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    New video is up! Make sure to watch, like, subscribe, and share! My hope is that these videos will grow in views and bring in new players so that the player base continues to grow 😄
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    Just posted a new video! I'm starting a sniper series and hopefully you guys like it. I would really appreciate any feedback. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe! (it takes like 20 seconds and helps out so much :D)
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    You don't see? This topic is NOT for discussion. Ok, i will answer here and posts will be removed. CS:GO also has AC, but game is full of cheaters, right? All AAA games has AC and they use best 3rd party solutions, but still cheaters are ruining game for everyone. Doesn't exist anti-cheat which is "bulletproof". And i am not using anti-cheat on everything, since it WILL impact performance for everyone. If you have good PC, you will not notice difference, but someone who plays on lowest settings, will. Players who write "hacker" and so on, don't understand that exist players who are MUCH better. But after seeing gameplay videos, for many of them reaction will be "Ah, ok" and hopefully this bad habit to write "hacker" will go away. If not, then mute in chat is guaranteed.
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    Check out my newest gameplay video! Like and subscribe for more 😄
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    Check out my new video! I decided to try out a completely different style of video, hopefully you guys like it! I spent many many hours editing this gameplay so I would appreciate it if you guys like, comment, and subscribe. Thank you 😄
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    If your K/D ratio is above 2 and 5000+ kills, you should record some gameplay videos and post link to your youtube channel, or SW playlist, or latest SW gameplay video. This topic is NOT for discussion. Here you simply post 1. in-game username 2. link to your YT channel Example: OneManArmy : https://www.youtube.com/user/OneManArmy3D Q: Why? A: We have many TOP players who have never recorded any gameplay videos. Or recorded, but it was long time ago. Problem here is that players constantly accuse high skill players in cheating and it harms game. How can you defend yourself? Your jokes/insults make situation only worse. And how can i defend someone, when i am not sure? Q: How it will work? A: Idea is to add command in chat with url to this topic. Basically, if someone accuses you in cheating, then you write command in chat and player will see active link to this topic. If you will constantly (at least once a month) upload gameplay videos, you will get Trusted player status. In this case players who are accusing you in cheating can get punishment (if they continue accuse you in cheating). It will be considered as insult/harassment. Nobody forces you to record videos, but in cases like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i68eDuBFyqY i may agree with person who reported you and you will get permanent ban.
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    It used to be that you could press X to switch between semi auto and full auto but it was removed because it was basically pointless and no one used it. It would be cool to add it back for the M4A1, AK12, and AUG to swap to a 3 round burst mode. And the balancing factor could be that when in 3 round burst, there is 0.5x recoil, and ADS bullet spread is disabled.
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    From beginning the game to unlocking Prestige mode, there is exactly 2,500,000 XP. Below, there is [Rank]. [XP per Rank] [Name of Rank] [Total XP to get to that Rank] 0. 0 RECRUIT 0 1. 3000 PRIVATE I 3000 2. 7000 PRIVATE II 10,000 3. 10000 PRIVATE III 20,000 4. 12000 PRIVATE FIRST CLASS I 32,000 5. 13000 PRIVATE FIRST CLASS II 45,000 6. 15000 PRIVATE FIRST CLASS III 60,000 7. 17000 SPECIALIST I 77,000 8. 18000 SPECIALIST II 95,000 9. 20000 SPECIALIST III 115,000 10. 22000 CORPORAL I 137,000 11. 23000 CORPORAL II 160,000 12. 25000 CORPORAL III 185,000 13. 27000 SERGEANT I 212,000 14. 28000 SERGEANT II 240,000 15. 30000 SERGEANT III 270,000 16. 32000 STAFF SERGEANT I 302,000 17. 33000 STAFF SERGEANT II 335,000 18. 35000 SERGEANT FIRST CLASS 370,000 19. 35000 MASTER SERGEANT 405,000 20. 37000 FIRST SERGEANT 442,000 21. 38000 SERGEANT MAJOR I 480,000 22. 40000 SERGEANT MAJOR II 520,000 23. 42000 SERGEANT MAJOR III 562,000 24. 43000 COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR 605,000 25. 45000 SERGEANT MAJOR OF ARMY 650,000 26. 47000 WARRANT OFFICER I 697,000 27. 48000 WARRANT OFFICER II 745,000 28. 50000 WARRANT OFFICER III 795,000 29. 52000 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 847,000 30. 53000 SECOND LIEUTENANT I 900,000 31. 55000 SECOND LIEUTENANT II 955,000 32. 57000 SECOND LIEUTENANT III 1,012,000 33. 58000 FIRST LIEUTENANT I 1,070,000 34. 60000 FIRST LIEUTENANT II 1,130,000 35. 62000 FIRST LIEUTENANT III 1,192,000 36. 63000 CAPTAIN I 1,255,000 37. 65000 CAPTAIN II 1,320,000 38. 67000 CAPTAIN III 1,387,000 39. 68000 MAJOR I 1,455,000 40. 70000 MAJOR II 1,525,000 41. 75000 MAJOR III 1,600,000 42. 80000 LIEUTENANT COLONEL 1,680,000 43. 85000 COLONEL I 1,765,000 44. 90000 COLONEL II 1,855,000 45. 95000 COLONEL III 1,950,000 46. 100000 BRIGADIER GENERAL 2,050,000 47. 105000 MAJOR GENERAL 2,155,000 48. 110000 LIEUTENANT GENERAL 2,265,000 49. 115000 GENERAL 2,380,000 50. 120000 GENERAL OF THE ARMY 2,500,000
