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  1. OneManArmy


    Hi, which one? can you record video? or at least post some screenshots. Also what PC specs you have? CPU, GPU, RAM, OS. On what quality setting you play? You wrote "anymore", so you could see reticle previously? When was the last time when you could see reticle.
  2. On huge map we can have even 30+ players, but... adding BR will be waste of time, because this mode requires HUGE player base. I can't make anything even close to what was made by AAA devs. Warzone and Apex Legends are amazing BR games. I can recommend these BR games. Maybe in future i will add something like CS:GO BR on 12-14 players, but then i need to hire experienced level designer. Without good map/layout, this mode will not be interesting.
  3. OneManArmy

    im sorry

    + for truth, but there must be some punishment for using cheats and lies. 2 weeks for speedhack and 1 week for lies. contact me after 3 weeks and i will remove your ban. topic locked.
  4. Nobody believes in "younger brother" story. Cheaters use this story since i don't know when... i heard it at least 50 times. Even if it's true, it's NOT excuse. Your PC = your responsibility. If i will remove ban, then there is NO guarantee that your "younger brother" will not cheat again, right? So ban will stay and don't create new topics.
  5. what error? did you tried to search answer in google? then why for some Mac users on Catalina it works, but for you not? maybe you are doing something wrong?
  6. WebGL has not only higher sensitivity, but something is broken in mouse input and it will never be fixed by unity. Since day one developers reported that mouse input feels weird, but as you can see nothing is fixed. Sometimes it feels like acceleration and sometimes feels like fast mouse movement leads to increased sensitivity. Here is bug report: https://fogbugz.unity3d.com/default.asp?1012749_fam8btgid1npphvk&_ga=2.67767697.1029450768.1583963386-378239539.1575582975 https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/mouse-sensitivity-is-greater-in-webgl-than-in-the-editor And seems that development of WebGL platform is completely stopped by unity. Unity staff left WebGL forum section. No answers for many months.
  7. Did you tried to install itch.io app and then install games via app? Or:
  8. OneManArmy


    Yes, it will not happen again since you are permanently banned. You can appeal only bans from admins. Topic locked.
  9. "I want to play on Mac again but I can’t until you make it 64-bit" when i am building for Mac, there is no such thing like x86, or x64 bit. And from what i heard you can play SW on Catalina. On Catalina you get error "app cannot be opened" and that's why you think that SW will not run?
  10. In 9 months you have only 50 online minutes. Why now (1 day after ban) you have such interest in this game?
  11. If your K/D ratio is above 2 and 5000+ kills, you should record some gameplay videos and post link to your youtube channel, or SW playlist, or latest SW gameplay video. This topic is NOT for discussion. Here you simply post 1. in-game username 2. link to your YT channel Example: OneManArmy : https://www.youtube.com/user/OneManArmy3D Q: Why? A: We have many TOP players who have never recorded any gameplay videos. Or recorded, but it was long time ago. Problem here is that players constantly accuse high skill players in cheating and it harms game. How can you defend yourself? Your jokes/insults make situation only worse. And how can i defend someone, when i am not sure? Q: How it will work? A: Idea is to add command in chat with url to this topic. Basically, if someone accuses you in cheating, then you write command in chat and player will see active link to this topic. If you will constantly (at least once a month) upload gameplay videos, you will get Trusted player status. In this case players who are accusing you in cheating can get punishment (if they continue accuse you in cheating). It will be considered as insult/harassment. Nobody forces you to record videos, but in cases like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i68eDuBFyqY i may agree with person who reported you and you will get permanent ban.
  12. As far as i know ads are for web and mobile games. I have never seen service which offer ads for standalone.
  13. Again for me is very hard to understand what bug you are reporting here. What i see in video and what i am reading doesn't match. Next time try this way: 1) what happens / or not 2) what must happen (normally) 3) what buttons you were pressing/spamming/holding and can you reproduce bug.
  14. since unity 2017 there is bug in engine and because of this bug in some rare cases multiple players can have same id. But you know what is strange here? you both have very similar PC's. - Wolfystrider account was created 2019-06-06 and have just ~100 kills and 50 min online. - humicbeast account was created 2020-02-28 and he also has just ~100 kills and 146 min online. humicbeast got ban today and you are here today, even if in last 9 months you have only 50 min online. What a coincidence, right? Ban was removed, but if humicbeast will cheat again, then ban will stay.
  15. OneManArmy

    Reason ?

    Actually i wanted to remove your ban and then i saw in logs how you are trying to get around ban. No pal, you don't deserve second chance. Topic locked.
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