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  1. Map Editor Suggestions: https://skillwarz.com/forum/22-ideas-and-suggestions/ You can just place "BLOCK" material on stairs to make walking on them smooth.
  2. "(it takes much more time to aim when you are sprinting)" not really Aiming is already fast enough, this seems unnecessary.
  3. I play daily, and i don't really see you play much, i see that you said "About hour to two hours a day randomly throughout the month " but you need to be more active then that. You are not active on Forum and Discord at all. You need to start being more active in game and on Forum and Discord if you want to become an Admin.
  4. "- 1 kill = 100 XP - 2 kills = 300 XP - 3 kills = 500 XP" This would be too much, we already have XP Bonus for every 5th kill: 5 Kills = 250 XP Bonus 10 Kills = 500 XP Bonus 15 Kills = 750 XP Bonus etc. "- headshots = kill amount + 100 XP" This is fine "- 1 grenade kill / claymore kill = 210 XP - 2 grenade kills / claymore kills = 400 XP" This would also be too much, and it seems kinda unnecessary. "- headshots = kill amount + 100 XP" This alone could be a perk
  5. It's normal now 👍
  6. When searching in Leaderboard for a player that doesn't exist, or you have typo in the name, the website switches to mobile view.
  7. "P.S. it happens on any other map? " Not that i know of, If i find it on any other map, I will report it.
  8. When you fall from some height, you can grab and climb/mantle objects that are below you (Containers, Sand Bags, Walls) (You can't avoid getting damage this way)
  9. This is not a perk if you would just get it from the red box, it would just be a new red box item. This could be fun as separate game mode, but i don't think it would fit in standard game mode.
  10. I personally don't mind about game size, since most of the games nowadays are at least 10GB, i don't know if game size matters to other players or not.
  11. I think it would actually be fine if it was instant kill since this happens very rarely, or damage could depend based on height you dropped on from, it could also remove or decrease fall damage when you fall on a player.
  12. I don't know how much this would effects FPS, it could be just something small like thunder strikes in the distance with sound or rain if it wouldn't effect fps much, skybox would need to be changed to like cloudy to fit the weather effects.
  13. When voting for a map there would be 2 tabs below map's image Day/Night, so players could vote if they want to play map on Day time or Night time.
  14. Throwing grenade and hitting enemy could either be 50 Damage or Instant kill, or it could be 50 damage to the body and instant kill in the head.
  15. Each player from the team would get one random player from the opposite team and they would all 1v1 each other, player with the lowest score after all 1v1's would be eliminated from both teams. 1v1's would be 1 kill to win, weapons would be random each round, the game would keep on going until there is only 1 player left on each team.
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