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  2. I did test and seems that decal system don't like high poly meshes. I will report this problem to developer of Decal system. Prototype 20 map was made with "old old" Map Editor and it has 91K tris/181k verts.
  3. Today
  4. why "default"? did you tested with other sprays and everything was fine?
  5. For me, my FPS doesn't drop numerically, but my game still stutters like above.
  6. Spraying the default spray on proto20 causes fps spikes for anyone who looks at it
  7. yeah they reduce range a moderate amount. I'm working on a new A Closer Look video and I'll talk about it there.
  8. supressors reduce recoil? Oh lol, I had no idea..so it reduces damage?
  9. Yesterday
  10. I do (personally) think this is a good idea & concept, I'm not so 100% sure about this playing well. In a bomb mode, it *could* do well, but I'm not sure about other modes
  11. Why less recoil? If anything, suppressors reduce recoil (both IRL and in-game).
  12. less recoil when its unsuppressed maybe?
  13. Last week
  14. obv its not a pretty gun but id love to have it unsuppressed lol, a tiny bit more damage without it and a new firing sound and man ill fall in love with that gun
  15. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Parkour and tdm combined
  16. it looks ugly lol not even like weapon...
  17. I understand but IMO I don't think it's that bad lol
  18. in hands... from FP view. Not all weapons look good from FP view. In some games developers even modify weapons, to improve look from FP view.
  19. I mean that's just what micro-Uzi's look like lol
  20. just use paint and remove suppressor
  21. The gun model looks terrible? Can you post a photo b/c now I'm curious 😄
  22. without suppressor it looks terrrrrrrible. That's why you can't take off...
  23. IDK if this is feasible, if you don't have a weapon sound to use but I think it would be cool, unsuppressed version could have more range but lots of muzzle flash.
  24. Trato estudiar por mi mismo, tomaba 2 clases en escuela hace unos pocos años. Por cierto los trads. de MW3 incluyen: Disconnect = Abandonar (No Salir) Team Deathmatch = Duelo por Equipos (No Batalla por Equipos) Deathmatch = Contra Todos (No Batalla) Game/Match = Partida (No Juego, en la mayoria de casos) Kills = Bajas (No Presas) Killstreak = Racha de Bajas Primary = Principal (No Primaria) Flash = Cegadora (No Destello) Y "Preset" = "Plantalla" y "Hardcore" es el mismo son de Minecraft 😄
  25. no has pensado en tomar cursos privados? veo que tienes un buen uso/nivel del español, y sobre los estudios si es verdad, tratan de basarse en lo mas real posible
  26. Genial! Uso para mis traducciones: Mi conocimiento Wikcionario ingles Google Traductor SpanishDict.com Y miro videos sobre MW3 y otros juegos en espanol para ver como esos juegos estan traducidos porque los estudios usan servicios de traduccion profesionales.
  27. im looking rn for better shorter options so nothing too crazy like changing the whole text. I speak spanish as my native language (since im colombian lol). i mean UCAV is good and the best option i was looking for something more "spanish"
  28. In BF4 I see the players know it as UCAV also, so I think that would be an adequate translation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ea6uB4KIKQ BTW did you see anything else of interest in the rest of my translations? I know Spanish only as a second language so maybe there are a few errors.
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