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  1. For the Map editor can there be a way to Import 3D objects from blender into the map editor. Like lets say I made a tire, boat or train in blender and I want to export it into the 3Dmap editor and give it properties in the map editor, like apply custom textures, gloss, metalic and other types of effects on top of textures. Perhaps a a folder named "3D objects" or "World Assets" that contains usable 3D objects. Maybe a plugin to import assets into blender and edit them in there as well?
  2. Powerlook is a pretty chill guy, He's often active on both discord and Skillwars and I tend to see him in game lol. He follows the rules well and I think he'd be a good admin.(Sorry about the double quote, I'm not sure how to get rid of the first one)
  3. Can we get a Night version of this map?
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