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  1. Still, you should not be bumping requests dude. You already posted an admin request so chill out.
  2. So, you already posted a request before and now you are posting it again? As OMA wrote in the "Read before Posting" Post, he clearly said to not "bump" requests as it can take several months to become an admin. You posted your first request In July which is like 6 months approx to now, whereas the quickest an admin was approved is 10 months. Also idk if you made a typing mistake but your age in the original post is 14 whereas now it's 16? How can you have 2 birthdays within 6 months dude?
  3. Boost

    Exert vs Sviseerd

    yeah Exert, you could just change the name of this topic and post in this topic itself.
  4. Boost

    Exert vs Sviseerd

    Btw Exert, here's an advice: Make a topic called "Exert's Videos" or smth like that and post all your vids in that. Don't create seperate posts lol. Also, Well played to both Svi and you.
  5. Oh, I get it now. LoL always wondered what was the meaning of this in Portuguese.
  6. I get what you guys are saying. If we go into solution-finding, 2 of the main and best solutions have already been mentioned by Juliom and Powerlook. However, there are a lot of other things to consider like no. of actual clans and not "dead" clans, members in multi-clans etc. Therefore, this is a pretty long - shot and we should keep this idea for the future. If there are particular limits of how many clan members a clan can have, then currently dominating clans might need to reduce their no. of members. However, that can also be done efficiently by removing players that are a
  7. It does run on my Macbook, however, I get like 17-20 FPS without GI on all the presets. For some reason, I can't even turn on GI lol but ig it's because of some limitations with my laptop not being to run GI.
  8. This is so true. It will actually make people grind more so that they get better and therefore, increase the average skill level of the game. I really do think that this suggestion should be added in-game. Also, the Top 3 / Top 5 members is kinda true, but I think, as the player-base increases and more and more clans get recognition amd members, the XP difference will come down to players who play daily, not only players that top the leaderboards. For the first sentence: Think what you wanna think lol, OP is not gonna be the top clan all the time. If you guys just wanna keep b
  9. I understand yeah kinda makes sense. Also, OP is not always gonna get medals lmao dw.
  10. Ah, No. Even if he was a proper player, ("good" player in your terminology), we would immediately request him to remove the clan tag. Most of the proper players are sensible enough to not even use a clan's tag of which they are not a member of in the first place. We wouldn't have to report such players therefore. This guy is pretty new to the game and didn't listen to us even after we warned him several times. That's why we reported him. Also, impossybull has already solved this issue so we can close this topic. Thanks to impossybull.
  11. I think you misunderstood what I meant, it's not a reward, I meant like a badge next to their name. So for example OP is on top of leaderboards, so all their members will have a badge next to their name. It could be anything - ig a medal would be good. That's it basically, just a little customization. We don't need to add it in kill feed, but at the end of the game, we could put it in scoreboard. A similar idea could also could be implemented for the scoreboard in all games, where the first place has gold medal, second place has silver etc. next to their name. However, my idea is nowhere near
  12. He is still using the clan tag. He doesn't listen. We really need to do something admins. he is in my game rn. Come and see.
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