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  1. Trato estudiar por mi mismo, tomaba 2 clases en escuela hace unos pocos años. Por cierto los trads. de MW3 incluyen: Disconnect = Abandonar (No Salir) Team Deathmatch = Duelo por Equipos (No Batalla por Equipos) Deathmatch = Contra Todos (No Batalla) Game/Match = Partida (No Juego, en la mayoria de casos) Kills = Bajas (No Presas) Killstreak = Racha de Bajas Primary = Principal (No Primaria) Flash = Cegadora (No Destello) Y "Preset" = "Plantalla" y "Hardcore" es el mismo son de Minecraft 😄
  2. Genial! Uso para mis traducciones: Mi conocimiento Wikcionario ingles Google Traductor SpanishDict.com Y miro videos sobre MW3 y otros juegos en espanol para ver como esos juegos estan traducidos porque los estudios usan servicios de traduccion profesionales.
  3. In BF4 I see the players know it as UCAV also, so I think that would be an adequate translation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ea6uB4KIKQ BTW did you see anything else of interest in the rest of my translations? I know Spanish only as a second language so maybe there are a few errors.
  4. The only other option would be "Dron" but I see Spanish Wikipedia says: "Un vehículo no tripulado de combate aéreo —más conocido por sus siglas en inglés UCAV" "An unmanned combat aerial vehicle, better known by its acronym in English, UCAV" If you search UCAV on Spanish Wikipedia you get directed to the correct page so I think it's familiar enough to include verbatim. https://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=UCAV
  5. I know, my suggestion is to make it WAY shorter lol, I changed my Spanish translation too. BTW please delete your original post so there's not 2 of the same 🙂
  6. I had a couple questions/suggestions on possible improvement: Training. Allenamento -> Pratica? Shotguns Only. Solo pompa -> Soli Schioppi? Vote. Votazione -> Voto? Frag (timed). Granata a frammentazione (a tempo) -> Granata (a tempo)? Frag (impact). Granata a frammentazione (a impatto) -> Granata (a impatto)? Extra Health. Vita aumentata -> Salute Aumentata? For "Toggle ADS" etc. is there a better word than "cliccare"? Scambiare? For "Death Camera" -> "Vista della Morte"?
  7. Thanks and BTW I just added a section for profile and prestige mode so you may want to update accordingly 🙂 I'm pretty sure it's actually complete now (at least with no major omissions)
  8. I mean, people have posted videos of them completing the map that you could’ve watched. At least you remember now that spectator mode exists...
  9. 😐😑😐 Look under "News and Information" section on the forum Maybe such a thing will be added in game at some point, but you can already see all gun and perk unlock ranks so it's not super important I feel.
  10. I don't see a reason to. The only spam is the above three posts. My admin request had 17 posts on it: https://community.skillwarz.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=830
  11. Thanks but in the future please report players on #report on the SW Discord.
  12. Occurs when transitioning from hipfire to aiming down sights
  13. I unlocked the UZI spray but I can't choose it. When I unlocked the crab spray I couldn't choose it but now it's available. I tried restarting game, did not fix.
  14. why do people keep resurrecting this topic 😐
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