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  1. Update: RQpractice As I promised I created a practice map for RageQuit for those who got stuck on some obstacles. I just put some of the hardest stuff next to each other. It's not a continuous track. You can now download it from the same page as RageQuit. Do I think preliminary practicing is necessary to beat RageQuit? Not at all. RageQuit is an intermediate level map, kinda the same level as Hardparkour by plm, and much easier than Bull's Parkour2 which one's difficulty is only 6/10. I have 40+ death on that one. 😄 So if you've been around for a few weeks my map
  2. mantle jump: look up and hold the spacebar while jumping
  3. Update: Added some new easy stuff to the beginning of the map: Added a cute little skull at the end of the map: Framed the invisible floors so you get a better understanding of the edges of them. And removed fall damage, completely. Consider the map finished.
  4. @LongNek0717 Have you tried this: right click-->Properties-->Permissions-->Execute: change it to "anyone".
  5. Update: Finished(kinda) the Large version. Unfortunately I don't have time to explain all the modifications I made. But here it is the tdm, tgg, el and future s&d version of 2jane. Size compared to the previous version. I didn't have time for more than one playtest. Fraus pointed out some flaws, I managed to fix them so I hope I uploaded the right versions. 😄 If the spawnzones are too vulnerable, I will place down spawn boxes in the future.
  6. I know I am really really late, but this happened to me around that update when you could first load the community maps in the game. My fps was locked (in settings) to 120 at that time but on the community maps and on the medieval prototype map it shrank to around 58-60 fps. Back then I thought that this is normal, since it was a new thing. However my fps stayed around 60 fps ever since. I didnt really have time to play that month so I totally forgot about that my "gaming" pc was capable of more. But because of this post I checked my first videos from March and I had around 200 fps on low se
  7. OMA said that performance doesn't matter at this moment. So I believe he can change it so that it won't be that resource consuming. Tested it on my low end(intel HD) windows pc, 7 fps as well. It's so cool that you can control the sunlight, it's awesome compared to what we have now(saturated look).
  8. And this is why it would be a bad idea. 😄 Some kid tried to kick me, he should have asked me to join another room, and would've left.
  9. Not really. Spawn points for Tdm looks like this. Blue team spawn points are inside the blue circle. Reds are in the red. (Or at least that's how I intended, if I messed up the exports I will fix it) Right now this map is too small, short for tdm, team gun game. So I am working on a larger 2jane map, with the spawn zones placed farther from each other. And I hope that would work for a future diffuse game mode as well. I am having great a time since I am watching movies like Three kings and The Siege of Jadotville for building, layout references. :D P.S.:Aannd there are new ways (2
  10. Update - fixed previously mentioned cosmetics - removed elements which aren't effecting gameplay and overall look of the map - filled up empty spaces - placed down more spawn points for DeathMatch - replaced the claustrophobic high walls with buildings - improved on flow by adjusting props - now you can't get out of the map (or at least I hope so) - some coloring - added night mode Major modifications: Back walls: Side wall: Middle: New spawnpoints for DM: Red=new. Green=old. (Yeah, stupid color choice.) Down
  11. Well, that would take a few months to finish it, implementing everything I wanted, then securing it. 😄 My main priority is 2jane (again). Until then you have to be satisfied with this.
  12. Update: Replaced the dm map with tdm, because finishing it under 15 minutes can be tough.
  13. RageQuit Jump/parkour map Difficulty: Intermediate I know, I know this name is maybe a bit cocky, even arrogant, or simply you can call it cringe. But I really think this map can live up to its name. (I mean I can't count how many times I quit after failing the same jumps over and over again.) I've been working on this for months. Right now it is a really nerfed version. The nerfing was necessary since we don't have a position saving option. I also tried to make it fall proof, but be careful, it's not fool proof. 😉 You have to now basic gam
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