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  2. That would be cool if implemented on multiplayer matches too imo 😄
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  4. Huh rly? I'll keep an eye for it.
  5. Hey, Be carefull, FREExKILL is an AFK bot. He shoot constentely for don't be kick and spam the chat with pub message (Like showed in the first image)
    I can't use it, there are few articles in Portuguese about this map creator, Brazil has a large community in this game and we would like to be able to create our own maps, with textures and models created by us, but we were unable to make such an import. (Não consigo usar, existe poucos artigos em português sobre este criador de mapa, o Brasil tem uma grande comunidade neste jogo e gostaríamos de poder criar mapas próprios, com texturas e modelos criados por nos, más não conseguimos fazer tal importação.)
  6. Zapper


    Lenni4129, I did ban you for 1 hour, because called me something with "...biggest pussy..." in it, as a parting insult. You're a sore looser, a coward AND a liar : there were only the 2 of us. Cheers. P.S, found the screenshot
  7. If you just read some of the posts in the last month you will see additional context for kind of what is happenin’ ‘round here. Unrelated, but OMA is from Latvia so he often comes off as matter-of-fact, and also not everyone here (including me) has the time or energy to write detailed, long responses to every post. 😀
  8. Seems pretty hostile to me in the several interactions we have had already, not really worth posting here as far as I can tell. Thanks for explaining stuff though @impossybull! 👍
  9. There's not, but OMA is working on things like WebGL version and Map Editor right now so stuff relating to that will be more helpful in the short term.
  10. Ah okay I see, yeah I haven't seen any issues as far as bleeding in the new one. Well I'm excited to see what becomes of this editor, how close it gets to the old one without the drawbacks. Looks like there was some cool stuff but not worth those drawbacks.
  11. Didn't know there was harm in having the idea out there, I won't bring anything else up unless it's important.
  12. A bit of explanation: On the old editor, all of the textures had the same scale. You can see here this concrete wall looks very repetitive because the texture is repeated many times. Similarly, you can see I made these buildings have a bunch of detail so they would not look too repetitive. Old editor also had texture bleeding: you can see the yellow lines there because the texture next to that metal roof texture was yellow. New editor will not have these problems. Also, old editor had relatively low texture resolution: And again, you can see the texture bleeding on the brown carpet (and other things also):
  13. let's think about important things. "cosmetic" improvements can wait.
  14. Oh for sure, I'm sure many people don't have much need for it so it should be optional. And no, not important. Just a quality of life thing, I see though that those are not of interest here.
  15. Just a quality of life thing but this would be helpful for people, I think. At least you would know who is next to you.
  16. when someone is in your friend list and you join his team you always see his nickname even if he is far away. Other idea is to make his triangle above his head gold or a other color to know that he is your friend? (dumb idea right? xD)
  17. no its an good idea, but the problem is how do you whant to login?
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