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  1. why "default"? did you tested with other sprays and everything was fine?
  2. it looks ugly lol not even like weapon...
  3. in hands... from FP view. Not all weapons look good from FP view. In some games developers even modify weapons, to improve look from FP view.
  4. just use paint and remove suppressor
  5. without suppressor it looks terrrrrrrible. That's why you can't take off...
  6. Skillwarz folder is created when you launch game. If there is no Skillwarz folder, then: 1. You are looking in wrong location 2. Something wrong with permissions. Game can't create folders on your system.
  7. you reach further distances from acceleration what you get from strafing. I will not add acceleration as we already have quite fast movement in this game. For bhop we will have separate game mode. I don't plan to add/enable bhop in other game modes.
  8. You must contact me before you will use CE and explain what you want to do. Only in this case i can be sure that you are not trying to do something stupid in public rooms.
  9. record video, or at least show us screenshot. ACOG scopes don't have this problem.
  10. Fixed. Problem was same as here:
  11. what's your ingame username? If it's something inappropriate then you can get permanent ban if you will continue use it. "i dont want to lose progress"... it will be lesson to you. Never use inappropriate usernames in games.
  12. It's already planed at some point, but... It will be super easy to get ANY "hard" achievement. Same way as some players are boosting score, they will get all achievements. Giving some cool things for doing achievements will only force more and more players to break rules.
  13. I didn't even know... I thought he stopped doing this after top players reported him a year ago. In this topic: https://community.skillwarz.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=951
  14. He is still flashing teammates?
  15. Stop playing victim. You are banned only on 1 month, but you are acting here like it's permanent ban. You need time to think about what your are doing... P.S. Even this topic is against rules ("bye bye" topic), but i will leave it "as a reminder" for you.
  16. again you with your "opinion"... we already heard you opinion... keep it to yourself. I will add balance but of course NOT based on rank, like you are suggesting all the time. you are trouble maker and you shouldn't even be here as you was banned before... but of course you came under different username and you are doing everything possible (writing negative things about dev and admin and now even threatening) to get ban again. And then you will blame me... for what? It was you who started writing negative things about me and admin and you don't know when to stop arg
  17. Create concept in any image editing software (how it may look/work). It shouldn't take more then 5 min even in Paint.
  18. I added ping limit, but i had to lower number of visible rows: Default - from 5 to 4 Expanded = 10 to 9
  19. it happens when object has small sideways rotation. Just report objects on which you stuck and i will fix.
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