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  1. I will do, thanks impossybull for the mention to OBS, I was looking for something similar a long time ago and surprisingly it has Linux support.
  2. Sorry guys I missed this thread. This keeps happening, it has happened to me before. The next time it happens to me I will try to collect information about the player, his ping and the approximate time I has been playing.
  3. I have a better proposal for the penalty ... if you stand for a long time you start to reduce the size of your view as if you were sleeping, until your eyes close completely and you see nothing 😆 Taking life is a lot of punishment, this way you just can't play, someone will kill you.
  4. Ok, "Flag captured" is for your team only, not for the other
  5. Related to the voices, I think that the voice message that says "Flag reset" could be suppressed because it does not contribute too much, when another team captures your flag, it is already notified with the message "Flag captured" and a sound, I think it is enough.
  6. IMHO, this is not really fair, veterans have the XP on the game, knows the maps, the tricks... It is not fair compared to the experience that new players can acquire, also, I think that the veterans they should settle for the XP they earn simply by eliminating other players, which is always much more than a new player can earn. The ideal strategy is the one currently used, if you are a good player you promote and fast, you do a lot of kills and earn XP, if you are a veteran you may be a good player or not, but if you do a lot of kills you also earn XP, it couldn't be be
  7. Many times I have seen that admins warn some players to remove their clan tag because it is inappropriate, perhaps the same profanity filtering technique that is currently used in chat could be used to avoid repeating this continuously.
  8. Many times, for something specific (talking in chat, heating coffee ... xD) we have all been AFK for 30 seconds, I think it is very little and it is not a matter of stressing the players. But it is true that perhaps maybe it is better to take the chosen action (kick, spectate) based on the activity time only instead of the activity time + deaths.
  9. There is not, because going AFK (using ESC) is up to the player and not all players goes AFK in that way, they just don't play.
  10. It would simplify it, it would not protect it if it is inactive, if it dies a certain number of times (for example 2, it is not too much) and it has not had activity it would take an action, take it out of the game directly or put it as a spectator, or whatever.
  11. IMHO, it is true that it somehow equalizes the chances between experienced players and new players, in most cases the one who shoots first is the one who kills first. This has a positive effect, players do not assault with a recon rifle because it is not necessary, on the other hand it has a negative effect, it invites people to camp. Regarding making the game attractive to new players, well ... if you are a good player and have skills from the beginning you will want to continue playing, otherwise you will get tired of being killed or you will start to think that everyone is cheat
  12. It's a good idea, I'm not saying that it should be as blink suggests, but having a shortcut can be useful especially since some players are going to get confused when writing the player names or they are going to put the player's name with the clan tag ... I'm almost sure.
  13. I thought it had been decided to make it permanent but per session for the moment will be more than enough. I am not sure at all about the !clear command, it seems a bit abstract and it is not directly related to the blocking system, it seems more like a command to clear the chat window than to clear a list of blocked players, but I do not want to start a new semantic war xD. Thank you OMA, great work.
  14. Or just simple using mute, unmute and muted but I don't know if this conflicts with admin commands.
  15. Right, in that case !ignore all does not make any sense.
  16. Why not? Question, are you thinking in a permanent list or per game / map list?
  17. I think semantically it is better to use most near human and natural terms - !ignore player: ignores a player all: ignores all (this is not the same as !hide) - !listen player: releases the ignore for the player all: releases all ignored players - !ignored (lists all blocked players) Anyway it is a semantics question, does not matter at all, the important thing is this have to be simple to implement an use. what do u think?
  18. Didn't know about that feature, thank you.
  19. Yes, I was thinking of a first-person player camera, like the post-death camera in the elimination game, to see what exactly the player is doing.
  20. I do not know if this option currently exists and if it would be difficult to implement. To show if a player is cheating, screenshots or videos are usually provided by other players and sometimes an admin is pinged on discord to report. In the latter case it might be useful for the admins to be able to see what the reported player is doing, something similar to the "post mortem" camera in the "Elimination" game type. This improvement would not be exclusive, people could continue contributing with captures and videos, but for the admins it would be much easie
  21. My original proposal was not focused on preventing bypassing the filter but on improving strategies to avoid precisely those false positives, as in the original example, "enfadarse" is not a bad word and is marked as such "enfad****".
  22. It is a good idea, sometimes I miss it. Some old shooting games allowed to create shortcuts for messages, those messages were accompanied by voice, for example "Enemy down", "I'm in position", etc... ahhh, what a memories ... 😄 My only question is whether this could not be turned into a permanent spam and make the game a very "noisy" experience.
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