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  1. lawrior


    Hmm, interesting
  2. Nice, I thought about this but never got the time to try it. Thanks. 'Win 10 ghost spectre' is really light if you wanna use win 10. Hm you don't need wireless keyboard, you just need an USB hub, so you can use your OTG while charging the phone. However, I don't think that it's good for your battery.😀 Hmm I think you can play skillwarz on phone (hypothetically) without vm or remote, since Librem 5 is a linux smartphone. Hmmm Guys anyone tried loading a linux ROM on your phone? If it works, that could be another solution.
  3. This one is missing: "@NixonBit are you sure? I think you should investigate"
  4. Map editor is coming. You can cancel reload with knifing so I don't see the point. C4 was discussed, not gonna happen. There are weapon attachments. Kniferange is high enough, especially when you are against 300 ping players. 😄 Double jump will be taken away as I remember. Wallrun:
  5. Pentium 4? Indeed, that's really low end. What are your other specs? (RAM, GPU, OS) I'm really curious. I still have my first pc, maybe if I would hook it up with some more RAM, I could try n launch this game.
  6. Nope. He meant red boxes on maps. The ones you getting UCAV and auto turret from.
  7. I am not sure about wrecking 'each other'. I think only the 'other' part would work. 😄
  8. However it may be problematic in some cases. What happens if your teammate's healing you, but the enemy kills you at the same time. Or like you have 20hp and high ping, you are about to step in the healing circle, but the eneny with low ping 1tap you right before you step in the circle. On your end, you are not dead, but on the enemys end you should be.
  9. You mean, if you hit/kill an enemy with that pistol(its bullet), you and your near teammates heal? Sounds interesting.
  10. I see. It's fine, don't worry about it. 😉
  11. @Achille0072 By 'modality" you mean new game mode?
  12. I don't believe OMA would just give out his models. UV maps would be enough. Yes I know It might be easier to paint directly on the model then uv map and normal map it, and only having the textures you would not be able to try them out on the models, or see if you messed it up, but it's not that necessary right now. Maybe later on, when OMA would see that you can really create quality work, he would trust you/us with the models.
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