think I have 2 snipes and only 10 or so other kills firing thru smoke
  12. I think he meant if you shoot through smoke and kill a player, itll show in the killfeed like in csgo
  13. On custom maps I think they are all the same: a metallic sound.
  14. How tf u gonna get a "smoke kill" 😂 smoke does no damage...
  15. I wouldn't want camera bobbing. This isn't Battlefield lol
  16. Just for context, all of the current admins had played for hundreds of hours and were very active community members before being made admins...
  17. Yesterday
  18. I didn't notice the sound change but I do love your game it could be that there was a glitch on my end with the sounds Because they were all the same walking sound for me
  19. how can you "love" game if you didn't even played it? or you play games without sound?
  20. Show me your animation skills.
  21. Oh ok let me know if you need help with anything related to the mentioned skills
  22. I didn't realize you did. PS love your game
  23. I don't plan to make single player.
  24. I can make materials, scrips, AI, animations, weapon spread, partial systems, LUTS, water, explosions and some optimization
  25. But we already have different step sounds. If you think you can make better sound effects, then do it... i have nothing against.
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