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  1. ye why not, I think he will be a good admin.
  2. so the thing is, on a normal tdm match when I respawn sometimes I spontaneously fall through the map. it happens not that often but still. going through the walls: same as the first but in this case I spawn and when I run into a wall I just go through it and this is with every wall ingame. this happens more rare then I fall through the map but I think this should be fixed bc I used it one time to knife someone through the wall. hope gamedev will see this
  3. I just want to make my ct look cool, and I have to be prestige. -why. for what purpose
  4. wait, I played with some other dudes not gonna mention them but on every new round we typed in chat what we all gonna pick like "let's do recon only" or "let's deag" and we just played and nobody had problems, was that illegal? cause we also did knife only round.
  5. yea i've met that guy but idk he always does that thing I think k(ok) but short and whenever I kill him he's like "ok ok ok" melting or somethin
  6. Im just tired typing "gg" and "nice shot" would be great if there was a voice chat, but it also can cause some problems like toxic people and hate speech so. but still I think game should have a voice chat.
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