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  1. idek what sensitivity i play on, i suck on all of them i suppose
  2. I can see why i wont become an admin now, but i will improve my stats and become one later/
  3. actually i joined in 2019 played a little, took a break
  4. Oh and yes, if any admins want to know my name, i would like to keep it private and dm it to them. Thanks
  5. Country: Armenia Name: Narek Age: 15 Experience as admin in other games: None Experience as admin generally: yes, i have been an admin on 3 discords with 600 people each but now i am an admin of a single server. Languages: Armenian(native language), English(native speaker) Russian(fluent, wouldn't consider native speaker though), German(WIP) and a tiny bit of Turkish. Other info: Would like to make a better community in Skillwarz, especially with my language skills I know the reply will be: not active on disord. But i want to know if anything else is wrong with my aplication
  6. When UCAV runs out of battery it glides down instead of instant explosion NOTE: you cant control it after it runs out of charge it just glides down and explodes on impact
  7. Ok, i did 6 tests (all were 6.5m, later i will do 25m run), and i got interesting results (while running i was with boots) First of all i tested a 3.6kg guitar on my back, got 4.32s time then, did the same with it on my hands and got 4.30s, and did the same tests with it on my hands but with arm sway, and got 4.9s. Now i tried with 5.8kg Bag, on my back i got 4.87s and on my hands i got 4.78s, with arm sway i got 5.1s. Now i think i was running on asphalt, but it might had been cement or tarmac (its so worn off its hard to tell :p) and another i noticed is that due to the inertia of the bag, w
  8. Sure, i will test it with some other weight too, we cant have M4's in this country
  9. Would be a nice addition, i hate having to open up snipping tool and seeing that the game has ended
  10. Cant this already be done with Elimination? 2 players join opposite teams while others are spectator
  11. I get what you mean but i don't get why holding a knife makes you go faster, the overall weight doesn't go down, and technically it should make you go slower, as you have more weight on your back and in your pocket.
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