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  1. Lol this happened to me while playing with litenite and Sviseerd. It was hilarious because they were going through walls and stuff and I couldn't figure out why.
  2. How did you and your sister join in-game if you are implying that she was on your PC? Am I missing something?
  3. Look like it can live up to its name lol Nice map!
  4. I like this one but I think the letters should be more distinct. It looks like they are smeared. Great job! To everyone that did one xD.
  5. Lol Now for the war stories. My whole family (including myself) has seen this. The little ones still watch it tho xD
  6. I know this is an old post but what does he mean by three years old player?
  7. It takes me no time at all because I just use the guns with their default sights ;D
  8. I know someone that plays the guitar and it doesn't help them in this game lol
  9. Like another mode instead of shotguns only, melee only, etc. You mean a clan war mode?
  10. I think he meant on the screen shot.
  11. He would have typed kkk not kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk if he was being racist
  12. There is still a problem with that. Clans will kick bad players for better players all the time. Then we are back to where we started. There will be one "best clan" and a bunch of clans with players that are new.
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