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  1. Right, sorry, now I see the problem. But still, I meant something different, not achivements only, but achivements with in-game rewards such as new skins or more XP. As far as I know, steam achivements do not affect the game progress.
  2. Sorry, I didn't understand, how is this a map editor suggestion? I am talking about general game achievements, not achievements that apply to one map only.
  3. Hey, I would love to see some achivements and rewards for completing them in game, such as: "Kill 100 players with rifles" and for that you can get a skin maybe, or XP.
  5. Ok, thank you for info, both @lawrior and @impossybull, yeah, didn't think about that sorry -_- Well, i will have to wait then 🙂
  6. I think the title speaks for itself. Could you please make a Map Editor App for MacOS?
  7. To be honest, the balconies on top of spawn is very camper-place, and usually you don't have enough time to look everywhere they can be, before your spawn protection runs out and campers kill you... Otherwise very interesting map, and I really liked the integration of jump pads and how you can step on them to get to center of the map, or run to get on the other side of map 🙂
  8. Yeah, sometimes when I type something in chat he replies: gay.
  9. Right now I use 1024 x 576 @60, it is not default resolution.
  10. I deleted it, opened game again and joined TDM but nothing, folder is not appearing...
  11. Maybe it looks for the folder on wrong HDD (I have 2 of them).
  12. None of the screenshots were saved into Screenshots folder. I don't have any anti-virus so it should't be a problem.
  13. I already have played on multiple Editor Maps and every time I joined the lobby I had a black screen. If I leave and join again I have black screen again, and if one team wins and next round starts, everything works fine.
  14. I will test it more detailed tomorrow. Sorry, now i gotta ho sleep...
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