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  1. let's think about important things. "cosmetic" improvements can wait.
  2. it requires a LOT of work. Also for better result and performance it must run on server, not on clients. How do you thing, what you will see on kill cam (in SW) when you run around with 100+ ping and enemy with 200+ ping? Yes, complete nonsense. Game must have close to perfect networking, or developer must do a lot of faking to make kill cams seem right.
  3. OneManArmy

    Code XZ2n

    it means that game can't connect to database at that moment. Check your internet connection, wait 10 min and try again.
  4. In shooter games you must kill enemies, not check who is who, what can lead to teaming in DM and other problems. Here answer is No.
  5. No, it's not possible. Old editor was working completely different way. But don't think that it was much better in performance. Maps had much more tris/verts + problem with AA + texture bleeding + unusable mesh. New editor will have more drawcalls but very low tris/verts and none of these problems. Every solution has pros and cons. Using texture atlas is better for performance, but then you can't adjust texture size for every material. Not all textures has same scale and on that 1x1 cube textures can look too small, or too big. I hope you understand about what i am talking. Not even talking about different shaders for all materials. For example, you must use different shaders on water, lava, or glass. With texture atlas and just one material it's not possible.
  6. Number of materials in editor/game will not impact size of map. In old editor was only one material for all textures (texture atlas). In new editor every texture = new material. More materials you will use = worse will be performance. But there are ways to optimize... best will be to use runtime occlusion culling (on GPU). Basically every object which is not visible by camera, will be hidden. In this case even huge maps with many materials will run just fine on low end systems. But of course you will have to think when you will make map, because if on map will be place where player can see whole map, then this optimization will fail. Of course i will add more textures in future updates.
  7. No, because it can and will block visibility.
  8. Topic is named Sliding up laddersIs he sliding up ladders? NoHe is moving up ladders not because of sliding, but because he is holding W animation plays because he tries to slide right before entering ladders. Same thing happens when you try to slide when you are very close to wall. He slides but very short distance/time. Animation plays in any case.
  9. you can't slide on ladders and it's not sliding. Release key W and you will not move on ladders.
  10. I can't simply take soldier images from internet and use them in game. In most cases you must buy license/get permission from owner. From where are these soldier images?
  11. OneManArmy

    Unable to Chat

    Stop call it "bug". It was 50 message limitation and now it was increased to 200.
  12. Nobody will expect that ping system which works in room with 4 players, stops work when 4 more players join. It makes no sense and everyone will start to report it as a bug.
  13. Idk if ping system fits this game. When team has only 2 - 3 players (like in BR games) then it may work, but if in team are 5+ players, then it will be super annoying when everyone will start to ping enemies. We dont have huge map. On small maps you see enemies pretty much all the time.
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