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  1. Admins can go to oct 6th, 2020 in #staff-chat to see the related information.
  2. I was talking about the time that I personally banned you for BULLYING; including threatening the others life irl. It doesn't matter the context irl[which we can't verify], the only part that we knew of were your threats.
  3. Just my two cents, but you've been temp-banned from the discord TWICE. Why should we give you mute/ban powers in game if you can't follow the rules there?
  4. New Haker Alert!! 😄
  5. Unless you've got evidence or something to contribute for/against the appeal, please refrain from posting in these topics
  6. This is already available once you reach rank 20. Admins have the ability to kick/ban/etc players and balance teams as the need arises. Iirc, it has been decided to be unwise to give a room of players the ability to kick others at the moment, since more often than not new players will just kick experienced (non-toxic) players out of the room when they start to win.
  7. Unless you've got evidence or something to contribute for/against the appeal, please refrain from posting in these topics
  8. One of the posts that I could find... https://community.skillwarz.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=839&p=3952&hilit=voice#p3952
  9. Maybe we should get an excel file setup on google docs w/ translations as rows or separate sheets to make it easier to add/use?
  10. Have there been any recent updates to your gfx driver? I'm not familiar w/ Artix to be any help there per se. Have you tried dual-booting another linux distro and seeing if it happens there as well?
  11. @Blues, you may not have played at the time, but almost (if not) all AR's used to have a burst mode. iirc, it was removed due to lack of use at the time (although i can't seem to find mention of its removal in the changelog)
  12. Ya, I joined after this was reported on discord. sadlysergic continued after multiple warnings. He's been muted in-game.
  13. No, you are the most recent victim. There have been incidents prior. Read the report mentioned by OMA.
  14. As I stated ages ago, Phrax has never acted untowards to me nor while I was in game w/ him. However, there is ample evidence of misbehavior and wrongdoing on his part. Even back to the report mentioned by OMA. Phrax, I do hope you actually take this time to re-frame your thoughts. I've enjoyed many games with you in them, but you have acted incorrectly and inappropriately to many other players within this community. It doesn't matter if you feel the other side is playing unfairly or what not; turn off the game if it's that upsetting. Complaining of there being no balancing system
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