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  1. As in cs: go, players make skins, so if the community likes it a lot...
  2. I think it's cool if it's a difficult move to make Example: have a great movement with the mouse and get speed according to the correct movement My suggestion is to be something difficult that involves training the players Video example of the bhop master:
  3. That's exactly what I wanted to know, thanks
  4. Starting this topic trying to explain my point. I don't know if it's a priority now or if they intend to do that, one point that draws a lot of attention from the players is the menu, and the sw leaves this to be desired, I'm a big fan of the game, but the menus are totally uninteresting,
  5. "P.S. Who else here will make skins?" I would love to try it too, if possible
  6. I really liked this idea, it would be interesting for the community
  7. OMA, would that be totally impossible to implement or do you intend to do something like this in the future?
  8. I really liked the idea of taking the knife in my hand, it would look very different
  9. I am totally willing to help you check the translation, together we make a difference 😉
  10. I am one of the Brazilians who really wants this, if you need help with a perfect translation and without errors just send a message
  11. Hello, my name is Carlos Eduardo 🙂 Nick: Croakzera just a few simple logos for this great game ❤️ by: Croakzera (Brazil) (sorry if you are not in the right category)
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