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  1. Instead of adding a new perk altogether you can just use the regeneration perk.
  2. there is no dpi settings for mouse in mac
  3. i used to use 3.40 sens with 45% aim sens, but i recently switched to 3.09 sens with 60% aim sens. I use max fov (no dpi cos mac)
  4. OK thank you I will try that.
  5. Yea, I'm using Unarchiver, but it shows the message below in the screenshot. All the files are in .sw format if you check my previous screenshots. Edit: I guess something is wrong with my Unarchiver preferences. If you are able to use Unarchiver for these maps can you send me your preferences for Unarchiver?
  6. I have given it full disk access.
  7. I have given Skillwarz Disk Access and access to Files and Folders. Next time if there is a lobby with Editor Maps I'll try entering it and if the problem still continues I will report it. The screenshot is for the question you asked
  8. The last time I played an editor map was in December and i think it was before the update 0.70a. I noticed that the maps are not loading about a week ago and i thought it must've been a random glitch. But it kept on happening. When I open the Editor Maps folder from the menu it is completely blank.
  9. I don't know. Before there was no problem with the editor maps. I'll try and see and I'll inform afterwards.
  10. Whenever I enter a lobby with editor map, the screen just stays black and I hear gunfire but can't see anything. I can only chat. Whenever I want to exit the lobby I have close the skillwarz entirely and open it again. I play on a mac.
  11. I don't know if this suggestion has been made before, but i thought it would be a good idea (and be fun) if you could go prone and peek to add another sense of realism to the game. Idk if the other members would agree with me and if it would not fit the game but i anyways thought that it was a fun idea.
  12. This was my previous reply and i tried to edit it but was not able to: Honestly I did not know that there was a discord for skillwarz. But anyways if I do not meet the requirements for admin then it is understandable. Thank you for your feedback.
  13. Also i understand that I am toxic sometimes and i swear in chat. I am trying to work on it. Sometimes when I am in a bad mood i swear. I will try to be more calm. Again thank you for your feedback and I will try to be better and stop swearing in chat.
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