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  1. I had thought about that. I'm not sure what to do with OP, but lets say you only get xp for the clan you tag infront of your name.🤔
  2. That will give them a reason to join a clan and be in a clan war.🙂
  3. I guess that is a problem that we will have to fix.🙂
  4. Oh ok I was confused with the language they spoke.
  5. kind of, I meant like a bigger version of team deathmatch or gun game (more players) but it can be for clan battles.
  6. he meant this | \/ in the top left
  7. What if there is a clan wars mode where you could schedule a clan battle (an alert pops up in a clan chat page about the clan battle). If a clan wins in that mode the clan members get "bonus clan xp". The participants of the wining clan and the losing clan players that fought for their clan get a "participation reward". Just a thought I had.
  8. Good point. I have seen it used in a bad way. I might have just messed up with international language. I will drop this argument.
  9. KKK in USA means this horrible group of racist people so if he was saying that from a different country i might have just misinterpreted it
  10. This player was spamming this | \/ Either 1. He is referring to ku klux klan (thats racist) Or 2. He just is spamming k for no reason
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