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  1. Makes sense...I did tryout robertkk for reak..lost to him 21-25..it was close though..I'd say I kinda tried my best to put up a good fight 🙂
  2. Shardul post with some sense, others get offended when you offend them. You stop raging in chat in the first place. I don't get offended. Many others will do. You can't expect many people to stay chill when you keep raging and cursing at them. What is this logic? OMA please delete this topic...
  3. nothing to argue about here, OMA please clean up this topic as well...
  4. Boost would make a good admin, on the condition that he stops whining in game and complaining after each death, swearing in chat, raging at others, and engaging in fights. Nonetheless, good luck!
  5. Who should I start a 1v1 with?
  6. AK12 looks super sick..I may learn to make skins and make one for it 🙂
  7. I'll edit it soon, thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Yeah, OMA told about the last year incidents related to phrax
  9. No, he didn't stop it, but when he played today, he didn't do it. But he had done it a week back... and I've seen that report..I was confused after knowing that he had been reported before and he's still performing those acts... Also, is it possible to create a mechanic, where if you throw any type of nades or shoot at teammates, nothing happens? Like those effects are removed...
  10. Yeah. He was flashing teammates about a week ago. He did this in particular to Shaurya which ruined his fun and he reported it in the discord server, followed by Shardul. Not only that, he also threw frag nades at teammates to create that "screen shake effect", which in turn throws off your aim by a little due to screen tilt.
  11. Pharax was a fun guy to play with at first.. I became a part of the skillwarz community late, as compared to most others. Pharax at first used to troll shaurya, which we did take as fun for upto a while. Things started getting serious when he started flashing teammates and ruining their experience, thinking it as fun. Eventually, arguing against the admins and the dev on a wrong basis, led to a ban. I don't get why you don't understand pharax. OMA and impossybull and other admins are doing the right thing to keep the game in the right state. Even this ban, serves you right in my opinion. Durin
  12. I've never made maps so I thought why not give it a try! This is my first map titled MeleeMania which I personally feel would give the best experience with melee only. I'll attach the download down below. Have fun! (I'm open to any suggestions btw) tdm_MeleeManiaFinal1.sw
  13. well that would be a cool thing to add and would also increase community involvement, but many people have to get into it in the first place...
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