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  1. Slyncx


    I never got warned in game I think the game should have a rules list since I was unaware that I could be muted I feel that for first time offenders the mute time shouldn't be a whole month even in AAA (triple A) game titles like call of duty mute times aren't 1 month after first offence also this game is very fun, is it still being worked on because I would love to see updates and continue playing
  2. Slyncx


    I see but since all swear words are blurred out in chat why is there a mute system, I just thought that since nobody could see the messages it wouldn't matter all of those are bad yes I agree, sorry about that Is my mute perma or is there a timelimit on it?? also why is "lmao legit hacking" considered bad thx for the help 🙂
  3. I got to rank 14 yesterday and when I booted up my game today I lost 3 ranks and it put me back to rank 11
  4. Slyncx


    First day of playing this game and it says I was muted by an admin I don't even know what I was muted for and now I am unable to use the chat I didn't get a length on my mute or anything it just said I got muted idk if the admin did it by accident or something but its kind of annoying since I didn't get a warning or a reason for the mute I just don't know what happened if someone could help me that would be great
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