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  1. Yeah I always have my laptop set on high performance but then I have to replace my battery every 2-3 years 😂
  2. impossybull


    Plz don't reply to 2 month old, useless posts plz & thx 😁
  3. It's high enough that your cooling system may be limiting your performance. Try getting some canned air to blow the dust out of your computer, and also avoid using it on soft surfaces.
  4. impossybull

    Map Design

    Map Design is a video series with guides discussing how to make fun, balanced, and enjoyable maps. It's not editor-specific or game-specific.
  5. -Colorblind mode - not really any point b/c nothing in this game is color critical (i.e. there's no radar)-Sensitivity from misse should go up - no-Shoot while slide (Perk) - would make sliding too OP-New and nicer maps - on the way but jeez how generic of a request can you make?-three perks instead of two - no-weak molotov (high damage but very low range maybe that u have three of them) - maps are too open for this-caracter customisation (like men and female and maybe two or three uniforms) - no point-cancel grenade animation - no point-cancel reload whith rightclick (aim) - then everyone would cancel. you can cancel with knife or mantle-that you can hold the granade in the hand an then it exploses quicker when throwing - this is called "cooking" and it would be nice to add but isn't a priority-C4 - no-fourth pack which give u granades back or that u get granades also from ammo packs - no-the red packages from killstreaks (5 kills=missle 8 kills=heal 12 kills=centurygun) or any other reward than just points - already discussed, no-weapon attachments - suggested already but not a priority right now-bit higher kniferange - no-hitbox improvement from caracter - is fine as it is. Your aim spreads when firing continuously, so fire in shorter bursts.-mapimprovement for doublejump (higher walls on the borders so that u cant climb on them) - no-knife as secondary (higher range as u have normal) - no-stungranades improvement (bit longer stunned) - no: just because something is changed, it's not an improvement, if balance becomes worse.-wallrun (as extra perk) (just that u can run the wall along not up and down and that u can just hipfire when wallrunning) - no-arm and hand damage not 50 damage but like the leggs 25 damage - no, we JUST removed this, actually!!!-granade louncher in normal game but at high rank and with less damage - no-less shotgun range! - no: shotguns simply take skill to use. 90% of players don't use them; the only ones that do are good, generally.-highjump (that u can cross highjump and doublejump/slowfall) - removed: no-sprinter perk 25% faster sprint instead of 15% - no-more balanced falldamage - no
  6. Also, try having task manager open (ctrl shift `) while playing and when fps drops, check to see if cpu/memory/disk usage is high.
  7. "flying hack" lol Low Gravity + Double Jump is back.
  8. There are patch notes with every update: And I make a patch notes video too:
  9. Hmm, how often would that happen tho... I think I have 2 snipes and only 10 or so other kills firing thru smoke
  10. On custom maps I think they are all the same: a metallic sound.
  11. How tf u gonna get a "smoke kill" 😂 smoke does no damage...
  12. I wouldn't want camera bobbing. This isn't Battlefield lol
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