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  1. Ya, I joined after this was reported on discord. sadlysergic continued after multiple warnings. He's been muted in-game.
  2. No, you are the most recent victim. There have been incidents prior. Read the report mentioned by OMA.
  3. As I stated ages ago, Phrax has never acted untowards to me nor while I was in game w/ him. However, there is ample evidence of misbehavior and wrongdoing on his part. Even back to the report mentioned by OMA. Phrax, I do hope you actually take this time to re-frame your thoughts. I've enjoyed many games with you in them, but you have acted incorrectly and inappropriately to many other players within this community. It doesn't matter if you feel the other side is playing unfairly or what not; turn off the game if it's that upsetting. Complaining of there being no balancing system
  4. Stream including a 1v1 w/ Zapper 😄
  5. 1v1 w/ NixonBit 🙂 He's a sneaky boi that gave me a run for my money 😄
  6. Then get to modeling 😉 anybody can submit skins. Doesn't mean they'll get added now, but they could
  7. 2 of them have already been added to the game. The new default M107 skin and the BOOM skin were made by a community member
  8. very nice idk how i missed this lol XD
  10. oh is this a two story version of mansion? looks fun 😄
  11. I think he's thinking something like some of these: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=799263357
  12. just wish the l9 could get some love XD lol
  13. @Mynameisnot looks awesome 😄
  14. This area is for Map Editor suggestions, not game. Also, your request has been asked before: So please post anything further on that topic. Thanks!
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