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  1. Password doesn't stay remembered (for security reasons). All saved data in encrypted and is less than 1MB. All games are saving some NOT important data on your PC. I will not explain where, because any modifications can lead to broken game, or even ban.
  2. Few ideas... - In some games is such thing, that bullets slightly slows down enemies movement. Movement speed slightly drops and in a second it returns back. It can be also like perk. - Or what can be even more interesting, that bullet can slightly push player in opposite direction. Controller will feel a bit more "physics based" and i think it will look cool from first person view. - Explosion can push player? Rocket-jump with MGL? 😄 - Movement acceleration/de-acceleration? At this moment you can run with max speed and instantly stop. Or you can stand still and immediately run with max speed. Not realistic, right? But it's not really a problem, since there are games with acceleration/de-acceleration and many games without. I just want to hear your thoughts.
  3. But it's truth. I will be surprised if he will stop... Topic locked.
  4. 3 week mute IS YOUR WARNING. Because when i asked you to stop complain about balance = NOTHING CHANGED. To tell the truth, i don't think that you will stop complain about balance and you will be permanently muted anyway.
  5. Toxic player = permanent mute. But in some cases it can be also ban on few days/weeks. In some cases admin can give just few day/week mute, but it's HIS decision, as he will have to remember this mute and manually remove it. There will be no "chart", because every case is different.
  6. " very very toxic people got only a 1 week mute "??? Toxic players get permanent mute. If you know about some case where toxic players mute was removed after a week, then it's exception.
  7. I hope 3 weeks will be enough to learn "how to not complain" about balance in chat. If i will remove mute right now, he will be permanently muted within few days. Seems that some of you don't understand for what he was muted. Yes, he was annoying players for long time. I personally asked few times to stop complain about balance. One thing is when he asks some player to switch team. But he always writes messages like "balance sucks", "shit balance" and so on. How the hell such messages help balance game?
  8. Thanks. If you see him in February, then remove his mute. Topic locked.
  9. It's fine when he asks some player to change team, but is it necessary to write "balance sucks", "shit balance" and similar messages? Admins, when you see him online = mute him. After few weeks you can remove his mute. This time it will be temp mute. Next time will be perm.
  10. You can help balance teams without annoying anyone. Join opposite team, when you see strong player(-s) in one team. Not always it will be possible, but do it when you can. Yes, here are many strong players who don't give a *** about balance. Just 2 strong players in one team can lead to unbalanced game. Seekers + SwiF and Pocky + Grizzly are constantly playing in one team? Or you are posting multiple screenshots from the same match? Seems that all screenshots with Seekers + SwiF are from one match.
  11. yeah, his obsession with balance is very annoying... maybe it's time to mute him? admins?
  12. Just by reading chat, looks like you did/or didn't something... and he was pissed. Look... i can easily provoke someone, take screenshots and then report in forum. Screenshots doesn't prove anything. Even video not always show full story, because i can provoke someone before and start record when he reacts on my action. He will not get ban. If other players will start report him, then we will look closer. Topic locked.
  13. "medikits are quite impossible to take " i will disagree. And constant health regeneration will make strong players much stronger. Believe me, you will not enjoy game where top players will have constant health regeneration.
  14. We have fast time to kill. If your aim is better and you are not standing still while enemy is shooting at you, then you can kill enemy with full health when you have few HP. Plus, we have health pickups and perk to regenerate health. Move around the map and pick up health.
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