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  1. I was playing with the NINJABoy and then this brendenmanahan player started cursing Ninja just because Ninja was killing him frequently and from then on the whole game he was making racist insults against Ninja and anyone who asked him to stop cursing. Screenshots removed!
  2. I came across this too
  3. New video 😄 https://youtu.be/Bu-rcLX8Xjo
  4. New video guys, go watch it and don't forget to like and subscribe, I count on you ;D https://youtu.be/NsxllOo3bL4
  5. I was playing when a player came in, whose name is 0tt012345, and then he started throwing flashes at me without stopping and shooting at me, I asked him to stop but he always says "you're mad at a game" or "it's part of the game, give me a reason to stop" and stuff like, I couldn't record everything but I have some evidence: I couldn't get any more proof cuz I thought he would stop flashing me, but he didn't, then I started recording
  6. Check out my latest video, I'm sure you'll like it :D Don't forget to like and subscribe.
  7. robertkk: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeZn-tiPu2nSOopob9YhLAA
  8. it only happened to me once, about 3 days ago, it never happened before in previous versions, I don't know about Bull
  9. lol, it happened to me too and I was thrown off the map video-1581876272.mp4
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