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  1. This happened to me today as well, I couldn't capture the flag. I don't have a screenshot or a footage because I died before I could do any of those. The flag got reset after one of the enemy player took it.
  2. I was in the room for a while and played the previous matches as well. I play on Windows 10 (x64 bit)
  3. I was on a call with ZeroHeadshots and MarcusFenix. They said that they were not facing this issue. It was also showing that Flags were captured/stolen in the top right. I didn't have any recording software open so I couldn't record but if I see this again, I'll record it.
  4. During a CTF game after the Blue flag was stolen, the flags were not visible for me nor could I interact with them. The others, however, did not have this bug.
  5. Agreed. I was seeing it as well in that match even though nothing happened when I was near it.
  6. Well, my FOV is 90 and my aim sensitivity in the game was 70% but now it's 69% just for that NICE number. (EDIT: Found my mouse's DPI, it's 1000)
  7. Name: Kshitij Age: 15 In-game username: theRagePrince Experience as admin in other games: (None) How long do you play this game: About hour to two hours a day randomly throughout the month (128 hours spent in-game as of now) From which country you are: India What's your native language: English (fluent) What other languages do you know: Hindi (fluent)
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