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    Yeey new video πŸ˜„
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    Low gravity video, check it out!
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    THE IMPOSSYBULL SHOT is a series of πŸ”₯ sniper compilations.
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    let's think about important things. "cosmetic" improvements can wait.
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    Stop call it "bug". It was 50 message limitation and now it was increased to 200.
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    I'm saying that Regen + Strong Arms with an unsuppressed AK47 is one of my go-to classes. If you think it sucks, that's your opinion.
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    lol I will not make separate game mode where ONLY difference is combination of 2 perks. It was HUGE mistake to bring back this perk combination as this discussion was expected. WHEN we will have more players (10+ active rooms), then i will add option to play with this combination.
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    I don’t know, that’s just how the model is. Irl I think the 2 outside posts are to protect the center post. In SW like many games, the iron sights are in the nighttime position: the precision rear sight is switched to a more open one. The daytime one looks like:
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    Lets make this the most liked post in the skillwarz community! 😁
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    That would be cool if implemented on multiplayer matches too imo πŸ˜„
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    Lenni4129, I did ban you for 1 hour, because called me something with "...biggest pussy..." in it, as a parting insult. You're a sore looser, a coward AND a liar : there were only the 2 of us. Cheers. P.S, found the screenshot
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    There's not, but OMA is working on things like WebGL version and Map Editor right now so stuff relating to that will be more helpful in the short term.
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    Just a quality of life thing but this would be helpful for people, I think. At least you would know who is next to you.
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    Nice map! Looking fantastic.
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    An archaeological excavation site: the ruins of an Athenian temple. Chaotic and fast gameplay. Great for all weapons. Based on my previous map "Corridor", Athens has a stylish but rugged feel. The map is small enough for a pistols-only game, yet has long sightlines that snipers can cover. There's not tons of empty space, so shotguns have a niche in this map, too. Corridor is one of the top 5 most popular unreleased maps right now; and Athens is Corridor remastered. 😎 Download it and check it out for yourself! DOWNLOAD: PREVIEW:
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    it requires a LOT of work. Also for better result and performance it must run on server, not on clients. How do you thing, what you will see on kill cam (in SW) when you run around with 100+ ping and enemy with 200+ ping? Yes, complete nonsense. Game must have close to perfect networking, or developer must do a lot of faking to make kill cams seem right.
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    Honestly, meh. I rarely check it, i do it only when ppl are saying "ns" to check if it's me or not. And that check lasts less than a sec sooo the display is long enough for me. I like that idea, an option to activate or to disable it would be good, even tho it's not that important right now.
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    In shooter games you must kill enemies, not check who is who, what can lead to teaming in DM and other problems. Here answer is No.
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    Here some Designes for the Game: https://share-your-photo.com/7167523677/album 3 Backgrounds for the Main Menu 1 Small Logo (taskbar) 1 Big Logo 1 Esports Logo --- 1 Background Main Menu Video: mp4 gif
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    A esports team from csgo i think
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    i think it would be useful to have info included into the killfeed like these: No-scope[NS] Smoke kill enemy killed while flashed[F] and something which is already in the game but headshots [HS] so basically you could hypothetically get something this long: Player One - L96 - [NS] [F] [HS] - Player Two
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    I think a good thing for balancing is setting a cap if possible, at least on red boxes and HP. Max of one or two per map, definitely only the one still for flags. All in theory, of course! I don't know shit about programming this stuff but I like playing with the editor so far. I also know how big some of these maps can get so maybe scaling that cap is necessary, not sure at all how that would be done. This would be really cool if achievable! Especially in a world where the user could add in maybe one or two of their own, for an extra level of customization for those who might want it. Not sure what's doable really but like just for like a decal even, seems like a cool idea to me but again in a fantasy land probably haha.
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    "even after he shut the Hacks off" we don't know if he was cheating. It can be some random bug. Next time join Spectators and spectate him (from his camera view), then press space to join his view and out.
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    Such reports require video. " 5min later when he got back on guess what?!?!?!? NO HACK! definitely a connection or PC problem. (Joking) XD " what? This is not "fun" section. Here you report cheaters...
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    Hopefully I can help in the maps department 😎😁
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    Plans are constantly changing and i don't have much in short term plans. Closest: web version and map editor. In long term replace soldier model/animations + arms with animations, better sounds, improve UI (when most of functionality will be added), more game modes, maps and weapons, move to Steam. I would like to replace/improve pretty much everything, but it all takes time and money.
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    - You don't have floor. That blue texture is to help you make map and it will not be included in exported map. Add floor like i did in this video:
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    yeah, it sounds super easy. Just do this, then that and done πŸ˜„ Did a quick test and seems that sometimes adding to selection is not working, but if you click on slightly different point then it works.. I will check... But deselect happens because you slightly move mouse when pressing LMB. Basically you are starting to draw selection. I will fix that.
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    Yes, that would work well. I just thought of something else that might be easier to implement, just adding multi-select buttons. Have a toolbar or window of "Collections". To add one: Select a bunch of stuff. Click "New Collection" A button in the Collections window that says i.e. "Collection #1". Now, clicking that button selects all those objects. But they are not otherwise bound or grouped together. Video
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    "Normally if the game freezes then it would crash to Desktop" Exactly. When problem is in application, then only application crashes. When OS crashes then problem is somewhere deeper.
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    applications can crash and in worst case OS can crash. Does it mean that problem is in application? no. Usually (on windows) i can check crash report. On Linux you can't? and how on Linux you can tell that it was crash? i assume you don't have blue screens like on windows.
