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    v0.73 [21.04.2021]

    SkillWarz is modern first person shooter game. Game is still in development and more
    content will be added in future updates. At this moment game has 5 game modes:
      * Deathmatch
      * Team Deathmatch
      * Gun Game
      * Elimination
      * Team Gun Game
    on more then 20 maps.
    Also Training mode, where you can learn/practice different things.

    You can download game from itch.io

    Recommended to install itch.io app to download/install games.
    Download here: https://itch.io/app


    v0.5 [26.08.2020]

    SW Map Editor is in early stage of development.
    Bugs are expected, so you can report them here.
    Do not create any serious projects (maps), because any
    slightest changes at this moment can break maps.

    Download BETA version from Downloads

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