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  1. I'm not sure, but those probably will be added before steam release... (and this is map editor suggestions btw)
  2. skill doesn't matter for becoming an admin...
  3. he told: your's will not happen (here, admin request) no negativity, but negative vibes are coming from your request, well, let's see what happens...
  4. ahaha masha and the bear ze bestttt
  5. Exert

    Exert vs Sviseerd

    I 1v1'd svi too couple days back:
  6. AHA WHY ISN'T A CLAN WAR SYSTEM LIKE CLASH OF CLANS IN GAME? We can add that type of a system XDD
  7. Exert

    Exert vs juliom10

    Had done a 1v1 with juliom a couple days ago, just remembered to post the video here:
  8. This section is for suggestions, not for arguments, so everyone please stop arguing about OP or whatever and let's do this on discord or some other place...
  9. JustUsBaby isn't a hacker, I can confirm that...
  10. Exert

    Exert's montage

    My first SkillWarz montage, made it a couple days back, but just remembered to post it here... Link: https://youtu.be/C4zgQRtHArg
  11. Yeah I got to know that later, thanks, I'll post here in case its repeated.
  12. I don't think its only me because rob could see the blood effect, I'm not sure though, I told what I saw...
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