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  1. If it wasn't impossible I wouldn't report it as a bug 😉
  2. I meant that I didn't damage Spydey and game gave me 100 points for for a kill, while usually it give me no point and add a kill to my team
  3. Another strange thing I noticed is that I got some kills when Spydey kill himself
  4. Yesterday in a public gun game match skillwarz don't gave me points for a kill, but my weapon leveled up. Is my connection that have a problem? I played a lot of versions of this game and this is the first that give me problems
  5. Yes only for knife kills, but I don't know if the bug exist also in public matches because I don't use knife so much. As you see in the video both the ping were about 60, so I don't think it was our connection
  6. Yes we are both on Windows, he have windows 7 and I have windows 10. Both times we were connected both on the same WiFi, the router at my house.
  7. It happened one more time. I was the game master as the last time, but today the bug was on both me and Spydey.
  8. We were on the same WiFi and I was the master of the room and yes, the problem was only on his side, but it was persisting from the beginning of the match. It was never happened before.
  9. I was playing a knife only match with my friend Spydey when he found this bug. after two times we started recording. all the kills that blue team have and that were not displayed in Spydey's scoreboard are all the times the bug striked. prove: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OWrBE5CQ1WRXYqvksWHAyct292qQPt4d/view?usp=sharing
  10. U are suggesting we could begin to make OMA earn something? 🤣
  11. OMA Cod Mobile has a very good tutorial for players like me that have never play a fps on mobile. U can try this game for understanding how to use touchscreen commands
  12. I think it would be useful to take enemy's guns, especially when you finish ammo
  13. I think that this idea could work in this version
  14. But this thing could help cross-teamers
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