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  1. unmuted now thanks fellas and zapper
  2. can you add a mini gun and cross bow oma?
  3. awsome but that still dosent slove the problem....
  4. yep pretty much 2 commands not "spamming"
  5. So i joined a random game and was looking into something secret in chat (because in other games ive notice that you can unlock secret weapons in chat) and shortly after that zapper piped up and said: "what the **** are you doing if your using hacks you'll get banned". upon hearing this in chat i asked "have i hurt your feelings or something?" then he said "Are you stupid or something?" I said "um i think so" then he muted me and i came here I have no evidence because i didn't know OMA had screen shots set up for the game on "F5" I dont use hacks on this game
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