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  1. As Exert said, this admin request has a bit too many posts, so can we please have these replies cleared up? Please and Thanks!
  2. Umm.. Shardul, we were not getting offended, we were just trying to keep the chat clean and so that the playing experience of other people is not ruined. Today, Soaring Gale warned you about not continuing this all stuff, but I think you didn't understand what he meant. Even your friend, Powerlook, wanted to support you and he wants you to reform but your actions make it very hard to call you a reformed person. Again, i'M REPEATING what I said in discord and over here, no one is getting offended, it's just that some people don't like the way you behave around them and that's completely normal,
  3. Bruh, it's a famous statement so I used it in that context lmao..
  4. Umm... that was a bit too much not gonna lie, but yeah... I have completely understood and I'm a reformed man from now on.
  5. Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it.
  6. I'm really sorry for this. I have immediately stopped this action. No further repetitions whatsoever. Thanks for reading my application.
  7. Name: Shaurya In-game username: Boost Experience as admin in other games: I have not had experience as admin in any other games but I have been an active part of the communities of many games, trying to constantly help improve the games and bring out important topics into the field of view for analysis and correction. Particularly, for SkillWarz, I have tried my best to do the same and will continue doing so. How long do you play this game: I play this game around 2-3 hours a day on an average basis, I currently have 111 hours of playtime. I started playing the game around Mid-July 2020.
  8. Yeah I saw that but the context in which this all has happened made me look like the main victim of the recent incidents. That's what i used the word "main", not "only" lol. Kudos to the admins tho for keeping the game very fun and fair.
  9. I was the main victim of the Flashbang and Frag-nade controversies. He started doing it to me around 4-5 days back. But since I reported him on discord, he never did anything since to me. It actually became annoying after some games and therefore, i reported it. He even used to call me "Bengali", saying that I was from Bangladesh... this was pure criticism cause I'm not even from that country, I'm from India. Me and Exert took it as fun for some time until he became too aggressive and we called him out in the in-game chat itself. He then stopped calling me names as well.
  10. All of you guys are sweats of the game lol For me, the winning probabilities are: 1) Juliom vs Seeker - 1:1 2) Juliom vs Radlax - 3:1 3) Seeker vs Radlax - 2:1 4) Juliom vs Impossybull - 6:1
  11. Phrax, i totally agree with the admins here. You did start annoying players by troubling them in-game which is not POSITIVE at all. Trolling is fine until a limit. But if it exceeds the limit, it's not good. Complaining and "whining" in the chat does disturb some players and does ruin their playing experience at times.. As we know, not everyone is the same and some people do have different reactions to what you say about them. Therefore, the "temporary ban" for a month is not at all bad because it helps you to think about your mistakes, so that when you come back, you can be reformed and have
  12. I also have the same problem of freezing in that screen. I'm on Mac OS Catalina and the previous application opened smoothly with no problems but this application for some reason gets stuck in that screen. I reinstalled another time and still the same problem. Good luck OMA for fixing the bug and thanks for the help 🙂 .
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