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  1. it only happened to me once, about 3 days ago, it never happened before in previous versions, I don't know about Bull
  2. lol, it happened to me too and I was thrown off the map video-1581876272.mp4
  3. he was with me when it happened 😅
  4. he was playing with us already had about 3 matches and he only left after the bug appeared
  5. This happened again CLICK HERE TO SEE
  6. this is very confusing, i will play more matches, if this happens again i will record and take screenshots to update this topic
  7. but he was on the other team because he was able to kill me, like in the video I left the link, it's very confusing
  8. here what am i saying when someone writes "kkk" in the chat, it is probably Brazilian or at least speaks Portuguese and this SwiF is Brazilian cuz I know him XD
  9. whatever, in Brazil you use "kkk" when you think something is funny '' hahaha '' in Brazil is kind of an ironic laugh, so they prefer to use '' kkkk '' and no matter how many K you use, it's the same sense of laughing at something, it has no connection with Ku Klux Klan
  10. you can say it in several ways, like kkk, kkkkk, kkkkkk and etc. no matter how many K you put, it will be the same sense as lol
  11. but the point is that where I was is our spawning point, and he was spawning precisely in ours and not in his, as it should be his team's spawn was on the other side of the map, my team spawned and he spawned in the same place as us and not with his team this is strange
  12. Here you can even see this '' ghost '' spawning at our spawn point being from a different team, and at the top right you can see a kind of TeamKilling due to this bug
  13. And in all matches the players who were these "ghosts" were different players, I don't know if they were the same person but they were different profiles
  14. Previously it had happened only 1 time, but today it happened in 4 consecutive matches, and it started to happen after the last update
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