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  1. I've been thinking about this lately, there are rare times when you jump down from towers or platforms and you land on others head, shoulders. I think it would be a fun addition to the game if in these rare occasions you could cause damage to the enemy. Not instakill, just some damage and maybe forcing the enemy to crouch. I don't know how much work would it take just to implement this unnecessary but fun feature. And maybe high ping players could ruin in... What do you think about this?
  2. Can we have an AFK protection system? In case if someone stays in the same place as he spawned in and still inactive after the spawn protection would be normally off, then he would keep his spawn protection until he finally starts to move. I know that after a time you will get kicked if you are inactive, but I think that takes too long right now. I am suggesting this because first it's unfair advantage to the other team. Secondly, basically if someone keeps killing afk that's boosting. (+ ruins poor afk's k/d).
  3. Then you should advertise the game so there were more people playing = more servers. About leaning/peeking:
  4. We have a spectation option. When you choose teams there's an option called spectate. By hitting space you can spectate other's view not just flying around, and you can change player by clicking. Or are you thinking about a more complex feature?
  5. I think I have to buy a new gaming chair.
  6. "I reduced the props and replaced them with cubes instead." I didn't mean to do it like this. That's probably heavier than having those prop boxes. With this I got the size down to 181 from 188. What make you map heavy are the details. The more different uniqe blocks you have the havier the map gets. Thats why I reused everything I could in 2janelarge. I got its size down from 150kb to 97,7. Twice as a matter of fact. Yes It's pretty ugly now, but its playable.
  7. If you want to argue on that:
  8. Yep, what Blink said. And I don't really think OMA needs tutorial on programming this. 😄
  9. Aaand it was already suggested by Bull.
  10. I like the uncompressed one, so it's a yes from me. I don't really care about the size, until its less than like 20GB. However I remember a while back when quite some people said that the current game size is already too big for them...
  11. I don't think that he has to record a video. Those are probably the colliders. Almost every electricity post has that, just throw some grenade at them, or use a claymore.
  12. It's because there's "loser" inside the word "closer".
  13. I checked it out. By removing your name, removing the duplicated white walls, removing those transparent ramps from your stairs(there's a lot), removing the lighter grey blocks under your steps (which you use to make it look better), and removing the long single block stuff under your trains and replacing with wider blocks, I got the map size down to 174 kb. It's still much, but I think it can reach 98 kb without sacrificing that much. Instead of the wooden boxes you could use simple brown material blocks. I know, that is ugly but you have to sacrifice something. Maybe If you would cut out one
  14. Okay, what about this: In case of larger size maps you would have to download it from the forum, you couldn't download it in-game. Your game would check if you have that map already in your "maps" folder, and if it isn't there you wouldn't be able to join a lobby. A popup window would say: Its a special kind of map, you have to download it from skillwarz.com before joining this lobby. Maybe it's a bad Idea, I am just trying to find a solution from different angle.
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