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  1. the accounts were named Reeperr and reeper
  2. OMA, could you check to see who made these two accounts because they both were made today and both insulted me in the game until I started kicking their asses, they raged and left but I want to know who made the accounts
  3. yeaaaaa, I remember spawning and I saw a guy spawn right next to me and killed me, when he shouldve spawned on the opposite side
  4. Reeper


    Don't you guys hate when people think they're pro in the game but you find out they really aren't which I find funny, and the ones who think they're pro are the ones who only kill noobs but when they come against people wayyyy better than them, they rage quit and have a trash kdr. talking about the players who aren't good enough to prestige after rank 50 so they decide to stay on it and still suck, and the players who hop on the team with the better playing knowing you're rank 50. if you we're good, you wouldve prestiged and went against your own competition, if you cant handle that you arent pro in my eyes. a real pro would prestige because they can still play great without perks and without unlocks and they also go to the opposite team when theyre playing against someone good. So to you new "wannabe" pros out there, yall arent pros. prestige and play against competition, dont play with them, and stop flexing noob kills and kill real gods aka the first page leaderboards anyways yea
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