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  1. There is no connection between high ping/movement speed and speed-hack. Speed-hack is manipulation with game time.... usually when you (software you are using) injects code into the running game process.
  2. Problem fixed. Thanks for report.
  3. Accuracy for M107 is bad when you zoom in and immediately shoot. You must wait sec+ for accuracy to stabilize.
  4. "I meant that I didn't damage Spydey and game gave me 100 points" It's not possible. To get points you must do at least some damage in last 6? seconds. IF it really happened, then something is broken in PUN (when multiple clients on the same wifi).
  5. "it loads fine now", but will maps load when i will upgrade to latest engine version? Now game runs on almost 2 years old version of unity engine.
  6. Show me that sometimes it's not fine and then i will check. It's possible that you did small mouse movement right before shot and that's why you hit somewhere else?
  7. Player who dies sends confirmation about kill. If you don't receive confirmation, then you don't get points. Now we must understand why you don't receive this message. "I got some kills when Spydey kill himself " It's by design.
  8. Now i am 100% sure that game runs on MacOS Catalina without any problems. I installed MacOS Catalina and without any knowledge about MacOS i was able to launch Skillwarz. Yes, this tutorial works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9TtoOJjGpU Only there is one more step. You will see message that "developer cannot be verified". To fix that you simply must hold "ctrl", left mouse click on "skillwarz" and choose "Open". This way you will get around "developer cannot be verified".
  9. added where? Soon old editor will be completely removed and replaced with new one. Old editor maps will not load in game anymore. And i wrote that mesh is unusable... i have to recreate map from scratch.
  10. Maybe problem is somehow related to bad connection. When you killed each other, it took a while for message to arrive. Also there was bad connection icon. It happens only with knife kills? Never when you kill someone with weapon?
  11. are you both on windows OS? I can't reproduce this bug. I even tried with 350+ ping on both clients and everything works fine.
  12. You don't see? This topic is NOT for discussion. Ok, i will answer here and posts will be removed. CS:GO also has AC, but game is full of cheaters, right? All AAA games has AC and they use best 3rd party solutions, but still cheaters are ruining game for everyone. Doesn't exist anti-cheat which is "bulletproof". And i am not using anti-cheat on everything, since it WILL impact performance for everyone. If you have good PC, you will not notice difference, but someone who plays on lowest settings, will. Players who write "hacker" and so on, don't understand that exist players who are MUCH better. But after seeing gameplay videos, for many of them reaction will be "Ah, ok" and hopefully this bad habit to write "hacker" will go away. If not, then mute in chat is guaranteed.
  13. I am positive you are doing something wrong. Carefully watch video tutorial and read comments under video. I have made many step-by-step tutorials and i always see small % of comments with text "doesn't work". How it can not work when for 99% of users it works? Same situation is here.
  14. I know about this bug. I have to make some changes in layers.
  15. Thanks. I send him instructions to remove ban.
  16. Let's wait impossybull to check this topic. Maybe he remembers this mystic "second" topic.
  17. If there is no topic where i said that i will remove your ban after 2 weeks, then you are simply fooling me. Again, topics are not removed when i am deleting user accounts. You say that exist this "second" topic, but i can't find it. In this topic: i wrote that ban will stay. If you can't show me this mistic topic where i changed my mind, then about what we are talking here?
  18. so, where is this topic? your topics are not removed. They are simply showing up as from "guest".
  19. Write in English. I don't understand you language. In last post you asked me to remove your account... at least that's what i understood from google translator. Now you are writing that it was about ban in game. Smart move... account is removed and i can't even check if i gave you just 2 week ban. As i understand this is your topic: https://skillwarz.com/topic/212-me-ajudem-tomei-ban-no-meio-da-partida-estranhos-isto/ where i said that i will remove your ban after 2 weeks?
  20. As i understand problem was only on one side? You got all knife kills, right? Who created room (who was master client)? You or your friend?
  21. OneManArmy


    Hi, which one? can you record video? or at least post some screenshots. Also what PC specs you have? CPU, GPU, RAM, OS. On what quality setting you play? You wrote "anymore", so you could see reticle previously? When was the last time when you could see reticle.
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