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    Maybe change "Save" to "Save As" and add a "Quick Save" button that saves to the current file name A confirmation message box after clicking "New" would probably be a good idea, just saying, to reduce the chance of losing work. πŸ™‚ Undo/Redo and/or temp save files to restore to. Just autosaving a project once/min and keeping the last 10 autosaves would work well, and I think not very difficult to implement, compared to undo/redo.
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    hey i have an idea (i think of it as something that is not a priorty) so if you well know about the low gravity perk i wanted to suggest that OMA make a mode in tdm and dm that low gravity is more effective and availble to everybody. i have been talking with juliom about this and he agrees so i would be glad if this mode is added and also make it so its only low gravity perk available to use .
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    Hi. Will there be an update for the game? We will also download a separate additional package when an update is available or will the game remain the same? Will there be new additions and other views to your game? Plus how many people your team has. Have you prepared the animations yourself or got a package? It would be great if the mpt-76 infantry rifle and 12 sniper weapons came to the game. Fix it, bora 12 sniper rifle. These weapons have been successful in many tests in real life. You can search. I wish you good work. Do you plan to make the game open source? To explain, do you want to present many weapons and animation as open source? It doesn't have to be open to everyone, only to certain people. For example those who know programming. I said that you can add 12 sniper rifles to the game. Also the mpt-76 infantry rifle is a really good assault rifle. By the way can I learn the features of your computer system? If you want. If you want to collect players you have to bring new weapons and add-ons. Also, the reason for not playing the game is that there are too many maps. Maybe few maps but good maps. So you lose a lot of players. But the game is yours, I just gave you suggestions. You can reduce more maps. Good bye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XV9RbE8IWI MPT-76 ASSAULT RIFLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLOmnpcVMq8 BORA 12 Sniper rifle! In 2015, all brands producing sniper rifles held a competition. Bora 12 came first in this competition. Also, this sniper rifle was stolen from a gun fair in the past years. In France. OMA you must have gone crazy Bora 12 is a unique weapon. Because he has received many awards and patents. A completely unique weapon Bora 12. Does not even sound when wearing a muffler. Bora 12. Makes a maximum of 50 decibels. (With silencer.) Could you please investigate OMA! Bora is the 12 best sniper rifle. Effective range 800m is enough for this game. Are you sure? I think you should investigate. You were crazy. You are racist. You only act like this because the Turks made this weapon. Even if the Turks make the best weapon, you say it is bad. Everything is obvious. Let's see which country is the only weapon that can pass NATO tests. I think you are not neutral. The inhuman you do. You are very bad towards my country. Maybe one day you will see a Turkish soldier entering with MPT-76 to take over the White House. πŸ™‚ Meanwhile, we are the country with the best military system. Our commandos are going through very challenging tests. Maybe you know Turkish commandos. It's really funny. You humiliate yourself. I think new things should be added to the game. But don't treat me like that. The biggest reason why the game is not played is that users do not attract attention. The graphics are not high-end as the game is prepared with the unity game engine. Low system users can play this game, but it's really time to develop the game. If OMA itself is insufficient, it should establish a team. On a voluntary basis. There is also a server problem in the game. Sometimes 70 pings, sometimes 999 pings, but I use the same stable internet. In the future, please try to fix this problem.
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    50 MB? It's absurd. And when you report bugs, then provide more information... i can't read your mind.
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    we already have time based limit (3 sec per message and if you reach 10 seconds, then message will not be sent). You can send 3+ messages in 10 seconds. normally even 50 messages is more then enough. On average players don't send even 10 messages in one match. If you are playing with friends and you are constantly chatting, then maybe you should consider using voice chat (discord)? I will increase message limit to 200.
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    *Why are you running sw 32 bit? if you have a 64 bit system, you have 4GB of RAM being wasted πŸ˜•
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    Why are you running sw 32 bit? if you have a 32 bit system, you have 4GB of RAM being wasted πŸ˜•
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    guys, when you report bug = provide as much info as possible. if you don't have video, then in text format. * problem was only on your side? * how exactly it happened? after respawn? * only "match starts in" counter was affected, or also team scores, scoreboard? * what happened later? and what you tried to do?
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    -If someone says a lot of offensive words in chat, warn that person. -If someone says really offensive words, temp ban that person. -If someone says a number of offensive words, send chat data to an admin. -If someone says offensive words, censor them. Basically that's it. Some things might not be as important as others. I think it would be a really neat thing to add to the game, as some people won't report a toxic player because they don't know how to do it and that player gets away with it.
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    Version 1.0.0


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    After approximately seven months of off-and-on development, I present the new map "Nightride": Forget laggy maps! Nightride has been carefully and pragmatically designed to not turn your graphics card into a leaf blower. Though spacious and beautifully detailed, it runs only 40% slower than an average map. If you can run most maps at even 100 FPS, you can run this one at a full 60 FPS. Correctly sized! Forget enemies throwing grenades across the entire map, or earning the Hiking merit badge by accident while trying to find another player. Nightride is scaled with careful attention to popular SkillWarz maps (P1, P5, P9, P13, etc.) to accommodate 6 - 12 players. The reviews are in! Here is a selection of serendipitous statements from well-known players: "This map is sick!" - juliom10 "This is insane!" - wcoutts "I like this map" - Sviseerd "It's insane" - HumamT You have to see it to believe it! Here are some screenshots: I hope you like this map! Download all three versions here: Nightride Maps.zip
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    Mobile port doesn't mean that players on mobile must play together with PC players. They can play on separate app. For now i don't have time to make also mobile port, but i will think about it. Mobile gaming is bigger than console and PC gaming combined. My problem with mobile gaming is that i can't understand how players can play shooter games on touchscreen.

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