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  1. Currently the game runs on DirectX 11, which is a pretty good API on which you can play the game but I've seen that in most games I usually see better performance in DirectX 12 and especially Vulkan. I don't know if unity allows you to optimize and run the game in these API's but if it's possible, the game might run smoother on AMD cards (usually the ones that run better on Vulkan). It would be a nice additional option to the game. Thanks.
  2. I previously had around 80 fps with the ultra, now it was closer to 50. I also did a bit of testing in the Custom preset by enabling and disabling certain settings to see which one impacted performance the most. It was mainly the soft shadows, volumetric lighting (each reducing the fps by 10 from 80) and Anti Aliasing (obviously). Surprisingly Texture quality, Texture filtering and TAA almost had no impact on performance.
  3. I personally really liked the SEGI, but I think you should make different materials reflect and absorb different amounts of light. I know this is a prototype, but everything looks super glossy in the video.
  4. I've noticed that since version 0.69, the average framerate dropped for my mac (running windows 10) at the same quality preset. I don't know if there was any Graphical enhancements added to the ultra preset in the latest update that might have caused this, but I have to run the game at High instead of Ultra to get the same framerate. System Specs: GPU: Amd radeon RX560X CPU: i9-9980HK 16 gigs of ram There's about a 20-30 frame drop at the same quality preset.
  5. Name: Bhavya Age: 15 In-game username: ZeroHeadshots Experience as admin in other games: none How long do you play this game: About 30 mins to an hour for 5 days out of the week (usually Mondays to Fridays, I have 160 in-game, over the span of about 1.5 years. From which country you are: India What's your native language: English (fluent) What other languages do you know: Hindi (fluent)
  6. Rest in peace Phraxjams, I'll remember you as the guy that made me re-consider if I should join the lobby or not. Anyway, I'll probably remember your name for a couple of years for the hours I spent growing my sniper skills with you. Thanks and farewell.
  7. Am I the only one who enjoys reading these in my free time?
  8. How long have you been playing FPS titles for?
  9. Skillwarz gameplay episode 1
  10. Skillwarz Montage, episode 1
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