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    Given its the quarantine season, I was wondering if the Asian Singapore servers could be brought back. When I try to play on that region, the game just infinitely loops. I bet I can even get more of my friends to play this game if the ping is better but unfortunately, even the nearest server in India is laggy. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey, in my opinion this game needs more diversity in the weapon choices available because for example with the rifles i only see the ak and m4 beiing an option for the players that want to absolutely go hard and dominate the scoreboard but just adding another ar wouldnt help much aswell i think it would maybe change the meta to a different gun and thats it. Therefor i am suggesting to add a Burst Rifle ( maybe smthg among the lines of an an-94 or an as-val or smthg like that really (maybe even another m4 variant that has burst mode)) the idea would be that they dont have the highest dps in the world but for sure have an advantage in the accuracy category because i recently found that the spread can be quite annoying in mid to long range fights but on the other hand you could argue that the snipers would get pointless then howether i dont find the ars really winning alot of gunfights on long range anyways (from my observation) after all this is just a suggestion but i do think the game could make good use of perhaps a whole nother weapon category to add more diversity in the weapons used Stay at home and dont get the Coronavirus thx, have a nice day 😉
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    I know about this bug. I have to make some changes in layers.
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    It is probably becuase the bottom of the object has a collision box that is normally directly on the ground. I have never noticed before...
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    Here is the link to the topic, "PEDIDO DE UMA NOVA CONTA", I don't know why it does not show up. He is telling the truth as I just saw the topic yesterday. Summary: "plz remove ban I did not cheat" "If you tell truth I can remove your ban in a few weeks" "ok I used cheats" "ok contect me in 2 weeks and I will remove ban" 2 weeks later... "please remove my ban" I viewed this topic 13h 9 min ago.
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    SkillWarz Clips of the Day is a fun series showcasing clips I've hit and funny moments in SkillWarz. SUMBIT YOUR CLIPS HERE: https://discord.gg/9rHhm77
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    I know people suggest game modes all the time, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents. This is a list of uncommon game modes I have played that are super fun and I think would work well on the current maps. To be honest, most people play Team Deathmatch anyway, so having some unique game modes would I think be a bit more interesting than adding super common ones. Anyway, here is my list: Sharpshooter: everyone in the lobby is given the same random weapon with random attachments. Weapons change every 45 seconds. The most score wins. Details and variants: Can be free-for-all or team based. Instead of using the users' perks, many versions award perks as a player gets a higher killstreak. Awarded perks could be random, or not. Many versions give the player 2x score after achieving a short killstreak. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWMfkWK70Rk Juggernaut: Team Deathmatch, but on each team there is a Juggernaut, randomly selected from the players on that team, with no perks, a gold Deagle, and a 0.1x damage multiplier. Get points by killing the other teams' Juggernaut. Details and variants: Killing the Juggernaut could be the only way to get points, or it could just be bonus points. When the Juggernaut dies, another player on that team is randomly selected to be the Juggernaut. The Juggernauts would have an icon above their heads visible to friendlies and enemies. Alternate version: everyone spawn in like in a Deathmatch game, but they are all on the same team except a randomly chosen Juggernaut. Get points by getting kills as the Juggernaut. Become the Juggernaut by killing the current Juggernaut. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03KGTGytwpk Example: https://youtu.be/GXvU2VtEYww?t=38 Intel Hunter: Team Deathmatch, but everytime someone dies, they drop Intel (just some sort of token). Pick up intel to increase the amount you have. After you pick up 20 intel, your personal cache is full, and you deposit the Intel in a central site on the map to win the game for your team. Details and variants: Intel can be picked up off of both dead friendlies and enemies, or just dead enemies. Your personal Intel cache is not dropped on death. Everyone drops 1 Intel no matter how many/if they picked any up. The timer for depositing intel can reset on death, or not. Also, it pauses if there are enemies right nearby. The "bomb site" would just be placed where the Bonus Flags are currently on the map. Example: https://youtu.be/oRgdrPqyvyQ?t=153
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    juliom10: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Xjq5s8b29SHR1NOKl4A-g
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    Did you tried to install itch.io app and then install games via app? Or:
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    I have this same issue
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    +1 best commuity map so far!
