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  2. Again my dudes those are just suggestion and ideas you don't owe me anything. You can however get inspired my idea and suggestion I don't see anything wrong with that Also Check me stats again when I unleash the crosshair thingy
  3. Yikes Oops can a moderaton move my topics to the correct forum please Meaning the weapon moves to the sides when you shot.
  4. uwu U who U which litteraly means who the fuck are you
  5. Why do I have to press to release
  6. Visible enemy after friend spotted
  7. K A D common Do I have to spell it for you
  8. No they are not and that is because the major leagues are not in Valve territory and they enhance the "pros" abilities by giving them unfair advantages aka cheats , I don't have anything to prove , if you play the game long enough you can just tell it's not really a secret . The legitimacy comes from the army of simps and noobs Who doesn't understand shit . @Blink23in my defense Im playing without the insights.
  9. Guys seriously... I'm just going to say that the amount of cheaters and hackers in CSGO is just so obnoxious.
  10. And the cheater problem don't get me started on that please
  11. First off because of biased community who think they call tell you "how" to play otherwise your not one of "them" you sure heard about CS ranking right? Silver is the lower tier and I can tell you right now some of these silvers with the right confidence boost can take any CS Pro any day of the week. Second I'd like Valve to have a serious and relevant competitor which they don't have, competition is always good at least for the consumer yeah I'm jumping way ahead but that's my thinking. Bruh those are just suggestions, Like I said I want to be a part of this community and see it grow
  12. I’m looking for a CSGO alternative and I feel this is it.
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