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  1. Dock (previously named "Ship"), is a, well... Ship on a dock! this map is (partially, many aspects have been changed) a replica of the HITMAN™ freeform mission map. there are currently 3 ways in/out of the ship (excluding jumping out). this map is almost done and I only need suggestions and a little time. the pictures you see are the last save I have, after I post this there will be more walls, boxes and obstacles in the main arena (the middle floor of the ship). the bottom floor has the spawn for the blue team, and a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of crates. the middle floor is the main arena, the to
  2. Well my game doesn't auto select the password field and keeps the focus on the previous app I was using.
  3. soo theres this bug where tho login window is invisible but the sprites are still active (if that even makes sense) I CAN log in, but you have to click randomly to find it. I have miraculousy spawned it in and have a screen recording. (it happens about 40% of the time) also, i'm on mac. thanks, Echo (discord) TangoEchoScierra (Game) 761288775_Untitledojifds.mov
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