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  1. maybe you could add all this things in a new modality like cod's veteran mode. it would be cool to have also a more realistic game mode and i think a lot of players would enjoy it. and for who don't want these stuffs in the game there would be others modalities.
  2. much games have this system, I think it would be useful. in fact there are people that create 75 kills team deathmatch, that are impossible to finish without feeling boring. and also when the server are quite empty, there are some players who rage quit and rejoin for make you lose xp, kills and levels (in gun game). I understand that this system is for make players leaving less often, but it generate more problems. maybe a system that give you xp when the match finish would be use for the same purpose. what do you think about it?
  3. now I'm banned for the same reason in the training mode, too. please unban me
  4. is only mine the impression that rank 0 and rank 1 players are too op with 200 and 190 hp and a M4A1?
  5. yes, but you must rank to unlock perks, and medikits are quite impossible to take in the most of the maps because there is always a sniper that kill you if you try to take a medikit
  6. I think that of your life would recharge while you play, the game would be more enjoyable because most of the death are caused by low life. I think it's quite impossible to kill any player with 2 or 3 hp, and players in this game challenge you from every distance and they try to kill you from every direction.
  7. I noticed that most of the time the teams are unbalanced, so it is impossible to play (becouse there are too much campers, spawnkillers...). I think that it would be useful a bot that change team at players when they die. so when the players are odd, the team with few players would have in team the player more powerful in the game.
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