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  1. Yes and what? anyway lets not make this appeal into a sh*tpost
  2. Have you read this before posting? "We don't appeal cheaters" Even in the game rules it says "Anti-cheat bans are permanent and you can't appeal them" Does this not make sense to you? "Anyone who uses cheats or hacks will sooner or later get banned. We have anti-cheat software and game admins, and any player can report a suspected cheater. Do not attempt to use cheats or hacks, even in "private" matches"
  3. Are you using gmail? if so it should arrive in seconds
  4. Yeah true, maybe make it an option that you can enable or disable,
  5. So when you get a kill, instead of looking to the upper right corner to see whom you killed, maybe have a change like this. Before - " Enemy Killed 100 " After - " Enemy Killed - xXSkillwarzgamerXx 100 "
  6. maybe you didnt ground yourself and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) zapped your RX 580 and killed it.
  7. you know, ramp slide would be fun on a map which is a big slope on both sides
  8. you know, the reason why my gpu doesn't die is because i don't have one XD
  9. Would be nice, but would allow for abuse, like you get killed by a sniper, when you re spawn you select recon, check if he is there or not, then change to Support or assault
  10. Idk, in OMA's new player controller video he jumped up ramps and he auto slid down ramps, so maybe this could be automatic. Anyway you can cancel slide with a jump, so maybe when you slide down a ramp, unless you press space you wont stop.
  11. what is wrong with you? who needs 120 fps for smooth gameplay? i cap mine at 60 for skillwarz
  12. i havnt played ctf since last update, i didnt know it was fixed
  13. i think there would be many issues when the master player switches, or for instance somebody with low ping would have advantage against high ping because high ping shoots with delay
  14. Maybe in the future if matchmaking gets implemented harming your teammates repeatedly would result in a kick from that server.
  15. Alright, cool. Im looking forward to the release.
  16. Where can i get this editor? i dont see it in OMB or skillwarz
  17. yes but OMA has to see the message and add it to bwf
  18. i think a kick animation will be better or else it would explode in your hand
  19. well 10s is enough to see whats upcoming in the next 5 ranks imo
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