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  1. Im all about speed and power, yes xd. Altough I would use them with a single fire mode.
  2. A voting option sounds really great, it's just that usually the lower levels and newbies are pretty much being farmed and may not see the voting. The same goes for "the 4 good players" on one team, if they're there that means they acknowledge that. IMO, as there are a lot of active admins, they should be more active moving players from team to team to balance. It's not that much of a work and should be fine. But I'm supporting the idea of a vote option as it sounds pretty good, if possible to create.
  3. If you don't wanna use a sniper, I personally recommend using the MG4 machinegun, easy to control, fire bursts and you will hit very consistently even long range. Simply choose the scope that fits you.
  4. This is my personal opinion, don't come for me. I rated them by fun/competitiveness. (and my personal usage)
  5. I think that there's already a system for that. Intentional or unintentional doesn't matter. I simply press ESC if I want to go afk for a bit, so im not going to spawn. (Yes, maybe you will get killed 1 time but it's just that) I don't see the need for a system like that for afk, maybe it could be a system for better spawn protection.
  6. The x2 damage doesn't fit the game well, it feels wrong and not stable. So with that being said I agree with Abdul that 1.5x +-0.1 would be a better option that needs to be tested. Of course with that also comes the need to balance each weapon individually to fine tune damage. But that is very important in order to enjoy the game.
  7. 1.07 sensitivity in-game and 2000cpi with 28% (not sure what the last one does). It also looks like i play on a low fov which is 65, but manage to be pretty good haha. I think its better for me with aiming and seeing in the distance.
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