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  1. I did test with multiple email services, when players reported problem that code doesn't arrive. In all tests code arrived in few seconds. But in some cases code was in Junk/Spam folders.
  2. 5 min is max you should wait 1. on registration double check that you entered email address without mistakes 2. check spam/junk folders
  3. Update... actually not R.I.P (not yet). I put GPU in my second PCI slot and on motherboard i have auto OC button, so i enabled it and for now no crashes (even playing games). Maybe problem was opposite... not enough voltage? By turning on OC on MB, it gives more voltage and everything works correctly now? weird, weird...
  4. Can't record video, cuz my RX 580 just died 😭 P.S. Never trust all these tech youtubers who say that it's safe to do this and that... turns out even undervolting can kill GPU (who would think...)
  5. Here are screenshots. Off = like we have now. On = at 110 FOV your aim FOV will be 75 (instead of 45).
  6. "a normal 3rd tool please" I think he wants knife in a 3rd slot. Like in CS, so you can run around with knife in hands.
  7. Aim FAV values are adjusted per weapon + per scope on every weapon. There is no logic in them, I simply adjusted every scope so it looks/feels good. On most weapons aim FOV is between 40-50 and these values stay even if you increase/decrees your FOV. Slider for every scope is not something i want to add. If you think some scope/weapon needs adjustments, then suggest. I was thinking to add option to automatically adjust aim FOV based on main FOV. For example, if aim FOV is 40 @ 80 (default FOV), then it can be 60 @ 100 FOV, or 70 @ 110 FOV. Tomorrow i will reco
  8. record video and show me I already answered in that topic. Did you read my answer? It was bug and is already fixed in current version. if you are saying "in ctf u can" it means that bug is not fixed? Then record video and show me. Im pretty sure it is fixed.
  9. To fix problem, at first i have to reproduce it. If i can't reproduce = not all players are affected and bug is somewhere between unity engine and your system = i can't fix it anyways. You can google your problem and maybe you will find solution.
  10. in-game ping? CPU, GPU? is it possible that you had freezes at moment when u died? what game mode? how long did you and bellzebu played in that room?
  11. "Imo its just annoying, because new players will always flash you..." not always... i don't even remember when was the last time when teammate flashed me. i understand that it can happen, but it doesn't happen sooooo often. "Teammate grenade doesn't damage you, but claymore does, why?" you can't trigger teammates claymore, not by shooting, not by walking on it. if you are talking about situation where enemy triggers claymore, then it's different story. "If there is no friendly fire, what is the point of even being able to shot at your own teammates,
  12. because that's how it works in most shooter games. It will be wrong if flash grenades will not have any effect on team mates. Plus it will make them OP. And it will be wrong that in game where you can't damage teammates, your grenades will damage. "I think you should either be able to both flash and kill with grenade or you shouldn't be able to do either of those." Damage is damage and effect from explosion is effect from explosion. Same thing about shooting teammates. Friendly fire is turned off = no damage, but you receive hit effect.
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