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  1. I dont see the harm of not doing it. maybe the map is fit to a specfic gun....
  2. We can also possibly have a invincibility when you pick up the enemy flag for a certain amount of seconds.
  3. remixcapture the flag.mp3Made you a remix from your capture the flag LOL
  4. Did he not tell us to give a recommendation impossy your telling everyone to read the changelog but yet i dont think you have read it. Whatever man, But anyway OMA lmk if you need help
  5. IM not complaining im giving a recommendation which is exactly what OMA what us players to do
  6. Yeah thats totally understandable and im trying to give a recommendation as well as help but hes IDK just getting a bit to salty. And i can help with effects again if you need help.
  7. It is CTF.... The voice was from the CTF mode therefore its from CTF. Of course every complaint I had was something you planned on addressing but you didnt so....
  8. Their are people that have deeper voices than you LOLOLOLOL the voice in the game right now is deeper than yours. Im 13 your like 23 i never offered to put my voice in the game you did. So dont be surprised if someone is doing what OMA told us to do which is report issues with CTF and someone doesn't think your voice is deep enough. Even when i said it i said it as politely as possible saying multiple times you did a good job. Than you get salty its like bruh seriously your calling me a child but your the one acting childish.
  9. Yeah and even the recording you sent right now still wasnt deep enough
  10. Whats with the saltiness im just stating facts this is what happens when someone talks with you like im having a normal conversation and you start throwing insults its like bruh. Your voice isnt deep enough to match with the other voice in the game im sorry You guys wanted us players to report issues and thats what I did... No one forced you to use your voice.
  11. I do seriously recommend using a voice modulator tho because your voice isnt deep enough sadly
  12. Its a combination of the links i gave in my original post. Im not saying I cant get rid of it I said it might affect the audio it self since the background noises are really short and are unique sounds. which file out of the 4 i gave did you like best?
  13. Ok so for the background noise i cant really fix because that might get in the way of the actual audio clip but ill try if you want i can just cut those background noise out but that would also be cutting out a part of the audio clip. Two which file out of the 4 i gave did you like best? And its not that simple by moving a few sliders left and right lol
  14. Sorry it wouldnt let me put them all in one post lmk what you think i can make more of them as well if those dont more
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