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  1. This game-mode idea seems interesting, it's basically like a mini-tournament, I can see this becoming a fun game-mode to play, and if Blink agrees with me, we can name this game-mode "Relay".
  2. !Private Blink23 Hey there! IDK how useful this feature could be tho. People can just use discord for DMS or even just Team chat, however, it's something to be experimented with.
  3. This setting is the reason I'm still able to play SkillWarz lol, cuz I have only 1 mouse button 😅
  4. You said you fixed the "application is damaged and cannot be opened" issue and then this occured? I translated and its "SkillWarz closed unexpectedly". Maybe the way you fixed it might have caused some issue. I posted a fix to this problem below. What I recommend is to delete the current SkillWarz and re-download from armedunity.itch.io/skillwarz and then use my fix to solve the problem.
  5. 1)(Application Name) is damaged and cannot be opened. There is a simple fix to this. Step 1: Transfer the standalone application of "SkillWarz" or the folder itself into the Application tab of your Mac. Step 2: Open the app known as "Terminal" and keep the window open on your screen. Step 3: Keep the Finder window of the Applications tab open adjacent to the Terminal window. (This makes it easier going further in the fix.) Step 4: Type this exact piece of code into your terminal(only the part in the brackets): (xattr -cr) and then press spacebar. Step 5: Drag "SkillWarz" fr
  6. No issue like this for the Mac Build, I set it to Exclusive yesterday, when I opened today, it was still Exclusive and when I reopened again now, it remained at Exclusive.
  7. Um.. I'm pretty sure that this is already there in-game, you even showed the option "Auto-Reload" that will enable this to happen.
  8. This is not required currently, however, as our player-base increases, we can add this feature along with "auto sign-in" in the future.
  9. this is my gun tier-list (based on my personal experience with the guns in-game)
  10. Haven't I mentioned them separately in my post?
  11. In my opinion, I don't think it is necessary at this moment because, SkillWarz movement is very unique in itself and almost everyone would like it to stay that way...
  12. You can go through this post for opinions about logos that have already been suggested by community.
  13. I like vivid colours as well, I didn't realise what were the colour presets until yesterday lol, I switched to preset 5 for and it suits me well. I like the colours of preset 7 as well but the grid lining seems to fade a bit due to the colours so I'm currently sticking to preset 5. About the suggestion itself, I mean at the end of day, the player can choose what suits him. So it's not necessary to make preset 3 default.
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