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  1. Why excluding snipers? Personally I use this skill only for snipers
  2. And how I can play on this game mode? I can't see it in create game menu
  3. I'm color blind and, as I wrote in another post, I can't see at all the point of the pistols scope when pointed over the sky. This affects much gameplay
  4. I think double jump is unbalanced only because not all players have it, you can unlock at rank 32
  5. Don't mind the sys req, I use this program almost without lag in a 1.44 GHz Intel cpu (that's what I call low end)
  6. If it can help you and all people who want to became an admin (and a YouTuber too) Loilo Game Recorder can record gameplay also in a potato pc (for low spec is better than obs)
  7. I think he intended a different step sound for everything you are walking over
  8. High ping players make all difficult 🤣
  9. @lawrior yes. 😥 Excuse me but I'm Italian and they teach us very few English at school
  10. I suggested it as a modality not a perk
  11. Yes, but double jump was removed because it broke the logic of the maps. I suggest a single modality in which the logic of the maps could be broken, not in all the matches as it was in the past
  12. I know it would be so much crazy, but how about a modality without fall damage, with less gravity and higher jumps? It would be fun a lot and it would cheer up all those people that complains about double jump skill removing
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