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  1. I think the most complained about player in the forums was phraxjams - he is still dishing out abuse, where is his mute? where was my warning that i will be muted?
  2. I did not mention Seekers as he does not really care who is on his team, he just goes blue no matter who else is on the team. SwIF however will sometimes wait to join until there is place on the dominating team. Yes, the last 2 with seekers and swif are the same match (just to show nothing changed later on) I repeat, I know some players find it annoying however many do thank me for it and many players that play frequently do seem to care about the balance. most of those that complain and tell me to stop happen to be on the winning team that game and next game if they are not they quit.
  3. I did not notice this was implemented but I am all for giving new players a better chance so we can keep them and grow the community.
  4. Sviseerd bought this post to my attention, there are a few points that need to be made here. 1. I never seek perfect balance, I am only after a enjoyable game where it doesn't end 25/50 or worse 2. If the game is unbalanced and I have a chance to balance it I ALWAYS swap teams to balance, however if there are top players on my team I ask them as if I swap i will only make it worse.. I almost always go red as is plain to see that most top players by default go blue leaving red almost always as the loosing team. I also quit games when I am on the winning team if its unbalanced and I cannot balance it myself by switching team. 3. I know its annoying to some but I have mentioned this before, most games that are unbalanced, players leave in droves however what really kicks me off is top players sticking together game after game keeping it unbalanced, among many they include spocky & grizzly, swif & any top tier, and many others, even worse is when the number of players are unbalanced, such as 6 in the top team v 3-4 in the other team, players should have the decency to balance. 4. I am surprised OMA is suggesting a mute where a player like phraxjams who had many posts about him in the old site and countless players complained about how ruins the games and makes them toxic and no mute for him, where as all i am trying to do is ensure the players who are not top (including myself) have a good time. 5. I attach some screenshots to show what the real issue is
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