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  1. I know you are bored of following this chat but please understand me, I have not used cheat I know you don't believe me but that's it, now please give me 1 chance only 1, I have no bad intentions I just want to have fun with my friends, I apologize if I'm bothering you so much but I got banned for no reason after killing someone with a claymore, I don't think it's fair to ban me for that.
  2. I was banned for granade hack but precisely what I did wrong with the grenades, check my last game, check what I did in that game and see if the anticheat was wrong I understand that it is a pain for you too to have to respond to every message, but I was banned for doing nothing so I would like to be unbanned
  3. all anticheats can have problems, if it's not an anticheat problem then tell me why you should have the log of each game check if I did something wrong my killstreak is greater than 11 kills and my kd is low for cheating , I probably have a total of 2 grenade kills, both claymore. I think you can check it out
  4. I'm telling you the truth I can swear to you on what you want, I have already seen that many people have unbanned them because they were sincere so I didn't need to lie, I don't know why you are so doubtful about what I say.
  5. l'unica cosa che ricordo é che avevo creato una mappa col software appostito, ci ho giocato qualche partita e dopo aver ucciso un mio amico con una claimore il gioco mi ha bannato. I think the anticheat saw the claimore as a hack or maybe I did something wrong with the map
  6. I don't know why you are so wary but I can swear to you on what you want that I have never used or tried to use hacks, please I do not understand why I have been banned but I have not been able to play it for months now and 1 more user I know it is not much but is still a user, please give me another chance. I won't take any missteps I just need another chance
  7. to ok then the date is right I thought it was 11 meant as a month I'm sorry. but what do you have to do to get me unbanned? I have several friends playing it and I would like to join them, xPolpo, engineersamu, DaviwordYT, Mangiasucchi or Mangiacazzi I don't remember, they can confirm my version as they were there when I was banned. if you need I can ask him to confirm my version to you admin.
  8. but the date is intended as November or September? I now have the doubt because in Italy we read day / month / year
  9. at the beginning many months ago at my first ban appeal the game did not tell me the reason for the ban it only said banned, if I went to info ban the game crashed, from that moment I have not played anymore because I could not I do not know if the bans are 2 different but the date of the current one is wrong, I think you can check but my last game was many months ago. The ban has been around for a long time and so I think it's the same not 2 different i think so but i've never tried it on skillwarz as i play it just to have fun with my friends I ask you if you can chec
  10. if you tell me what proof you need I can try to help you get it
  11. what i'm saying is the truth i don't know what proof i can give you if you want i can advertise or other but i don't know what proof i have to give you, the only cheat i ever used is on gta for the money. I don't want to give you any problems but I can't play it for something I don't know. I can swear to you that I have never used hacks and will never use them on your game, I only play them with my friends and it would be useless to use hacks, also because they are very weak. Of course I'm kidding I like to play with them but I wouldn't find it right to use hacks.
  12. if it makes you happy I can tell you that I used hacks or similar stuff but that would be a lie. I don't know why you don't trust me but I'd just like to go back to playing it, lying wouldn't do me any good.
  13. yes I have a youtube channel but with like 40 subscribers, even on tik tok if you like. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-rMNH3-xKt7VvJCmUamh8Q (im italian)
  14. I'm sorry if you think I'm lying but I'm telling you the truth, it wouldn't do any good for me to lie I'd just go back to playing with my friends. i don't care about my account but many of my friends are playing it and i would like to join them, i can swear to you what you want i never used any cheat on skillwarz. Please believe me
  15. my brother and I have the same account, I did not know that he had already made a ban appeal, I apologize for him if he wrote some bullshit. I hope I can fix it, however I had used the cheat engine for gta5 and maybe the skillwarz anticheat seeing it downloaded on my pc banned me but I'm sure I never connected it to skillwarz. I hope you can help me because I would like to start playing it again.
  16. i'm 100% sure i haven't used any kind of cheat so i have no idea why the ban, and yes it is the first time that I feel appeal and no I've never been banned. hope you can help me.
  17. skillwarz says banned for granade hack even though I have never used any type of cheat, I would like to ask to be unbanned, I hadn't played it for a while and just now noticed that I was banned.
  18. i have no idea why i was banned if i click ban info the game crashes and i can't do anything
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