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  2. well can you explain why i got banned then cause i wasnt hacking thats for sure
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  4. There is no connection between high ping/movement speed and speed-hack. Speed-hack is manipulation with game time.... usually when you (software you are using) injects code into the running game process.
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  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/uselessredcircle/
  7. Check out my new video! I decided to try out a completely different style of video, hopefully you guys like it! I spent many many hours editing this gameplay so I would appreciate it if you guys like, comment, and subscribe. Thank you 😄
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  9. Given its the quarantine season, I was wondering if the Asian Singapore servers could be brought back. When I try to play on that region, the game just infinitely loops. I bet I can even get more of my friends to play this game if the ping is better but unfortunately, even the nearest server in India is laggy. Thanks in advance.
  10. Problem fixed. Thanks for report.
  11. That's not what I'm talking about. 🙂 Here is the issue: when reloading, press and hold right click before reload is done, and the sight will not be aligned properly. Does not seem to affect the L96. 2020-04-04 15-13-52.mp4
  12. Accuracy for M107 is bad when you zoom in and immediately shoot. You must wait sec+ for accuracy to stabilize.
  13. No, it happened many times. I can post video soon. The scope is identically not centered relative to where the hit marker appears on screen.
  14. If it wasn't impossible I wouldn't report it as a bug 😉
  15. "I meant that I didn't damage Spydey and game gave me 100 points" It's not possible. To get points you must do at least some damage in last 6? seconds. IF it really happened, then something is broken in PUN (when multiple clients on the same wifi).
  16. I meant that I didn't damage Spydey and game gave me 100 points for for a kill, while usually it give me no point and add a kill to my team
  17. "it loads fine now", but will maps load when i will upgrade to latest engine version? Now game runs on almost 2 years old version of unity engine.
  18. Show me that sometimes it's not fine and then i will check. It's possible that you did small mouse movement right before shot and that's why you hit somewhere else?
  19. Player who dies sends confirmation about kill. If you don't receive confirmation, then you don't get points. Now we must understand why you don't receive this message. "I got some kills when Spydey kill himself " It's by design.
  20. If you damage someone and they get killed by someone else, you get an assist (within a certain amount of time). If you damage someone and they commit suicide, you get credit for the kill.
  21. Another strange thing I noticed is that I got some kills when Spydey kill himself
  22. Make a new bug report. The server-side game logic that decides who gets a kill and keeps two people from getting a kill at the same time does not yet apply to gun game gun ranks.
  23. Yesterday in a public gun game match skillwarz don't gave me points for a kill, but my weapon leveled up. Is my connection that have a problem? I played a lot of versions of this game and this is the first that give me problems
  24. I know that the file type is not the same format as the maps currently in the game, but it loads fine now and as I understand, your concern was mainly about appearance and portability? I think it looks fine and obviously it is kind of large to load but I would not expect to find it in WebGL version. I just don’t understand why maps that load right now aren’t usable, and if that is the case, why the old map editor made files/allowed you to make maps that aren’t usable...
  25. Sorry that I don’t have video for this but the M107 scope seems to not be aligned. But what’s weird is sometimes it seems to be fine, and other times not. Usually it seems the shots go up and to the left relative to where the scope is set. I was using Strong Arms and Regen.
  26. Now i am 100% sure that game runs on MacOS Catalina without any problems. I installed MacOS Catalina and without any knowledge about MacOS i was able to launch Skillwarz. Yes, this tutorial works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9TtoOJjGpU Only there is one more step. You will see message that "developer cannot be verified". To fix that you simply must hold "ctrl", left mouse click on "skillwarz" and choose "Open". This way you will get around "developer cannot be verified".
  27. Just posted a new video! I'm starting a sniper series and hopefully you guys like it. I would really appreciate any feedback. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe! (it takes like 20 seconds and helps out so much :D)
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