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  1. "the active actor with the lowest actor number" = must be someone who joined after master, but... in rare cases random sh*t happens. If you see this bug at least few times in a month, then it's a problem. If it's first time, then it's just some random bug caused by smthing else.
  2. It could happen, if master player left room and PUN gave master player status to player who just joined room.
  3. "how long it would take to download based on internet speed" whos internet speed? and how can you calculate someones internet speed without starting download? Download of map is quick for most of players. Few seconds max.
  4. we don't need inactive admins
  5. Admins has tools to balance teams. If they are not balancing teams, then remind them. If they ignore you, then record video of whole match (constantly show us scoreboard, so we can see player ranks and what is going on) and post here in forum.
  6. @Mynameisnot @Zapper Problem is in HBAO (ambient occlusion). I will try to adjust.
  7. It's because invisible collider of pickup box is on Layer which blocks raycast from vault/climb system. It was fixed. P.S. it happens on any other map?
  8. I added 3m fall distance check (3m vertically). Basically you can grab ledges which are less then 3m below you.
  9. It requires a lot of work and of course money. Definitely not before... maybe after (if game will make some money). I am waiting release of new networking solution from Unity.
  10. Of course. It will require to change networking solution. For example i can use: https://www.photonengine.com/en-US/Quantum but it is 10 times more expensive then current (PUN).
  11. it's not removed game will kick if you are not pressing any keys for 120 sec + you are not admin/donator + room is full
  12. "regeneration perk" has 100 hp limit. But this perk can go up to 200.
  13. so you are saying that killing 2 enemies in head is easier then picking up health pack? ok and if it's perk = you are using one of 2 slots for this perk. Lets compare with "Extra Health" perk, where player gets extra 25 health point when spawns. If player gets only 5 HP = you need to kill 5 enemies (in head) to get same extra HP what you get from "Extra Health" perk. if 10, then 2-3 kills in head. I think perfect value for this perk will be 20 HP. One kill will be less then "Extra Health", but you can potentially earn more HP.
  14. In CS:GO pings are much lower, everything is server-sided and players are synced with much higher rate. Basically desync is much much lower then in SW. To hit something = there must be collision between grenade and player. But if player is not in the same point on all clients, then how this collision will work? On one client it will look ok, but on other clients (with 0.2-0.6 sec delay in between)? That's why in SW is no collision between moving objects (grenade can't hit player).
  15. 5 HP for HS kill in game where 1 bullet in HS can kill you? In old "Normal" mode 10 HP would be OK, but after damage changes it will take just 2-3 bullets to kill even in Normal mode. If this perk will not give at least 20HP it will be completely useless perk.
  16. At some point i will add, but i don't think that it will be perk. In this video i already tested wall climbing and jumping from walls:
  17. Say it to Boost who now has only few MB free after last update 😄
  18. It will affect performance.
  19. It will increase build size by few GB and you will have to download extra ~200 MB.
  20. It was suggested many times. One thing i still can't understand is why you need this? P.S. IRL you can hold grenade as long as you want after removing ring.
  21. one day... definitely not in the next update. Or if you want it sooner, then community can create small team and make 80% of daily challenges system. Most of the work is not complicated, but time consuming (especially if only one person will work on it).
  22. yes, "closer" was... And in v0.70, or v70b was excluded.
  23. I understand, but it will not help you get rid of this bad habit. You just want to ignore it... and in another game you again will die while reloading.
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