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  1. Version 1.2.0 Has been released! Added new spawn point for blue team with balcony and staircase 🙂
  2. I'll be thinking of making more skins and also giving small update to the BOOM skin 🙂
  3. I used Inkscape for making the texture and Blender for a preview. I'll be for sure making more skins for other weapons. I only need Admins to agree and send me proper models for preview my work.
  4. Version 1.1.1 with a quick update for textures has been released!
  5. Everything I did with this skin was fully made by me.
  6. As I got contact with @OneManArmy about skins for SkillWarz, he told me to create a new topic for showing off custom skins that community does. Here's presentation of BOOM! skin that I did for Barrett M107 sniper rifle. Hope you enjoy 🙂
  7. Thanks for the tips! And I will make sure send you the file ASAP 😄
  8. Hi everyone! I decided to give myself a chance in making my own custom map for SkillWarz. It's a very first level design I've ever done in my life, so hopefully the map will be fun to play at some point. Downtown Corsers is a small map, perfect for CQB, but also keeps a few places for sniper mains. Explore corners and possible ways were you can change your position and surprise your enemies. The map is themed for Team Deadmatch mode. I'm looking forward for all kinds of feedback from you so I can think of balancing the map in the future 🙂 I apologize for any of my grammar
  9. Version 1.2.0


    For more information about this map please check out this post: CHANGELOG: v. 1.2.0: Redesign of center of the map and spawn point for blue team - added staircase and balcony Recuded head boping on all stairs Fixed overlaping textures Taking advantage of secondary textures for objects v. 1.1.1: Added animated arrow indicators/textures for ladders Renamed map file from "dtc" to "DowntownCorners" v. 1.1.0: Updated map colours - added more color variations Added stairs and roofing on the side of building for
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