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  1. but why did u hack in the first place
  2. I'm not an admin, but are you able to provide a translation of what is going on?
  3. I do (personally) think this is a good idea & concept, I'm not so 100% sure about this playing well. In a bomb mode, it *could* do well, but I'm not sure about other modes
  4. That's basically it. Just custom textures for the map editor. If that can't work, just more unique textures would be appreciated.
  5. The 'yellow' is animated and brown is already used for the floor.
  6. brown & orange. The floor is already brown so I don't want to make confusion & make the entire map a giant mess.
  7. 1) I can close it a bit. I didn't realize this until now when I compared it to the original. 2) As far as I know the map editor does not allow colors of that selection. 3) Noted 4) I do not have any car models that are able to by added into the map but I can add a little bit more. The crates are added so it has (around) the same verticality when compared to the original map.
  8. This map is based from the multiplayer map Shoot House from the new 2019 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Map suggestions are also open. UPDATE: Accidentally included wrong version. This is now fixed. tdm_ShootHouse.sw
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