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  1. I think it's just a little strange that so much is not used on the screen
  2. Here's an idea again. I think you understand what it was. in general, all of my logos were designed to serve as a logo for linking on the desktop, that's why they are so simple.
  3. I understand (dont now why the colors are so different here? normally they are the same as you requested)
  4. You mean something like this? (the colors here are a little bit strange, normaly there are the same as you wanted
  5. Here's an idea again Patrone ico.ico
  6. Hey, I took another look and let your ideas flow into it. Maybe you like it that way. Logo Symbol.ico
  7. hi, I and my friend made a new Logo for skillwarz and we were really proud if you use ist. Just if you like it. if you have suggestions for improvement, please write me. Logo icon.ico
  8. Hey, i think that a new menu could be cool. it would be enough if the menu were moved to the middle. that would be really cool.
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