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  1. You should upload pics so people know what they're getting
  2. Yes its back and better, at least I hope it is It's only TGG and TDM but imma add more l8r Shipment2TDM.swproShipment2.swpro
  3. I want mabey like a shop or something where you can get gun skins made by the community, that would be cool. Heck maybe even making custom character player models The whole community crate idea like in csgo would also work like getting a crate every time you level up
  4. ill take that into consideration for my next map, also is it possible to put textures into the editor yet
  5. i was looking to make a small map for fast paced gameplay, i think it came out pretty good, you should try it out my next map will be bigger
  6. i 1v1 someone on it they said it was good
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