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    Для вашего имени, которое вы используете в игре, просто не включайте "-".
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    Or as impossybull would say it, clearly not well educated in common metrological terminology. There are a lot of players like that, i see them very often and i really dont play that much. There will always be players like this. A lot of the times when i see this type of player i screenshot it, but never actually report it because i know that player will probably stop playing shortly after (most of them are salty low-ranks that just started playing the game, and all the time they end up quitting the game entirely) or just because what that player said didn't deserve that much attention. Also if i see a player like that, i sometimes target only that player so that eventually he gets frustrated and rage quits. Pretty effective if i say so myself.
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    my blue dot site is yellow, is this normal?

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