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  1. There has to be something that you lose when you leave, otherwise people would rage quit even more than they do now.
  2. Not really enough people right now to split up lobbies like that. Also, what do you mean like COD? The game mechanics didn't change during the same game.
  3. SW right now has a very arcade-y feel, even more than older Call of Duty's sometimes. Because of that: bullets slightly slows down enemies movement: I think would have too annoying of a feel. Obviously people get shot a lot (duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh) so adding this would change the feel of gameplay a significant amount. bullet can slightly push player in opposite direction: May be fun to try out as a feature. COD4 had this when firing RPG's (bizarre b/c they are recoilless in real life) but it didn't feel weird. Explosion can push player: Hmm, maybe only when player is already in mid air? Movement acceleration/de-acceleration: I would not change personally, it would change the feel a lot and make it less arcade-y. Obviously SW is not a AAA title with 25000 developer hours put into the gameplay environments and mechanics; obviously one can think of possible changes based on realism or other games, but IMO "more realism" shouldn't be a reason for doing anything, not that that was necessarily what was suggested. 🙂
  4. We'll take a look at it. In the future, don't use bugs/glitches in the game to the extent you get banned...
  5. Right now OMA is working on a WebGL version... hopefully some new game modes will be added once they are more people online, so that more people will be able to play them
  6. TBH I think that 50-10 extra health for ranks 0-4 would be more balanced than 100-50 extra in ranks 0-5 as in existing system. However, I don't think the current system is too unreasonable.
  7. Yes, auto health regen is what fuels 10+ kill streaks. Look how many health packs I had to pick up playing against one person here to keep my health up. This shows how you can't rely on them in a normal game, though you CAN usually rely on Regen perk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiSmDvakk0A
  8. Ladder head glitching is not really a problem to me and most players. Can you post a video of getting stuck? I never have that problem.
  9. Ok, in a few hours I will take a look (am on mobile right now)
  10. I've been thinking about making one for unreleased maps. While the in game maps have lots of variety in playstyle and layout, there is only so much variety in appearance that would not become repetitive in a trailer over a minute long.
  11. When trying to use 1.3.0 on a less powerful computer I found that it seems to freeze -> crash every few minutes or so. This is probably just a unity thing because I couldn’t tell anything that was causing it in particular (usually just happened when moving around). I never had this problem on my more powerful computer. Just FYI. Specs: Windows 10 i5, no GPU like 4gb ram
  12. Yes, I am away from my usual computer for a few more days and had to rely on my memory. My recollection is that they are supposed to be PNG’s so that’s what I was trying but they weren’t all working. Can you try to grab like 20 random images off of your computer and see if they show up in the editor? I didn’t notice a pattern when I was trying different things. Also, I will double check later today that the integer bug and decimal bug are still there.
    Nice multipurpose pack, using it in my next map!
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