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  1. Making custom AI for zombies is difficult. It takes a lot of skill to put zombies in a game and make it look natural. A battle royale mode would create a lot of lag and would require more server space.
  2. Its so funny to see people speedrun my maps. Its truly amazing. I think its hilarious that there is a speedrun category for the old and new version of puzzle tower.
  3. Cool use of negative space. This is such a funny map tbh.
  4. Brown and yellow are in the map editor. Just look in the materials section.
  5. This is a great map! I do have some suggestions though. 1. The middle area feels too open. Maybe make it a bit tighter. Also, when you are entering the middle area from blue there isn't a roof. Please add a roof. 2. There is too much white. Maybe replace some of it with yellow and brown? 3. The second floor area does not have a roof. I know that you are not trying to make it dark but that takes away from the idea that you are playing the Shoot House map from COD. 4. Also the area on the left that is supposed to have broken down cars should have more crates so that it still
  6. I see what you mean. I prevent this by running on to one of the jump pads and throwing a impact grenade which normally hits the wall and kills them.
  7. Its meant to be chaotic. I made this map because I was sick of campers and wanted to make sure that you could kill someone from multiple angles. I used the audio block btw :).
  8. Just a simple map that I made and want opinions on. BoxFightbyPLM
  9. The floor is WAY too big. It produces a lot of lag for me. You could also add some audio blocks in the houses to make it more realistic. Other than that its a pretty good map.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Box Fight is a basic Team Death match map that is made for crazy trick shots and fast paced gameplay. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Great map for 1v1s and TDM. This should definitely be in the game's map selection.
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