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  1. huh interesting You should try some green/yellow illuminati pyramid skin 😄
  2. Dats crazy bro I should try to make this map just to see how small I can get it lololololol My map Penitentiary is only 38kB
  3. Frames are improved by 50%+ (big difference) Styling is much better, and additional space is nice
  4. the artwork on the magazine doesn't line up with the artwork on the gun
  5. Could you have the mag have the same texture as the mag reciever?
  6. Info for anyone reading: I just added an exception to the SkillWarz folder and I'll see if that fixes it. Edit: it did not. 😞 I'm going to try a different AV.
  7. I'm not really a fan of the plasma one, I like pseudo-military camos like recolored urban or woodland, etc. Like in MW2/3 and Blops 1
  8. Save As = current Save button Save = saves as the map that was opened Import = current Load button (does not overwrite) Load = button sequence New + current Load button (does overwrite) Also if user has unsaved changes, prompt if they want to continue after clicking "New" or "Load".
  9. By the way, I don't know what you did but this map has TERRIBLE performance for its size; I've made 10x larger maps that have better performance... Just wanted to tell you, make sure to not use too many objects I guess.
  10. I have this "Digital Blizzard" texture I made that I think would be good on some guns: IDK if the texture map I made would work, tho.
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