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  1. This looks awesome, dude!
  2. You don't have to light them all. If you climb the ladder the next to the weird placed box, you will hear it anyway.
  3. I like the idea. However, the problem is that there aren't enough skin creators yet and adding more attachements isn't a main priority right now, meaning: OMA is working on a lot of stuff simultaneously.
  4. This is a really unnecesarry topic... Either you meet the requirements or not.
  5. What are you talking about?
  6. So you know I created 2janeStripped, where I deleted props, buildings, and interiors. I wasn't satisfied with that result. So I started over from 125 kb. I checked every building, if I could simplify/optimize it. Figuring out what props are necessary, what are purely cosmetics (like the wooden roof). Deleted details like chimneys... instead of outside buildings I created walls. But somehow deleting complicated stuff and replacing them with simple stuff I ended up having larger map size(kb). I share with you my 6 days of suffering. (There are some interesting file names 😂)
  7. Update: The day finally came... Here is the official release of 2jane. I will call this Alpha version. Enjoy! In the next update I will fix some cosmetics and bugs. After that I will make the map a little bigger. Then when I will have time, I'll post a "making of" and some tutorials about porting. I wrote the transcripts weeks ago, but didn't have much time to record it. In a day or two I will show you the full size version of this map in map editor. Ps.: I'm pretty tired of making this map, only decreasing the size from (126 kb to 98)
  8. lawrior


    Version 1.0.0


    See: https://skillwarz.com/topic/671-2jane-wip/
  9. You should put a wall between the two spawn zone. Because some people keep jumping up there.
  10. So today I noticed this weird flickering on the floor of Prototype 10. It only happened to me at one exact location. After quitting the game, and creating a lobby, it happened again. So yes I can reproduce this bug. On chat I asked if anyone else noticed this flickering before. Abdul200, ThatOnegirl, MARDUK answered yes. On this pc I have Intel HD Graphics 510. Sorry for this awful quality, right now I am playing on a calculator:
  11. Thank you! I will send it to you soon.
  12. Update: Here is a little sneak peek of 2jane. The look of the two spawn zones. Red: Blue:
  13. I agree with all of the above. "moving after spawning in" So I should wait til I fully spawned... Makes sense, I usually start to run before the blank screen disappear. All right, from now on, I will do that way. Should we use LiveSplit or some sort of software? I mean, I will, but should it be compulsory?
  14. Oh, cool. Today I did Puzzletower with 1 min 10 second (from like 15 run). No timer reset on death? Suicide counts as death? 😄 I usually commit suicide when I can't pass some obsticles on first try.
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