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  1. Yea i rlly wanna play SW with voice chat but yea i dont think anyone would rlly join with voice chat as some players have 200+ ms ping and the voice chat will increase the internet ping
  2. Uhhhh a simple ping system doesnt need voice actors. valorant doesnt use voice actors and csgo doesnt use voice actors for the pings. Just a simple ping system where we just hold the middle mouse button and a marker appears and as achilles said in discord `markers can block ur vision` believe me this is a game with small maps. the pings wont be that big as to block ur vision.
  3. Ok, so well, first things first a in system would be GREAT. This game is full of campers and a ping system can alert your whole team where the campers are. In case y'all didnt know what a ping is it is like a marker that ur whole team can see so here is what pings look like in valorant. Secondly, a ping system would be great as u wont need to use game chat to alert ur teammates of enemy positions and all. Using the game chat is kinda risky as an enemy can 1 tap u when u are typing. but pinging takes almost no time. So those are the reasons why a ping would be great so ple
  4. nice to know that i have very few bfw records
  5. Man u really good. Of many players, u were the no - toxic type. Even u don't swear MUCH as many players do. So yea if there was a vote i would totally vote for u, and exert (maybe?)
  6. That's a good idea, but if that comes, please add an option to remove blood effects. That damage blood overlay always distracts me in other games
  7. hey killerbot, haven't seen u in the game for long time, wish u get unmuted soon cuz u were funny
  8. I mean that if we release trailer too early, when game is still not fully complete, people would try it, but some players wont get a good experience and they would ditch playing the game. like what happened to splitgate. They advertised game when it was not complete with bugs and stuff, so the playerbase declined quickly.
  9. mainly, the proto maps have to be over. Then only the trailer can start. If we release trailer too early noone will play it, if we release it too late the game will get genre fatigue
  10. only 10 videos a week? i bet if every one tried we could post around 20 videos a week
  11. All rounder - Minecraft Arcade FPS - SkillWarZ, Cod MW 2019 Tactical FPS - Valorant, CS 1.6 2D - Streets of Rogue Simulator - Microsoft Flight Simulator Childhood - XIII, GTA SA BEST GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED - Minecraft, Valorant, Skillwarz, COD MW 2019, Not fortnite.
  12. A tec 9 would be fun. Idk if OMA would accept it. If he would like to see my model, just put a messag e below.... I will send download link...
  13. no lol it took me ten minutes. cuz the other guy was just doing "parkour" and goofing around. Also in public matches it is harder to earn more than 5000xp.
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