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    since unity 2017 there is bug in engine and because of this bug in some rare cases multiple players can have same id. But you know what is strange here? you both have very similar PC's. - Wolfystrider account was created 2019-06-06 and have just ~100 kills and 50 min online. - humicbeast account was created 2020-02-28 and he also has just ~100 kills and 146 min online. humicbeast got ban today and you are here today, even if in last 9 months you have only 50 min online. What a coincidence, right? Ban was removed, but if humicbeast will cheat again, then ban will stay.
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    Hmm interesting. I'm not sure people would use this a lot though, as you can see the Discord and forum are not super active.
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    Not pistol sight, but a reflex and also a scope sight, you can already change reticule with B and V.
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    you can upload uncompressed 1080p video and get very bad quality on youtube, or upload compressed 1440p and get good quality. 1440p resolution is key for good quality (vp09 codec).
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    Fixed. Was added 0.5 sec to activate trigger. I found and fixed one more bug related to claymore pickup.
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    At one point we had settings in main menu, but due optimization i had to switch from old GUI system to new UI and it required to redo everything. Settings UI require a lot of work and when i will do settings, then i will have to redo also in-game menu. For now it's not priority, but sooner or later i will.
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    He is not new player. He is playing since 2018. Actually he was banned in past, so it is possible that he is not clean.
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    Stats can't be saved when game crashes. We are not saving stats after every match and for 99.999% of players it's not a problem. I don't know how old is your PC, but just few days ago i was playing on my 12 years old PC and i didn't notice any problems. It's not normal that game crashes on your PC. Maybe your PC simply can't handle game and you need to upgrade at least some parts. You can always do some steps: 1. Clean up PC 2. Optimize OS for max performance 3. Before playing, close all applications running in background 4. Check drivers (maybe some drivers are not up-to-date)
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    You can do some modification and customize game to your liking. Folders will be created automatically, when you launch game for the first time. In Documents you will find folder named Skillwarz, with few subfolders. 1. Change main menu music. Important: audio file must be in .ogg format. In case if you don't have software to convert audio to .ogg format, you can use online converter. Simply upload your audio file and download in .ogg format. https://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-ogg Drop .ogg file in MainMenu folder. You can have multiple audio files. Random audio clip will be loaded and played in loop. Volume can be adjusted in settings (Music volume). 2. Change main menu background image. Important: texture must be in .png format. To change menu background, drop .png file in MainMenu folder. You can have multiple background images and random image will be loaded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98W1LnEdZHs 3. Load video as a background in main menu. Video must be in MP4 format. You can find links to all animated wallpapers in video description on Youtube:
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    Could be a good idea, but I think that first OMA must fix elimination mode, because this game mode is based on elimination. So don't hope that it would be fast
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    Now you can try to change back and run game in windowed mode (lower resolution), so you can see game window and desktop. If whole screen will turn black, then problem with your PC (maybe hardware). In this case check temperatures and clocks when it happens. Maybe temperature goes above 90 degrees, or something strange with clocks/voltages.
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    Hmm 👍👍👍
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    Suppressor removes pretty much half of sound distance + no tracers. Decrease of damage/range is required to balance attachment.
