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  1. For the first 2 minutes of game everything seemed normal, so why there was a sudden change? and yes, I killed other players, I know it was a wrong thing, but my attention wasn't on what I was doing (it's not an excuse, I'm sorry for what I've done and I will accept a ban, if you think I deserve it).
  2. This mornig (10 miutes ago) I was doing a normal gun game, when, suddenly, I started seeing some people flying. I wrote it in chat and someone told me that I was under map.... I didn't use hacks, glitch, etc... and nothing strange happened before this (nothing that could cause a glitch), so I think I spawned directly under the map in the mid of the game.
  3. You go at 1413 FPS? Wow
  4. It is an illegal thing only if you plan with the other player to kill him. If in a normal 1v1 the other guy is afk or you win every fight, it isn't a wrong thing
  5. Also in Italy there are a lot of kids who watch this
  6. Tanto per curiosità, a quanti FPS vai con questo setup?
  7. Solved using the new "exclusive" mode
  8. So, if the change is only between bad and good performance, I agree with you, we have to move back to stack 1
  9. What are the difference between stack 1 and 2? In other words, there are significant graphic differences?
  10. The guide for intel is a bit old, changing the settings skillwarz was locked as before, but it locked Minecraft FPS, too.... I think it's not a graphic card problem
  11. Framerate limit was at 200... I'll try to use a lower Res... Update: I switched from 1366x768 to 1280x720 and nothing changed in framerate
  12. Just trued your solution. It didn't work... I tryed the first vsync setting and my FPS locked to 30, with the second my FPS locked again to 60...
  13. I play in low and I use only quickcpu as an optimizing software (it does something like an overclock of the CPU). I'll try to disable and enable vsync Ps I'm on windows 10 x64
  14. I just change my pc, but now my FPS are locked to 60-63, but Vsync and FPS limit aren't enabled, and when I record I get the same number of FPS, so my pc is certainly capable to manage 70/80 FPS. This problem existed in the previous version and in the current (in the versions before the last 2 I played on a different pc and I couldn't ever get 60 FPS)
  15. I made the screenshot on 24 November, maybe caraibi wasn't banned yet
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