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  1. lol I switched back to 0.68 (my very old sens during prestige 1)
  2. I personally loved the double damage, irrespective of other players and ping. This makes the game feel a lot better imo. But if the majority of the community disagrees, then maybe we can make it like 1 headshot kills a person in a closer range than before?
  3. Check the post, literally right below yours.. Boost already made a whole post telling how to solve the problem...
  4. Blink is god at compressing maps XD
  5. I remember doing this a couple weeks back, the lowest I got was some 60-75ish I dont remember, avg used to be 150ish
  6. This post is complete crap...
  7. This is not possible since the chat UI blocks the screen where you vote for the map and view your scoreboard etc...
  8. damn the second one, ns!
  9. Boost, they're 2 different things...
  10. Yeah, I just switched to preset 5. I was on "off" all this time lol..preset 3 is super bright for me too...
  11. Yeah, COD does have it. If its possible, then why not implement it some time soon is what I think... I had no idea flashbang and stun nade were two different things..
  12. I thought we could make the stun effect of SW a little more cleaner. By that I mean, freezing frame for a short while (1 sec) after the white flash gets over (the frame which the player was looking at just before he got flashed). This would also mean to reduce the time the white flash effect is present on the screen. Example: (0:10) to see flash effect.
  13. I play on 2.0, max FOV, and 40% aim sens... At this point my aim sens and mouse sens are at defaults lol..but I used to play on 0.68, then increased to 1, then to 2... (I'm on 800dpi)
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