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  1. dukecahill, "wall hacks" = getting shot after taking cover b/c lag, or people seeing/hearing you coming. Don't make posts like this with no proof/evidence.
  2. https://discordapp.com/channels/271759739585691648/286584626183667712/678573571227779082 A similar thing happened another time, but I was able to escape from it (it was a ladder I think). 2020-02-16 06-07-58.mp4
  3. Yeah... some maps tend to not look that good tbh. But using the system in the video, it will take way longer to make stuff like this: Whereas it can be made in only a few minutes using the block copy tool. And yeah, the textures can get repetitive, but I don't think all maps look bad at all. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520730835184386070/633160716869828628/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520730835184386070/633158923574312973/unknown.png P.S. I know it says 50 FPS in the screenshots but that's with maxed out graphics. Even on High it runs at 120+
  4. "unusable mesh... i have to recreate map from scratch" What do you mean by this? The maps play fine to test so why can't they be like that in the game?
  5. Looks cool, much more intuitive than managing cube objects. Especially what’s important is having good performance. On the current editor, the blocks have good performance but cube objects and ramps don’t.
  6. I know it could have been a teammates grenade but I'm pretty sure there weren't any in the enemy spawn as it was a 5v5 on Prototype 4.
  7. This was actually the 3rd game in a row with this guy 😕
  8. Use keyboard with one hand, use stopwatch with the other hand. Obviously not super accurate but there seemed to be no difference...
  9. Ok, good to know. But swap speed seems unchanged also...
  10. UI overhaul is not a priority right now LOL
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