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  2. INSTANTIATION Default object is cube, which can be modified (shape/materials) and it will be core object for all maps. Hold key "N" and click Left Mouse Button at position where you want this cube to spawn. To change shape of cube, click and hold Left Mouse Button on one of cube faces and then pull, or push. When done, then release Left Mouse Button. If you want to instantiate other objects, then open Project Assets window, by pressing key "Tab" and click on one of objects from menu. To close Project Assets window press key "Tab" again. You can instantiate other objects the same way as you did with cube. SELECTION We have 2 types of selection. 1. Selection to move/rotate objects via Gizmos (directional arrows/circles). Can be selected multiple objects at the time. - Hold space + shift and click on objects. To remove one of objects from selection, hold space + control and click on selected object. OR - Box selection (like in RTS games). Hold space and draw box shape on screen. Everything inside box will be selected. 2. Selection to change material/duplicate/delete and other actions. Can be selected only one object at the time. - Simply click on object This selection activates inspector window. From Inspector window you can: - change position/rotation values. - change main material of object - set second material To add second material to one of cube faces: 1. cube must be selected 2. move mouse cursor over one of faces 3. press key "i". To remove second material from face: 1. cube must be selected 2. move mouse cursor over face 3. press key "u". CONTROLS - Hold right mouse button to look around - WASD to move around. - Q and E to move up and down. - Mouse scroll wheel to move forward and back - Hold shift to move faster with WASD * Project Assets window - key "Tab" to open and close * Instantiate object - Hold key "N" and click left mouse button * Move Tool - via toolbar, or key "T" * Rotate Tool - via toolbar, or key "R" * Global space - via toolbar, or key "Y" * Local space - via toolbar, or key "Y" * Duplication - via toolbar, or key "O" New copy is autocratically selected and you can move via gizmo, or via Inspector. * Delete - via toolbar, or key "Delete" * Snap Position Step Drop down only via toolbar. * Snap Rotation Step Drop down only via toolbar. * Reset rotation - only via toolbar Sets rotation of selected object to 0,0,0 * Snap position - only via toolbar Sets position to closest position on grid. * Remove second material - only via toolbar Note: before removing material, you must manually remove material from every face. Read above "To remove second material from face". * Deselect All - only via toolbar Removes all selections. * C (camera) - only via toolbar. Switch to different FOV * P (post-processing) - only via toolbar. Turn OFF/ON post-processing. * Change Pivot mode (pivot, or center) - key "Z"
  3. any errors, or something? Maybe one of these videos will help you.
  4. I just can't install the game. I've downloaded the file but can't open the .app file Help Please
  5. Last week
  6. same here lol, fell off map n died. little console thing came up on the top right of screeen after
  7. This has also happened with me as reported in another thread
  8. dukecahill, "wall hacks" = getting shot after taking cover b/c lag, or people seeing/hearing you coming. Don't make posts like this with no proof/evidence.
  9. chances are they heard you. i played with virgin slayer and he was an average player at best. If you look online for SW hacks the most youre gonna find is scripts not walls and i can tell you for a damn fact that there is nobody making cheats for this game because the main demographic of this game is high schoolers/middle schoolers player on their schools PC's who cant even create a .txt document. Oh, and use OBS or something to record your gameplay whenever you suspect someone is cheating.
  10. Whats the point of this report if you are not providing any proof? You must join spectators, record video, upload on youtube and drop link here. P.S. We don't have players with usernames sabrehap and virginslayer666.
  11. sabrehap & virginslayer666 These two have the ability to see through walls aim hack, not much point playing in this case. Great game just no fun with these kind of players.
  12. it only happened to me once, about 3 days ago, it never happened before in previous versions, I don't know about Bull
  13. it started to happen after last update, or something like this happened in previous versions?
  14. lol, it happened to me too and I was thrown off the map video-1581876272.mp4
  15. I gave you chance... Ban will stay. Topic locked.
  16. buura

    Please UnBan me

    What? No I'm not lying! Yes, I may have done a cheating experience, you're right, I'm sorry. I swear I will not do anything like that again, forgive me, it will never happen again. Sorry.
  17. Because you are cheater. You have played less than 1 hour. It already proves everything. Ban will stay. Topic locked.
  18. Hello My Ingame name is DerEchteMensch i got banned because doing nothing. I Played some PvP with my Friends and got banned for Bullet hacking from the anticheat. WHY??? Please Unban me Have a Nice Day.
  19. I can't remove your ban. You are not telling us truth...
  20. buura

    Please UnBan me

    First of all thank you very much for returning to my message admin.I am Turkish and I want to say that I will make a typo in advance, my English is not very good. I will not extend it, yes I just downloaded the game, and to be honest I was constantly doing shift + c and I even ate a ban, I'm very sorry for this. Believe me, I am also a designer, I am installing videos on the internet, reading IT, 10th grade and I am interested in designing games. I respect. It is really disrespectful to cheat or bug in a producer game! Sorry again, I assure that I will not do anything like that again. I invited my friends to the game today, I'm sorry again, could you please remove my ban from the game, please I promise that it will never happen again. player name: buura Yours truly.
  21. Hi, and why should i believe you? Every single cheater writes that he is innocent and don't know how to cheat. We have many players who play for years and never got ban. You downloaded game 3 days ago and already banned. I don't see any bugs in anti-cheat. In last 30 days only 2 players banned for speedhack.
  22. buura

    Please UnBan me

    Hello, I'm Buura I downloaded the game in the last 3 days, I banned the game yesterday, but the problem is that! I did not cheat / use any!! The reason is that the speed cheat AntiCheat! But I did not use it! if there is a little bug / glitch in the game, please forgive me and remove my ban. Thanks have a good day.
  23. Earlier
  24. https://discordapp.com/channels/271759739585691648/286584626183667712/678573571227779082 A similar thing happened another time, but I was able to escape from it (it was a ladder I think). 2020-02-16 06-07-58.mp4
  25. I'm going to do some bigger changes in Map Editor when it goes to voxels.
  26. Yeah... some maps tend to not look that good tbh. But using the system in the video, it will take way longer to make stuff like this: Whereas it can be made in only a few minutes using the block copy tool. And yeah, the textures can get repetitive, but I don't think all maps look bad at all. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520730835184386070/633160716869828628/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520730835184386070/633158923574312973/unknown.png P.S. I know it says 50 FPS in the screenshots but that's with maxed out graphics. Even on High it runs at 120+
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