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  1. I was playing the game, and I collected the flag near the start of the match. It disappeared like usual but a bit later it appeared again and it was bugged. (it didn't give points but it was just there for everyone) 477198179_Skillwarz20210409160416728-1(online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  2. Damage dropoff is made with skillwarz maps in mind, most are not that big except maybe community maps. Damage dropoff should be higher for AR's and SMG's because If they do high damage at longer ranges, then there's no point in using Snipers; you can just AK-47 Headshot. I think you should specify by how much the dropoff should be affected or else this suggestion is useless. [you can check dropoff per meter in training mode]
  3. I really like this perk idea, seems very useful where it's usefulness depends upon player skill. 20-25HP increase per headshot can give you a substantial advantage if you manage to land headshots well.
  4. Instakill for landing on player head is easily exploitable on maps like prototype 4. I think about 25-40 damage is plenty to spice up gameplay.
  5. CS: GO has a feature where when a grenade hits a player, it does 1 or 2 hp of impact damage. (see video at 25 seconds) I think we can add this feature with a slightly higher damage rate (for eg- 20 Damage on impact.) Odds of hitting a player are pretty low but it might be a fun addition to the game.
  6. Yeah, and you can tilt them if you need them right now
  7. For now there are a maximum of about 10-15 rooms at a time in game, it's not that big of a hassle to ask your friends with room they're in. It takes maximum of 2 mins to look through all the rooms to find and play with your friends and you can check on discord which room they're currently in. If you want to play with just your friends you can make a room in another server region that is not visited that much or make a locked room. So, I don't think this feature is needed at this stage of development.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is TheBoomBox, which takes place in an abandoned train station over run by war among armies of two countries. Two goods trains carrying Valuable supply on either side fuels soldiers to cease power and win against the opposing force trying to do the same. Map Tips: 1) Rushing the edges of the map can let you reach the other side of the map quicker, but is much more dangerous and open compared to going from the middle and taking cover from trains and other obstacles. 2) Hidden jump pads are present in a few compartments of the passenger trains which have an openin
  9. It's a good idea to increase security, the only problem I can spot for this is that you have to log in every time you open the game and adding extra steps will make it a lot more time consuming for many people. That's why I think many people might end up not using this feature.
  10. After some optimization and size reduction and trying different methods of reducing the file size, I managed to get the size down to 185Kb. The file size of the map hasn't gotten any significant changes, but the new version has much better performance. (you can compare and test with previous edition) The big empty space in the center has been removed and I reduced the props and replaced them with cubes instead. lastly, the crates have been clipped to prevent getting stuck on them until the next update is released. The boom BOX(for realz).rar I'll try my b
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