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  1. how can you "love" game if you didn't even played it? or you play games without sound?
  2. Show me your animation skills.
  3. I don't plan to make single player.
  4. But we already have different step sounds. If you think you can make better sound effects, then do it... i have nothing against.
  5. In past we had camera bob, but it was disabled. You are first in many years who wants camera bob. From what i have read some players has motion sickness when camera is bobbing and players ask option to disable camera bobbing. I personally don't have problem with immersion in game without camera bobbing.
  6. how exactly you can help make single player mode?
  7. "material dependent walking sound parameter" what?
  8. Try this build: https://armedunity.itch.io/skillwarz-testbuilds Sound must play immediately, but skull will show up only if you killed enemy (with delay).
  9. Only one way to fix this = wait kill confirmation from killed enemy. Theoretically i can separate audio from visual feed. Play audio immediately and show skull after kill confirmation. Idk...
  10. Go to Settings => Gameplay and check if "Auto Scale UI" is ON.
  11. I know. Info is local = immediate = there will be situations when in shared kill killstreak feed will show kill, when you did assist.
  12. This change will not impact windows/Mac. Path will change only on Linux.
  13. It is huge problem? From what i see this path is relative to Documents folder on Windows. If home "Environment.SpecialFolder.Personal" is wrong directory, then tell me which one is correct. https://jimrich.sk/environment-specialfolder-on-windows-linux-and-os-x/
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