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  1. But clans should "fight" with each other, not try to get as many members as possible to grind XP faster and to be TOP1 not because they are strongest clan (with strongest players), but because their clan is hugest. I highly doubt that this will attract players. Maybe at very beginning. After few months nobody will create new clan, but will join one of TOP clans and clans will accept everyone, because more members = more XP for clan. At the end we will have few clans with a loooot of players and fight will be only between these 2 or 3 clans. Actually there will be no
  2. If i will add SEGI, then only temporarily and only in map editor, since dev stopped develop SEGI 3+ years ago. As far as i know, unity devs are making new GI, but when it will be ready? will it be fully dynamic? and for which render pipelines? I am waiting answer and for now i am looking at other options. From paid GI i found only few and one of them looks promessing. Also few GI's are in development, like this one: Actually it's not clear when and IF he will sell his GI, as he is making it for his own game and he is working
  3. I want to add more textures to Map Editor, but... without GI (Global Illumination) maps will not look good. Unity has only precomputed Realtime GI, but we need fully realtime GI, or bake GI at runtime. Last few days i was digging through forums, github and testing all available free GI. From free GI there is only SEGI which has acceptable quality, but it will impact performance a lot. I don't know if i will use SEGI. At first i must understand if it works on Mac and Linux, since developer tested only on Windows x64. Here i made test builds (win x64, Mac and Linux)
  4. Your ban is for posting AHK script in BR community. Topic locked.
  5. You can't import because map size must be small (below 150 KB). I don't care about visual look of map... for me important is layout. At first create blockout in map editor and test gameplay. If map will be interesting, then i can export blockout and you can finish map in blender + unity.
  6. OneManArmy


    You were banned on few days for using tag "NIGA". Your ban was extended, because you tried to convince me that it's fine to use such tag. I took it as a trolling... but maybe you are simply dummb. You see i used 2 "mm", so it automatically means something else and definitely not "dumb". In any case, your ban is not permanent. Wait when it will expire.
  7. it will be "new bug" when more players will report. For now it's just a random glitch caused by some errors.
  8. Exert i can move topics... no need to create second topic. Second topic removed.
  9. of course he could see blood effect, because your client sent RPC to everyone => to show blood effect at that position.
  10. "Nobody else could see the character except me" It means that something broke on your side. Weird that model was standing perfectly on the map in both cases... also not in spawn location. For now i can't say much. If it will happen again, then record video and report here.
  11. "Ja būtu 2 gg tad varētu piekasīties." Tu ko nes... Lab, sapratu...
  12. Tu pirmo dienu speelee? Tev nav skaidrs ka taadu tagu kaa "NIGA" nedriikst izmantot?
  13. I will not make new set of animations only because someone don't like attachment on weapon.
  14. "ive never cheated in my life" that's what all cheaters say. "ive since just spoofed my Hwid and use a alt account" and that's what only cheaters do. You are not even playing this game. You have 2 accounts(what is against rules) and 300 kills together. Ban will stay.
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