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  1. Parkour Stream from Saturday 😄 (Starts 48 min in cause i'm a dummy lol ) Had a blast w/ everybody that came out!
  2. @lawrior ooh looks like i got a way to go then. looks like mine was 1:45. you should post your time 😄
  3. Ya i gotta check what my actual run's time was. I only did the No timer reset on death cause i was too lazy to do the maths at the time of making my posts XD I didn't suicide, but fell *three times apparently* through the total run. I'd count suicides, but you could also just reset timer
  4. Impossybull created a SkillWarz listing on pbtracker for Parkour speedruns. I've posted a couple of my results from today's stream. Let's see what you can do!! 😉
  5. I look forward to being a test dummy 😄
  6. these would be great additions, but sw has a pretty nice movement set that offers a different experience from some of the other "parkour" modes. I think adding those could really be delayed for a 'movement'/'parkour gamemode' update. Personally, I've never beat Svi's reKZ and had a blast trying.
  7. kinda similar in csgo, but you've got to time your jump off the ground (it's pretty precise to the point that server tick can make it near impossible) while pushing a/d and moving your mouse left/right (that's a very simple explanation cause im not great at bhop'ing lol) to keep the momentum.
  8. in a way, plus it allows you to keep building speed reaching above sprinting and can be used to make jumps that are otherwise impossible to make. for reference, most of the crates he jumps past are set about a single jump from one another.
  9. A flag that the game checks on loading map to prevent damage from other players (or disable the fire gun, throw grenade, knife handlers) to encourage the kz/parkour community to create/play parkour maps. It's rly not fun to be at the top of a tough challenge to get killed from someone that just joined the map/decided they were bored 😕 Could also disable/reduce fall dmg
  10. He could mean Hours Spent as Admin for another game?
  11. Ok np 👍 ya, it was back up in no time. yup, what i normally tell folks. was just curious 🙂
  12. OMA, does the game currently try connecting to any other server if it can't connect to EU or just end the connection attempt?
  13. ya same happening here. i think eu servers are down as i was playing fine on US (Washington) and couldn't get back on after trying to switch to EU. since they're default, no game until they're back up 😞 (just my thoughts, not 100% sure)
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