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    My suggestions: (In graph, orange is suggested unsilenced, yellow is suggested silenced) M4A1 - begin damage drop at 20/10 meters instead of 35/25, otherwise it is too much like the AK47. AK47 - need more recoil IMHO to offset the huge damage. K10 - too strong at long range IMO. I'd make it like a 8 shot kill b/c it's basically a machine pistol AK12 - I'd set the AK12 and AK47 to a similar minimum damage. L96A1 - this gun doing 120 damage to the cheat is too weak IMO because it can be evaded with Extra Health. So I suggest that it does 140-120 damage, and the suppressed version does 120-100. M107 - snipers tend to have a weird feel when their damage drops quickly, so I changedthe M107 from 80-60 to 80-70 M110 - good. KSG12 - Gains a niche of being potent at point blank range; mid range damage increased, to make it viable. DAO12 - Most people like using shotguns at mid-range, not close range, so I changed mid-range damage to be not terrible. Idk why these got nerfed. Especially the DAO which just does too little damage. Obviously DAO should not do crazy damage at long range, but that it is a 5 pellet kill (of 7) up close does not seem balanced when there are full auto asault rifles that are a 2 shot kill up close. I would like to try out shotguns with a significant buff, because they have never been used much, except for people trying to challenge themselves. If I'm playing against noobs I will often use the KSG because it takes so long to kill people, especially when people are behind cover. If I want a 1-shot-kill weapon at close range, I will go for M107 no attachemnts. 😄 MG4 - made a 6 shot kill at range instead of a 10 shot kill. AUG - good. Deagle - good at close range but a 4 shot kill in HC at long range seems too many. 2 chest shots at long range seems alright, considering the high recoil and low fire rate. USP - way too weak at long range. It is the second most powerful pistol so 5 shots in HC does not seem unreasonable. Uzi - a 10 shot kill at range in HC seems too much. I'd do 6, b/c it is already very inaccurate at range. G22 - good. It needed a nerf anyway. P99 - 8 shots in HC. I'd do 6. Additionally, I would change the "Normal" game mode to have a 1.2x multiplier like before, b/c guns are just too weak and having a 3x headshot multiplier seems overpowered.
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    I will revert to previous PUN version. This way we will see if problem is caused by changes in PUN.
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    Fast Hands - lets player swap and reload weapon up to 30% faster. Crosshair - shows static crosshair. Extra Health - player gets extra 25 health point when spawns. Extra Ammo - player gets x3 more ammo when spawns. Strong Arms - lowers recoil and removes sniper sway. Silent footsteps - reduces footstep noise. Sprinter - increases running speed by 15%. Regeneration - health points will be regenerated by 5 hp/second. Health regeneration doesn't start immediately (few seconds delay) and will stop at 100 hp. Extended mag - increases magazine capacity by 50%. Extra nade - you will get one extra nade. It can be primary, or secondary (50/50). Note: You can plant only 2 claymores. Walk speed ADS - move faster (at walk speed) when aim down the sights. Low Gravity - lets the player jump higher and protects from fall damage. *** Removed perks Balance - player spawns with 200 hp when K/D ratio in match goes under 0.33 Random perk - every time you spawn, random perk will be picked. Random from all perks (also from first slot). High Jump - lets the player jump ~ 40% higher. Double Jump - ability to jump while you're still airborne from the first jump. Power Slide - slide faster and further. Slide Hop - you can jump when sliding (without losing momentum).
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    List of locked content and features:
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    Here will be few tips how to rank up faster. 1. Play every day and get Daily Reward (experience points). Day 1 = 0 xp Day 2 = 1000 xp Day 3 = 2000 xp Day 4 = 3000 xp Day 5 = 4000 xp Day 6 = 5000 xp Day 7 = 6000 xp Day 8+ = 7000 xp * You must play at least one match to get daily reward. * If you will exit game without playing, you will lose reward for this day, but progression will stay/continue. * If you will skip one day, you will lose progression and you will have to start from beginning. 2. Win match and you will get bonus experience points. Bonus depends from game mode and number of players in room. In TDM mode winner team will get 200 XP * number of players. In DM and GG winner will get 500 XP * number of players. You will not get bonus XP from winning in TDM: * If you joined room, where match already passed half. * If you joined leading team (when match passed half). 3. Be more active in days when Double XP enabled. If you came here by clicking on icon in game, it means that Double XP is enabled.

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