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  1. How can i change the spawn protection duration?
  2. Radlax

    Happy New Year

    https://youtu.be/l6PCFurLeEg Agnus Dei-God lamb
  3. Ok really if i put the silencer i see the light.
  4. Enzogamer have turned on light, so he turned on, my light not turned on.
  5. I want turn on light on my g22 but i cant. How?
  6. Ok change the Rampage with Multi kill, this is the right i think
  7. We got killstreak voices just if we make kill more player in the same time. This is problem, because a good killstreak voice have a motivation power. If we got killstreak voice in every kill, this make the kill more enjoyable, more motivation power. (But i found just bad killstreak voices in internet) A good killstreak voice make the game more addictive, and better, if it sounds like a tough guy.. First Blood Double kill Triple kill Quadra kill Penta kill Hexa kill Rampage Multi kill Unstoppable Holy shit! If the
  8. Ok i not used this bug in real life just 1-2 times. Shooting, sprinting with gun-claymore combo is forbidden or no? With claymore the climbing effect just half, levitating behind the wall... this is forbidden?
  9. Now i simply can use this glitch, so this is not fixed yet. Maybe if you release the new fixed version. But this is fun, run while shooting enemies. I like this bug.
  10. Yes the problem is, there is not too much players. And the most players not like if need to wait until the match end to respawn, this is normal.. And this is not a real evolving if need all items again and again unlock. The most important is the variety and diversity. I have the impression you have not enough courage to make big changes. Boring to do the same thing again and again. I have 5 year xp in this game, and this game is same like 5 year ago.
  11. If a teammate coming to me(Collide with me), my character is jump in the air. This is very irritating if i aim.
  12. 3. Be more active in days when Double XP enabled. If you came here by clicking on icon in game, it means that Double XP is enabled. How do i know the double xp is activated??? I dont understand. What icon?
  13. I found 2 ideas and suggestions, and i write both, because i dont know what is the real. I want 2 new game mode King mode and Team king mode. In the team king mode, the game is randomly choose a player and give them king attributes 2000 health, and the enemy team can see the king certain intervals of time. Very important in king mode, easily distinguish the king player, from the average players. The winner team is, who killed more king. King killing=More xp. The player is killed the king, this player be the next king. And the maps very monotonous, we need
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